Juicer for hard fruits and vegetables: review, specifications, tips on choosing

What could be better than a glass of freshly squeezed juice prepared by yourself? Doctors tirelessly repeat the benefits of freshly squeezed juice, and you can do it yourself, pamper yourself and your family every day. Today we will talk about juicers for solid vegetables and fruits. The advantages and disadvantages of these units will be described in detail, the most popular models will be considered.

Benefits of Fresh Juices

Many will say that there is no need to buy a juicer for solid vegetables and fruits, because in stores at reasonable prices you can buy carrot, apple, and other juice. The fact is that in the production of juices, heat treatments are used, and a lot of vitamins simply disappear. In addition, many manufacturers of juices use preservatives that will not bring any benefit to health.

Freshly squeezed juice is recommended to drink within a few hours after production, so it makes no sense to buy it for the future, after a couple of hours it will not be so helpful. Moreover, this juice will cost much more than what you can cook yourself by purchasing a juicer for solid vegetables and fruits. If you like fresh juices, the unit will quickly pay for itself.

juicer performance

Citrus Juicer

This is the most popular type of technology, but it is not suitable in order to squeeze juice from radish, carrots and other solid crops. The maximum that this juice extractor is capable of is to squeeze tangerines, lemons, oranges and grapefruits. The performance of the juicers is high, they have special nozzles installed, allowing to get the maximum juice, leaving a minimum of meal. Other juicers for making orange juice are not so adapted. If you decide to make a favorite citrus drink, and you only have a juicer for hard fruits and vegetables, or as it is called - universal, then you will first have to peel the fruit from the peel, seeds and films that will quickly clog the net.

To make orange juice using a citrus juicer, you need to cut the fruit in half, attach it to the rotating cone with a cut, press it down with your hand or with a specially equipped device. Soon it will be possible to pour the juice into a glass from the container into which it was drained.

juicer for hard fruits and vegetables

Universal Juicer

This is exactly what is suitable for lovers of a variety of juices made from hard fruits or vegetables and berries. As already mentioned earlier, it is also suitable for squeezing citruses. Manufacturers equip such devices with good filters, they well and quickly separate the juice from the oilcake, which is quite a lot in hard cultures. But the juice in such a little, it is very difficult to get. In universal juicers there are powerful motors that operate at an average of 1000 revolutions per minute, they allow you to squeeze the maximum amount of healthy drink. Today there are two types of juicers for solid vegetables and fruits:

  1. Cylindrical juicers. Productivity of such maximum, they are convenient in operation. The only thing that many users don’t like is that for a quality wash you’ll need to disassemble the unit completely.
  2. Conical juicer separators.A special feature of this type is a special compartment where, after squeezing the juice, all the garbage, that is, cake, is placed. The performance of such devices is less than that of cylindrical ones, but they are easy to clean, they do not need to be disassembled by screws.

And those and other types of juicers are a success. But there are more conical models in the range of stores.

Advantages and disadvantages of universal juicers

The advantages of such units - in their versatility. They allow you to get the juice from soft fruits and vegetables, and from the toughest. They are convenient to use, high performance. As for the shortcomings, they are also available:

  • high price of the device;
  • they are not very compact;
  • squeezing the juice followed by washing will take away an average of 20 minutes of your time, and the time does not vary with the number of pressed fruits.

With universal everything is more or less clear, we suggest to continue acquaintance.

small juicer for hard fruits and vegetables

Centrifugal Juicers

This species is quite popular. This unit works on the principle of a grater. Fruits are first crushed to a state of liquid puree, then the gruel falls under the press, juice flows out into one container through the mesh, and the cake leans back into the other or remains on the grid, it is removed manually.The only drawback of such models lies in the fact that fruits with bones in it are not squeezed out; such ones must be cleaned before processing.

The separator can stand in such a juicer both conical and cylindrical. A prerequisite when choosing - durable, high-quality metal mesh.

auger juice extractor for hard fruits and vegetables

Auger juicer for hard fruits and vegetables

Such units are very similar to a meat grinder, and not only externally. They are mostly mechanical, which prolongs the life of the device by several times compared to electrical ones. Equipped with a rotating screw, a knife and a grid-grid. Many believe that the models are outdated, but despite this, these juicers are the best for extracting a large amount of beverage. They are still relevant, and their popularity is not decreasing. Such a unit is also suitable for fruits with stones, it has rather high functionality.

There is another advantage of this type of juicer. In total for an hour of work it is possible to squeeze out about fifty kilograms of any kind of fruit hardness.

It is quite easy to clean, easy to use, even those who have never squeezed the juice on their own will cope with it.

the best juicers for hard fruits and vegetables

Industrial Juicers

These are much more complicated, they are also called professional. Differences, of course, immediately striking the eye. First, it is the size, it is larger than that of the ordinary one, which is already considered cumbersome. Secondly, the amount of juice obtained. The juicer for hard fruits and vegetables (professional) is more productive. It leaves very little cake, extracting the juice from the fruit to the maximum. In addition, such units can operate continuously much longer, unlike household ones.

What kind of juicer to choose for yourself? Let's look at what you need to pay attention in the first place.


