Jackie Chan: biography, family, photos, and interesting facts.

Modern cinema can be proud of the great actors who have earned a name for themselves by work. Jackie Chan is one of them. Let's talk about his achievements, films, family, personal life. Also in the article we will tell about interesting facts from his biography.

Short biography of Jackie Chan

This person is known around the world. He has millions of fans and hundreds of thousands of followers. He is one of the brightest stars of cinema. But not always everything in his life was smooth.

In the noisy crowded Hong Kong began the biography of Jackie Chan. The date of his birth is April 7, 1957. Chan Con San is the real name of the actor. During his childhood, the actor attended several schools: primary, opera, and martial arts. For 10 years, Jackie studied the northern style, judo, karate, boxing, hut up. The actor, being young, performed all the tricks himself, and that was what stood out. The resulting injuries further prevented him from doing so as he would have liked.

Jackie became famous for combining dangerous tricks and humor. He is a screenwriter for more than 10 films, a director, a stunt producer, a stuntman, a singer, a philanthropist, and even the UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador. Below are photos of Jackie Chan and a family biography.


Jackie comes from a poor family. His father, Charles Chan, was born on December 18, 1914, died February 26, 2008. Mama Lily Chan was born in 1916, died February 28, 2002. The family also has half brothers and two sisters. In the French embassy, ​​my father worked as a cook, and my mother worked as a laundress. Many fans try to learn more about the biography of Jackie Chan, family, children. Photos of the parents of the actor are presented below.

Actor with family

In the biography of the family of Jackie Chan an important role was played by the civil war, because of which the family moved to the American embassy, ​​where Charles was offered a job. With son, Charles Chan was in a good relationship. He became the first martial arts teacher for Jackie. The boy was in elementary school, but he was expelled because of restlessness. He was a naughty child, did not like to get up early, so he was late. Everything changed in the school of opera, where he was sent at the age of 7 years.

Before leaving his son to study, his father made a promise with him that he would not drink, use drugs. From this moment began his independent life.

In school, the child was disciplined. Students lived and worked in the school. The rise was at 5 o'clock in the morning. They taught children science, martial arts, gymnastics, acrobatics, and stage skills. For violations of the rules, the teacher beat Jackie, since the contract did not prohibit the use of physical punishment. The skills acquired at school helped the actor further. The first time he starred in a movie in 8 years. He gave all the money he earned to the teacher.

Biography of Jackie Chan's Children

Jackie's family together

It is known that the actor has two children. Date of birth of the son - December 3, 1982. His name is Jacy Chan. He was born in Los Angeles, studied at the Santa Monica school, and then enrolled at the College of William and Mary. After an unsuccessful attempt to build a business on the sale of records with his songs, the son followed in the footsteps of his father to the cinema, where he achieved success.

This success came after the filming of the movie 2 Young, which received positive reviews. He later released a second album with songs. Jaycee also does charity work.

The actor's bastard daughter was born in 1999 to Elaine Wu Tsili. Jackie recognized her, but does not deal with education. The girl lives with her mother in Shanghai.

Personal life

Jackie and his wife

In the biography of Jackie Chan little information about his relationship with the ladies, as he carefully hides it. It is known that his wife in 1982 was the Taiwanese actress Joan Lin. Jackie showed it to the public only after 15 years, as he was afraid of the reaction of his fans. After the birth of her son from her legitimate husband, Joan left public life.

She survived the betrayal of Jackie, who forgave. After that, he dedicated his author's song to her.

Musical career

Biography of Jackie Chan is of interest because he is a multi-faceted and extraordinary person. He has many hobbies and skills.

Since childhood, Jackie Chan engaged in vocal. In 1984 he released 20 records with his songs in Cantonese, Mandarin and Taiwanese dialects of Chinese, Japanese and English. He wrote his songs for films in which he starred. Jackie was invited to the opening and closing of the Olympic Games, where he sang.

Stunt team

Stunt group actor

Jackie March 5, 1977 organized his own stunt group.Only people with exceptional martial arts skills and falls were accepted. The actor did not take it all in a row, but only those who proved loyalty to his team. Training has become a major part of life for both Jackie and his group. It has existed for more than 40 years, although it has already been replaced by 8 generations. Each member is grateful to Jackie.

On the set, stuntmen often had injuries, so the ambulance was always there. I got a lot of injuries and Jackie himself (broken arms, cut eyelids, cheeks, crevices in the ribs, ankle fracture, cracks in the kneecaps, a fracture of fingers, a tooth was knocked out). He spends most of his life in training, adheres to proper nutrition. If he eats something forbidden, then he will definitely work it out in training.


Cinema takes up most of Jackie Chan’s biography. Photos of the actor can be seen on many movie posters.

To date, more than a hundred films have been shot where he plays the main role or participates as a stuntman. As a stunt performer, he showed himself in Fist of Fury. Jubilee was the film "The Fall of the Last Empire" released in 2011.

The actor with 8 years was shot.Jackie's early films "Fist of the Fury", "Coming Out of the Dragon". In them, he was filming with already at that time the famous Bruce Lee, whom he imitated. Later I realized that I did not want to be the shadow of Bruce Lee, so I found my own style. Jackie's character was kind and not only beat up his enemies, but he did tricks with the means at hand. He specifically sought to be the opposite of Bruce Lee. For this comedy and independent performance of interesting tricks, the audience loved him.

