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In 1972, the future hero of action films Jason Statham is born in England, the biography of this man will be replenished with a weighty list of achievements in cinema. The film industry had to wait another 26 years, before in 1998 in the film “Cards, Money, Two Barrels” his debut would take place.

Hollywood Springboard

Jason Statham, whose biography at the time was still mediocre, made the first steps towards success and world-wide fame, not in cinema, but in sports. At that time, he had not yet thought about the big screen and was preparing for the Olympic Games in diving from a springboard.

He manages to get into the team of the British Olympic team. But at the same time, in search of earnings, the young man decides to use his external data in front of the camera lens. He gets a job to advertise men's jeans as a model. It was here that the creators of the movie “Cards, Money, Two Barrels” notice him, and from that moment on, it is worth counting the beginning of Jason's career in film.Jason Statham biography

Breakthrough to glory

Luck was that the manufacturer of jeans made a producer in the film of a novice film director and offered a model for the demonstration of jeans to one of the roles of her ward. It was Jason, by the way, Guy Ritchie was a novice director, soon both names will be recognized all over the world. So in the film industry there is a strong guy Jason Statham, the biography of this newcomer quickly replenished with participation in dozens of Hollywood projects.

I did not have to wait long for recognition. It was easy for all film critics and viewers in the newcomer to be a born actor in action films. Surely Jason himself understood the advantages of his outward masculinity in cinema.

Strong frame

Without much acting training, the guy quickly receives enviable predictions about his future and already calls himself a class actor. After the only success in the European picture, Jason immediately focuses his plans on Hollywood. And two years after participating in the second picture (in the same style), his plans are realized. Soon with a series of new projects in the style of action in Hollywood comes to him and worldwide popularity.Jason Statham family biography

Judging by the guy’s pedigree, the makings of artistry he already had from birth - dad - an ordinary singer, mom - a dancer in one of the cheap eateries. Both parents were considered unemployed and were not eager to conform to generally accepted ideas about a successful person, in this situation Jason Statham was growing up. Biography, family, and even his interview in the press indicate a tough upbringing.

Subject of the British streets

The future hero of the militants had never seen in his father a model of the head of a prosperous family, and he himself was hardly striving for such an ideal.

As a boy he absorbed the street understanding of life values, and the same street was brought up in endless hooligan tricks. For an actor by the name of Jason Statham, the biography and the path to success began almost out of poverty. It is unlikely that a guy could count on some kind of cronyism in life. Therefore, it is necessary to note the apparent similarity of Statham with his heroes in terms of character and ability to rely only on their strength in any situation.Jason Statham biography personal life

“I never relied on someone’s help,” says actor Jason Statham himself, a biography and career of a pupil of British streets confirms his words.Although in many respects his success in the cinema, he is obliged to Guy Ricci, and it would be worth remembering this.

Enviable success

Not all the actors succeeded in getting to the Hollywood hills from the second attempt at the cinema. In many ways, this success is associated not so much with the skill of the novice, as with the relevance of the image he proposed. By the way, his characters do not shine with a variety of characters. And yet, such a dizzying race from yesterday’s jeans to a Hollywood star forced many through his teeth to reckon with him.Actor Jason Statham biography

In the capital of cinema, it is no longer necessary to sit idle for a long time, and the textured Englishman received several invitations to shoot in a year. With such a crazy schedule, his face soon becomes one of the most recognizable, along with the bearers of the loudest world names. Jason in 2002, works in the legendary "Carrier". After that, the Unintelligible “Cell” will follow and then the “Adrenaline” will hit again. Between these pictures, the actor also works in the continuation of “Carrier” - “Carrier 2”. Thus, in less than 4 years, the recent novice plays the main roles in 3 powerful films. Which do not fail expectations at the box office.The uniformity of the roles of the actor is not at all confusing.

Personal life

Regarding privacy, the actor is not going to be frank with the yellow press, so it is difficult to judge his relationship. Previously, about seven years in the status of his girlfriend remained an Englishwoman Kelly Brooke. But later, Jason's beloved was taken away by another actor, the future husband of the actress. Short were another relationship with the singer Sophie Monk.

For a Hollywood star such as Jason Statham, his biography, personal life, and movie record are a reminder of a solid character. This is especially noticeable in dealing with the media regarding privacy.

In relations with the young star of model podiums, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, Jason, too, was reluctant to respond to calls from the paparazzi to pose with her. In public, they appeared infrequently. Although such a pair could gather around a lot of informational reasons. Jason Statham biography family children

Apparently, for them, personal life remained truly personal. And, apparently, the relationship with a girl who is 20 years younger than him was not a fiction, otherwise why hide from cameras. In the understanding of people like Jason Statham, biography, family, children and personal life in general, probably should remain a mystery.

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