A small juicer for hard fruits and vegetables is ideal for one person. The volume of such only 200 milliliters, that is, a glass. If you live alone, you can buy such a thing, it costs less and is more compact than the more voluminous options.

If there are more than four people in a family, then it is worth to choose a juicer designed for a 1.5 liter volume. This is very convenient if breakfast is held together.

carrot juicer

The best beet and carrot juicer

As we already wrote, screw models, or manual, are suitable for many vegetables and fruits. But this does not apply to very hard vegetables.To scroll beets, carrots or turnips will have to exert maximum effort, so give preference to electrical appliances. These juicers for carrots fit perfectly, and you can get the maximum juice from a healthy root.

For a beet, a screw juice extractor is also suitable, because it does not require much juice from it, only for addition to other juice or consumption in a small amount.

the best beet juicer

Which one to choose - domestic or imported?

When you figured out the volume, type, you can think about the manufacturer. So, now there are a lot of models of juicers, which one should be preferred?

  1. As a rule, expensive units are made of better materials than their cheap counterparts. However, Russian juicers are much cheaper than imported ones, but their quality will not be inferior in most cases. If you decide to take a device of domestic production, then stop the choice on a brand you trust.
  2. Imported juicers are pleasing to the eye, they are stylish, neat, have many additional features that are rarely used. There are quite attractive Russian-made models,but this is not their only virtue. Foreign juicers are less productive, Russian produce more beverage.
  3. An important criterion is the noise level. Many people who have chosen domestic models, in a review, write that they are satisfied with everything, except for noise, comparable to the take-off of the aircraft. Of course, this is an exaggeration, but Russian juicers are really inferior in noise to quieter imported ones.

Despite the fact that domestic models have more advantages compared to imported ones, foreign goods are more popular in Russia. We will consider the rating of the most popular brands later, but for now let's take a look at the rest of the characteristics of the juicers that you need to rely on when buying.


Without this part, no electrical appliance will work. It is important to find a juicer with a quality motor, it will last much longer. Some manufacturers have introduced asynchronous motors into the units. We will not go into all the details of the technical device, just a little familiar with such motors. They are more durable compared to conventional ones, since they have no parts rubbing against each other.

professional fruit and vegetable juicer

Working hours

Juice extractors for carrots and other hard fruits should be equipped with a special device that will provide engine cooling. Many units can operate continuously for only twenty minutes, after which the device must be stopped for cooling. It takes a lot of time, which in our time is very expensive.

Time spent and the lack of self-cleaning function, you have to constantly slow down the juicer, clean it, re-run. A lot of oil cake remains from hard fruits and vegetables, it will be hard to manage without this function.

Centrifuge speed

The higher the speed of rotation, the more productive the juicer will be. Juice will get more, it will be more clean. For hard fruits and vegetables, you should choose a juicer that can work at different speeds, because for squeezing an apple and a carrot you need different ones, like for other fruits.

The foam separator is also an important detail. In the process of processing fruits and vegetables, the juice foams heavily, and this feature will help to get a clear juice without foam and with a minimum of pulp.

juicer for hard fruits and vegetables

Other additional features and equipment

Many believe that the equipment does not matter, but it is not, the little things really provide comfort.For example, rubber feet-suckers will provide stability to the unit, you can not worry that it will fall. The lid-tray prevents dust from entering the juicer, the spout located on the container body does not allow to shed precious drops of juice.

If your juicer is equipped with an automatic supply of raw materials, you do not have to stand at the machine, imposing fruits as they are processed, you can safely go about your business. Many manufacturers complement the kit with special sprays and brushes for a more convenient, quick and high-quality cleaning of the mesh.

Now we offer to consider the best juicers for solid vegetables and fruits. Easier to pick up the device, if you know about it.

juicer for firm fruits and vegetables filips

Philips HR1863

Juicer for hard vegetables and fruits "Philips" is unprecedented popularity, she scored the maximum number of positive feedback from the owners of such devices. The brand has long established itself from the best side, consumers are not disappointed in it.

The first thing that attracts buyers - the price, it is much lower than that of similar juicers. Many noted the stylish design of the unit, power,ergonomics and quality of pressed juice. They write that it is clean, the cake remains very small, the device is reliable.

But the flaws in the model were found. The first thing that was noted - the moisture content of the residual material - cake. But It is worth noting that not all consumers noted this drawback. Another disadvantage - you can not use any other dishes to collect the juice, except as a glass that is included in the kit. In addition, there is no anti-drop function.

juicer novis vita juicer

Novis Vita Juicer

Appliances manufactured in Switzerland are distinguished by their quality. So, Novis Vita Juicer juicers are made from high-quality material, which is one hundred percent safe for health. The units have undergone multiple tests, in which corpus strength was confirmed, they do not break even with an accidental fall.

Owners of juicers of this brand have noted compactness, attractive design and productivity. No flaws were found.

juicer for hard fruits and vegetables Scarlet


Owners of juicers for hard vegetables and fruits "Scarlet" were satisfied. They write that the device quickly and efficiently copes with its work. In addition, it is very beautiful and compact.The juicer is light in weight and manual, it is easy to assemble and disassemble.

The only negative noted is noise, but consumers associate it with the power of the device. In general, "Scarlet" like lovers of fresh juice.

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