Jackie's Honorary Award

Jackie starred in 1971 in the film "Master with broken fingers." Later, the actor was invited to work at a large company, Golden Harvest. He became widely known in 1980. Jackie was entrusted to participate in the creation of the script and to do the production of tricks. Success in the United States came to him in the 1990s, after the release of the film "Disassembly in the Bronx" (1995).

With friends in 1983, Jackie shoots the comedy "Winners and Sinners." A year later, received the recognition of the public "Project A". He also starred in the movie "Drunken Master", where he played the role of the apprentice master. The comedic image was gradually entrenched for the actor, but he tried himself in other genres. He proved himself as a good stuntman and romantic young man in the film “The Magnificent” (1999). The first American film "Rush Hour" was released in 1998, together with actor Chris Tucker.The film received high marks. Jackie also tried himself in the science fiction genre, in the movie "Bleeding steel".

One of the box office films were “First strike” and “Mr. Cool”. There were also failures in his acting career. For example, the films "Tuxedo" and "Around the World in 80 Days" did not even pay for themselves. Chan is engaged in the sound of cartoons (three parts of "Kung Fu Panda"). In 2017, he voiced the characters of the cartoons "Lego Ninjago" and "Real Squirrel 2". In 2017, the film “Alien” was released with Pierce Brosnan.

Jackie's films have always been leading in Asia. At the end of each of them show some doubles of failed stunts. The most traumatic was the film "The Armor of the Gods", where the actor received a head injury.

Social activity

Social activity

Jackie Chan's biography includes his active work in the field of charity.

Actor helps victims of natural disasters and diseases. In 1988, the Jackie Charitable Foundation was created. In the main office, he keeps things that fans send him. Most of them he gives to orphans. In 2005, he founded the Dragon Heart Foundation to help the elderly and children.

Awards and nominations

In the biography of Jackie Chan's many well-deserved awards:

  1. November 12, 2016 received an Oscar for his contribution to the cinema.
  2. 1990 - Award "Top Ten Performers of the Eighties".
  3. 1988 - The Best Foreign Actor Award.
  4. 1996 - Doctor of Science at the Baptist University.
  5. 1995 - MTV Movie Awards Life Time Achievement Award in the nomination "Best Match".
  6. 1999: Blockbuster Entertainment Award for Blockbuster Best Duet in Rush Hour with Chris Tucker.
  7. 1998 - Fellowship of the Academy of Art of Hong Kong.
  8. Star on the Walk of Fame in Hollywood and Hong Kong.

Jackie Chan's success rules

Having learned the biography of Jackie Chan, it can be noted that he followed the life principles and rules with which he achieved success. The actor, despite all the difficulties, went ahead. He shared the rules by which he achieved independence and achieved public recognition. These canons had a great influence on the biography of Jackie Chan, whose photos are presented in our article. The rules are as follows:

  1. Do not imitate anyone, always be yourself.
  2. Do everything in your own way, do not go out of the way that is to your liking.
  3. Learn from the public, make it so that creativity is accessible to all ages.
  4. Listen to sensible comments.
  5. To work a lot.
  6. Act while young.
  7. The main thing is not money.
  8. Be a man of words.
  9. Find someone who will be a good mentor.


Jackie Chan's plane

Speaking about the biography of Jackie Chan, I must say that he now lives in Beverly Hills, in a house for 12 million dollars. By American standards, his house is not big. It has only 4 bedrooms, one pool.

Jackie Chan owner of 5 cars: Bugatti Veyron, Lamborghini Aventador, Bentley Mulsanne, Subaru Impreza Evo, Mitsubishi. He has a private jet. Actor is engaged in collecting.

He collects his fans' sent items, coins, and more. Jackie Chan has his own business - a chain of restaurants, a line of clothes, shoes.

Interesting Facts

Mother wore it for 12 months. After going to the doctor, she gave birth to a son weighing 5 kg 400 grams. Because of the large weight, Jackie was called the "cannonball".

Due to lack of money, parents wanted to sell it to an obstetrician from Britain.

Jackie received more than three thousand injuries.

The actor was on the verge of life and death after an injury sustained in 1986 in the movie God’s Armor. While performing a trick, he fell from a tree and hit his head on a stone. The operation was successful, he inserted the plate into his head.

In his spare time, Jackie Chan loves to gamble.

As a result of the injury on the set of the movie "Drunken Master", his one eye became wider than the other. Therefore, Jackie needed cosmetic surgery to increase the second eye.

In childhood, he received the nickname "Big Nose". Once, in anger, the teacher hit him on the nose and broke it, and since then this nickname has appeared.

Jackie is listed in the Guinness Book of Records as an actor who performed the greatest number of tricks.

He starred and was a producer, director in more than 100 films.

From the biography of Jackie Chan's family it is known that his father was a spy, so for some time the family was under political persecution.

Nickname Jackie, the actor took from his youth. When he worked at a construction site, his name was difficult to pronounce, so they began to call him the name of his partner.

All beloved actor starred in films for over 50 years. He made a great contribution to the cinema, for which he was repeatedly awarded. The life path of an actor is an example for young people Biography of the family, children of Jackie Chan stands out ups and downs. These difficulties were overcome by the joint efforts of all family members.

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