Jan: the origin of the name on different versions

The hero of our next publication will be a man named Jan. The origin of the name, its interpretation, as well as the characteristics of the main personal traits will be covered in detail.

Presence in many cultures

In many cultures, including in the eastern,There are various forms of this remarkable name. This is due to the most common version of the occurrence. There is a firm belief that the name Yang is nothing more than a derivative colloquial form from the biblical John.

Subsequently, many nations consolidateddiminutive form of the word own right to exist. Proceeding from this version, metaphysicians and astrologers point out that all the characteristics of John will be applicable to Jan. And this means that our hero bears the proud title of "the mercy of God." Let's note, that nowadays in Russia kids are rarely called that, which you can not say, for example, about Ukraine, Belarus, Poland, the Baltic countries and Hungary.

Yang the origin of the name

Jan: the origin of the name. Alternative versions

Some experts put forward an alternativetheory of the origin of the word. Thus, the ancient Romans worshiped the god Janus. Most likely, from here and there was a Greek version of Iannis. It is also curious that in different cultures this word has its roots. The Scots and Danes are confident that Yang means "defender", and the Turkic peoples treat him as "patron".

But the most surprising interpretation of the name existsin the eastern cultures. Japanese and Chinese characters with this word are completely in tune with the meaning of "life." The Eastern people worship the name Yang and associate it with the image of the soul. Currently, this name has a lot of diminutive interpretations. In Bulgaria, you can meet Janko and Janusz, in Scandinavia Juhanes, and in Russia Yang can be a diminutive form in the name of Severyan.

Character traits of personality

Modern young parents like to call theirnewborn children with rare or old names. It can be said that for many years, long-standing uniformity has longed for all. For those who in the foreseeable future plans to acquire offspring, you can advise just an ideal option - Ian. The meaning of the name, character and destiny of the young man indicate that an unbiased, optimistic and educated person will emerge from it.

First name Jan

His friends will be very lucky, because our hero forthey are like an open book: honest, not hiding their emotions. It was always such friends that were always appreciated. He will treat all people equally, regardless of their position in society or material wealth.

Our hero knows how and likes to make decisions, he does notafraid of responsibility. Jan has the makings of a leader, irrepressible diligence, and sometimes he shows obstinacy. However, there must be some disadvantages for the man.

We have already learned what the name Yang means. We continue to get acquainted with the character traits of our hero. Since childhood he has been brilliant and has a passion for science. All these qualities help to get a brilliant education. In addition, Ian is well-bred. He is intelligent, emotional and sensual, but he does not like changes, therefore he is extremely conservative. Has a great sense of humor and well-developed intuition.

What is the name of Yang

Family and love

Our hero is so independent that this traitsometimes prevents him from building a romantic relationship. If he falls in love and begins with a partner's life together, he does not tolerate when they are pushed around. With confidence, we can say that among the Yanov you will not find so-called henpecked hens. If the romantic relationship for some reason fails, Ian quickly finds the strength to forget the unpleasant experience and start life from a new page. That's why our hero can marry several times.

However, this does not mean that he forgets aboutchildren from a previous marriage, does not communicate and does not help them. On the contrary, he is sensitive to his offspring and always participates in their upbringing. Sometimes women leave it. But this is only if our hero is addicted to alcohol.


In our today's article, we are talking about whoBut this is Jan. The origin of the name, according to one of the most common versions, can be explained as a derivative of the Hebrew John. We have already seen that our hero since childhood shows remarkable stubbornness. Therefore, parents will never be able to persuade him to choose this or that profession. He does not yield to either persuasion, or pleas, or threats. Jan firmly knows what he wants, goes along the chosen path and never turns off. His decisions always remain unchanged. Sometimes, due to his curiosity and desire for science, he chooses to conduct research as a profession.

Yang meaning the name of character and destiny

However, seeing in this lesson is not tooan attractive financial perspective, he can give up everything and change his occupation. From it is a wonderful organizer and leader. If the career begins with a minor position, he should be afraid of the chief's anger, step on the throat of his own song and not show up to a time of excessive adherence to principles.

Astrological characteristics

The patron of Jan is the zodiacal constellationAries. Favorable color is yellow, the most suitable mascot is agate. The planet that leads our hero through life is Mars. Totem animals are considered to be a dolphin.


The hero of our today's article was Ian. The origin of the name in several versions was disclosed to the readers. You also learned about the character of the young man, his strengths and weaknesses.

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Jan: the origin of the name on different versions Jan: the origin of the name on different versions Jan: the origin of the name on different versions Jan: the origin of the name on different versions Jan: the origin of the name on different versions Jan: the origin of the name on different versions Jan: the origin of the name on different versions