Kazan clubs are good places for recreation

Kazan is a city that takes a lot of people who want to get acquainted with its sights. But this can be done only during the day, and at night you want to relax and unwind. Kazan clubs provide all possibilities for this.

Kazan clubs

What's needed

In fact, there are many of them in this city, so that everyone can find something for themselves. Kazan clubs are karaoke, cocktail parties, dances and much more. Bar "Ugly Coyote" is located on Bauman Street, 13. This establishment is open daily. Here those who like incendiary fun and noisy companies gather. But here you can not only dance and choose strong drinks, but also participate in contests. The club has a dress code. The cuisine is offered European and American. For students discounts. The average check is 1000-1500 rubles.

On Pushkin Street, 29a, there is a nightclub Luxor. This is a worthy representative of places of entertainment. The original, modern interior will not leave anyone indifferent. Come here to listen to music.The hall is divided into comfortable seating areas, lighting design was created in order to lift the mood. In the bar you can try several types of cocktails, in addition, guests are offered to try different dishes.

concerts in Kazan

For adults only

Some Kazan clubs are designed so that they like only men. This, for example, Erotic Hall. It is located on the street of the Paris Commune, d. 26. The decoration of the club is luxurious, it was not for nothing that Moscow designers worked on it. Guests will be offered to try unusual dishes, hookah, and most importantly - this is an intriguing show with the participation of lovely ladies. The club is open from 23:00 to 6:00 hours.

Another island of male recreation is a strip club "Silent Place". It is located on Martyn Mezhlauk street, 16/21. Here guests can enjoy delicious food, a wide range of bars and charming dancers.

If there is a voice

Not everyone goes to Kazan clubs to dance. Some come to sing. For these purposes, you can visit the karaoke "Clouds", located on Pushkinskaya Street, 46. There is a bar, a hookah, WI-FI, European cuisine. This club is open from 16:00 to 6:00.

There are places in Kazan where they offer to sing karaoke. This, for example, "La Major" on Astronomicalheskaya Street, 17.It offers dishes of European, Japanese and Italian cuisines, plus a hookah.

concerts in Kazan addresses

For every taste

Those who are tired of night clubs can relax by visiting concerts. There are many places in Kazan where this can be done. And the concerts are the most diverse, suitable for any age. In a large concert hall to them. S. Saydasheva concerts of classical music. There you can listen to romances. In the coming months, there will be performances of a military orchestra, Sergey Rabotkin will perform with piano miniatures, you can hear the sound of an organ performed by Giovanni Klavora Braulin.

Such performers as Rail Sadriev, Gulnaz Asayeva, Gulsyren Abdullina and many others perform on the stage of the Tatar Philharmonic Society. In addition, Cossacks of Russia, Surganova and the orchestra, and other popular performers come here with concerts. The Tatar Philharmonic Society was founded in 1937 and is still popular with the locals and visitors of the city.

Another popular venue for concerts is the USK "Unix". This is a large recreational and cultural complex. It has a huge area of ​​15,000 square meters. m. It has two concert halls.Small has 390 seats, large - 1060 seats. On its stage are Irina Krug, New Russian grandmas, "Rock Islands", "Tea", "Not a couple."

Another venue for concerts is the Korston Club Hotel. This club-type hotel offers to visit performances of groups KNRZZ, "Degrees", "Agony" and other modern performers. Fans of attending concerts in Kazan are well known addresses of these sites. For those who want to do it for the first time, we inform:

  • Grand Concert Hall - Liberty Square.
  • Tatar State Philharmonic - st. Pavlyukhin, 73.
  • Korston Club Hotel - st. Nikolay Ershov, d. 1a.

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