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Common juniper is found in many parts of our country. In the Caucasus, it grows in the foothills and in the mountain forests. You can meet him not only in Russia, but also in Scandinavia and in North Africa.Juniper ordinary HibernikaCommon juniper is one of the most ancient plants. In optimal conditions for it - with high humidity, sufficient light and not very cold winters - it sometimes grows up to twelve meters, although today such giants are very rare. As a rule, in our forests there are three-meter specimens. Common juniper is a dioecious plant. At the same time, his “male” bushes, the fruits of which are dusting bumps, are tall and slender, and in good growth conditions they have a columnar or oval shape with branches pressed upwards. “Female” individuals are much lower, with rejected branches, so they look much more fluffy.The needles of a juniper are of a lanceolate form with a whitish stripe and stomata located on it, through which this plant breathes. As a rule, they are arranged in whorls, three pieces each.

Juniper fruitGrowth conditions

To the conditions of growth of junipers, varieties of which are quite numerous, undemanding. The only thing they really need is sunshine. That is why bushes in the wild can most often be found in light pine forests or on forest edges, mostly small-leaved, because it is dark in a deciduous forest for juniper. The plants are undemanding to the soil, the main condition is good drainage. Juniper Hibernika ordinary, as well as varieties of Green Carpet and Gold Cone are able to grow even on barren sand. This plant is indifferent to moisture. Of course, this does not mean that common juniper does not require any maintenance at all, it is merely minimized. In addition, this plant quietly transfers pruning. In gassed areas, where frosts replace droughts, it takes root quite calmly. That is why juniper is so loved by landscape designers, and he also likes lazy gardeners.The main thing is to choose a bright place for planting, and then he will take care of himself.

Juniper varietiesUse in traditional medicine

Juniper fruits are widely used in medicine. They are famous as a good diuretic and choleretic agent, although doctors categorically prohibit taking them for inflammation of the kidneys. The infusion of juniper fruits is prepared in a boiling bath or in a thermos, after which it is cooled, filtered and taken several times after eating. With gout, rheumatism, and skin eruptions, traditional healers usually prescribe baths from the young shoots of this plant. For this, a decoction of branches and fruits is prepared, which is then poured into a bath. And as a choleretic agent, sometimes fresh cones are used, which you just need to eat, chewing for a long time. You need to start with four fruitlets, then add one daily.

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