Julia Jones. How to write a fantasy

Now the genre of fantasy (in Russian fantasy) is the mostpopular and readily accepted by publishers around the world. At the moment, more and more authors are trying to write in this genre, absolutely not giving a damn about the rules. There is no more zashtampovannogo literary direction than this one. In recent years, thousands have published stories about people being transported between temporary epochs, or simply traveling from one world to another.

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The crisis of the genre

It is thanks to this genre that many have lostinterest in science fiction, making a simple conclusion that books copy each other, and in the last ten years the plot has not moved at all from the dead end. This applies to absolutely any literary work, from overvalued "Games of Thrones" to an obvious plagiarism - "Hunger Games". If earlier the writer literally bit by bit building a project, pondering every detail, now it seems that the books are stamped literally on the knee or according to the system of the rural grandfather: "The dumber, the more fashionable." But enough about the sad, let's return to the connoisseurs of this genre.

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Female author in fantasy

The writer who is associated with thisgenre - Julia Jones. She used a practically ready system of creating characters and plot construction, which she subtracted from the authors from her childhood. It is her manner of presenting the material the books are now trying desperately to copy.

Julia Jones created characters from herfantasy: whether it's a magician, a mysterious traveler, it reads uniqueness. If you want, he is really alive, not a paper hero without will, and with a set of illogical actions. The character of Julia is an image that, it would seem, is taken by the hand - and now he is ready to leave the pages of the book. Few people own such art.

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The Birth of a Writer

Julia Jones was born in 1954 in the townWoodbridge, which is located in the Kingdom of England. The spirit for adventure, apparently, she inherited from her father, who in three years bought a yacht for her. Once the ship belonged to a well-known writer at that time, which became the source of lifelong inspiration for creating all new books.

Julia's father was the owner of a bookshop in the town of Inguitston, in the county of Essex, which only increased the desire of the writer of knowledge of literary adventure.

Finally, to become a writer, Julia Jones decided to work on her thesis at the institute in 2006.

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Despite the family, Julia Jones, whose books are hard to find in stores, continues to write. In 2013, she received a prestigious award in the field of literature.

In electronic libraries there is also the author Julia Jones. "The Witness of Death" is the most popular series of books.

The writer has another book series "Strong wind" - this is a children's cycle of literary works, which are written taking into account their age preferences.

The most famous book series, which was released by Julia Jones, is "The Sword of Shadows." It officially published 6 books, but the writer does not stop working on the works of this fascinating cycle.

I really want to believe that the crisis of the genre will pass, andmodern authors will find some other theme, different from the eternal movement of characters. After all, you can not use alternative history as a universal idea, even in detectives the main composition changes, but in fantasy an enviable constancy of heroes who do not want to imitate. For this reason, many readers spend a lot of time not for their favorite books, but with computer characters in games and alternative realities, which are often better worked out. If you spend years developing games, then would not it be better to hold the book before going out and try to check the hero's behavior for consistency and reliability?

Alas, there are no writers or writers now,able to replace Jones, Christie, Doyle, who entered themselves in the history of world literature. The books of these prose writers will remain in personal libraries of more than one generation, and not semi-mystical works like "Twilight", where vampires are practically in no way inferior to people. So, it suggests a simple conclusion that both vampires and people are equally evil, and many will not like this comparison. It seems that soon the perception of literature will change, and the talents of Julia Jones will be added to her worthy followers.

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