Kandinsky Vasily Vasilyevich. Pictures and biography

Russia has always produced manytalented people who made great breakthroughs in science and art. Pathfinders, inventors and pioneers move the culture forward. Among this number of outstanding geniuses, one can also name an artist named Vasily Kandinsky. The paintings and biography of this outstanding man definitely deserve special attention.

Who is Kandinsky Vasily Vasilyevich?

Kandinsky V.V. is a very important figure in Russian culture. The fact is that he was not just an artist, but a recognized leader of avant-garde. Later, it was this man who became one of the founders of abstract art. He also deserves credit for the creation of several creative societies. Therefore, the Russian Khudjonik is widely known not only in Russia, but also abroad. Let's turn to the life path that Kandinsky Vasily Vasilyevich passed. The paintings of this remarkable artist are now in many museums around the world.

Kandinsky Basil Vasilievich paintings

Life in Russia

The future artist was born in Moscow in 1866 infamily successful merchant. Soon after the birth of the artist his family moved to Odessa, where the boy began to grow up and got his first lessons in painting and music.

In 1885 he moved to Moscow and enrolled in theMoscow University Kandinsky Vasily Vasilyevich. Pictures at that time did not take him much, because he wanted to devote his life to the legal cause. However, 10 years later, in 1895, he decided to abandon this direction and plunged headlong into art. This was due to the exhibition, where the artist saw the work of Monet "Haystack". By the way, at that time he was already 30.

After coming from abroad, the artist becameactively participate in public and educational activities, but in 1921 Kandinsky V.V. decided not to return home. This was due to significant disagreements with the authorities. However, even despite the forced departure, the artist kept the love of the Russian people and culture for the rest of his days, which he expressed on his canvases.

Kandinsky Basil Vasilievich paintings description

Living Abroad

For the first time the artist went abroad in 1897year. He traveled extensively throughout Europe and North Africa, and also created several significant art societies in the world. The most famous of his association is the "Blue Four".

Until 1921, Kandinsky VV he was abroad only for a short time, but afterwards he moved permanently. During these years he took up art, writing, and also teaching at the university.

In 1933 the artist went to France and lived there for quite a long time. He spent several months in the United States, but in 1944 Kandinsky V.V. died in France.

Thanks to his travels became world-widefamous artist Kandinsky Vasily Vasilievich. Paintings description of critics in the best light is fully deserved, because they are actually made by the hand of the master. The artist was able to make a breakthrough in the art world and really make a new way of thinking in it.


Artist began painting professionallyto study in 1900, when he entered the Academy of Fine Arts in Munich. At the beginning of the XX century, the artist created in the style of avragradism. After bright young works Kandinsky V.V. moved more to folklore themes, where Russian modernism in the most interesting way was combined with medieval legends and manor motifs, for example as in the painting "Variegated Life".

Kandinsky Basil Vasilievich painting painting

The master liked to create with the help of oil and watercolors, but he paid considerable attention to graphics and wood engraving.

Returning to Russia in 1914 left a strong imprint on his work. Now, tragic features from Russian reality were added to the paintings.

Later period, after the 20-ies. and departure from Russia, led Kandinsky VV. to more geometric constructions of paintings and cosmic themes, which are inherent in constructivism, but at the same time the master retained bright colors. This is clearly seen in the paintings "In a black square" and "A few circles."

Life in France introduced more surrealism into the artist's works, and now biomorphic images began to appear on them, both on the canvases "Dominant Curve" or "Blue Sky".

famous paintings of Vassil Kandinsky

Famous paintings by Vasily Kandinsky

Known to the whole world, this talented person. The artist Kandinsky Vasily Vasilyevich worked a lot on his works. His paintings have a special symbolism and meaning, which is why he was so little understood in his time and is so appreciated now. Another word can not even be found, because in 2012 the picture "Sketch for Improvisation No. 8" was sold for $ 23.4 million.

Vasily Kandinsky paintings and biography

Almost all the works thatcreated Kandinsky Vasily Vasilyevich. The pictures of his authorship "In Gray", "Moscow, Red Square", "Vibration" and "Cossacks" can be called one of the most popular of his works, but it is difficult to make a choice, because they all amaze the eyes and thoughts of admirers.

Other talents

Speaking of Kandinsky V.V., we must not forget that he was not only an artist. Since his youth he had a passion for writing, and he even published his articles from Berlin about art. Later, the artist published a series of his books, which described in detail his approach to art, worldview, as well as the style of creating paintings. He also wrote poetry.

Books "On the spiritual in art" and "Point and lineon the plane "was written by Kandinsky Vasily Vasilievich Paintings - painting is durable, that's why the artist put his whole soul in them and said that he does not draw them, but reflects on the world in the process of writing. Therefore, Kandinsky VV believed that in work should only convey spiritual perception, there should not be specific objects, otherwise they will distract from the high meaning.

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