Job description of the manager: rights and duties

The job description of the purchasing manager givesconcept of rights and duties of this category of workers. In accordance with its provisions, the main task of the manager is to provide the enterprise with the necessary quantity of commodity and material assets that are required for its uninterrupted operation, as well as the organization of recording their movement.

The manager is subordinate to the head of the departmentsupply or logistics. His appointment and dismissal is carried out on the basis of the order of the director. In the work the manager should be guided by instructions, orders, orders of the director and the immediate superior, as well as instructions, rules, enterprise policy in the field of quality and other documents that regulate its activities.

The job description of the manager describes what is included in the functional duties of this employee:

- purchase of commodity and material assets(inventory, supplies, equipment, chemicals, special clothing, etc.) in order to ensure their continued availability in the warehouse. The manager is obliged to negotiate with suppliers about getting discounts, reducing the price and ensuring procurement at minimum prices;

- maintenance of a database containing information on the suppliers of the organization, accounting for the movement of goods, control over the introduction of vacation and purchase prices.

The job description of the manager obliges himissue invoices for dispatch of goods from the warehouse, participate in the inventory process, promptly provide management with information on balances, receipt and release of commodity values. He must coordinate the needs for necessary materials with managers of other departments, heads of structural divisions. In addition, the manager is obliged to follow the instructions, instructions and tasks of the director and his deputies, which are within the scope of his activities.

The manager's job descriptions point to histhe right to submit proposals to the administration and the immediate manager to improve the work of the warehouse and the supply service. He can demand the provision of normal working conditions (means of labor, workplace, premises). He has the right to receive from the officials of the organization and management of statistical data and information necessary for the performance of his duties, as well as independently inform the management about the shortcomings in the work of the warehouse.

The manager's job description imposes a certain responsibility on him.

This category of employees is responsiblefor untimely and substandard performance of duties and tasks, which are stipulated in the job description, for inadequate reconciliation of accounts with accounting, as well as poor-quality inventory of goods. The manager is responsible for the misuse of his rights, for non-compliance with orders, instructions, orders and other documents that govern his work. He can be held accountable for non-compliance with fire safety, labor regulations, tactless, rude behavior when working with visitors to the company, as well as in dealing with staff. The employee may be punished for non-compliance with the interests and for failure to ensure the safety of the enterprise's documentation, for issuing documents and confidential information to third parties about the company, and for providing misleading or false reporting information and documentation to management.

The job description of the manager describes his interaction with officials and structural units within the competence.

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