Jack Warden: a short biography and filmography

Jack Warden (1920-2006) - American film actor,who began to participate in the shooting some time after the end of World War II. His filmography has more than a hundred paintings, in which he managed to play in less than 60 years of his career.

However, despite this, the actor was not widely known outside Europe, and for the Russian audience, he was remembered mainly for several films and for the Oscar nomination.

Young years of Warden

Jack Warden was born on September 18, 1920year in Newark. His parents were of different nationalities: Laura Costello's mother is an American of Irish descent, and her father is a technician and engineer John W. Lubzelter, a Jew.

But Jack did not grow up with them, he was brought up by his grandmother andGrandpa in a town called Louisville, Kentucky. As a result, the character of the boy became very snooty, and in high school, Warden was expelled from school because of brawls, often resulting in fights. However, the future actor did not despair and began to work part-time, acting as a professional boxer under the pseudonym of Johnny Costello. For successfully conducted 13 fights, earnings turned out to be ludicrous, and the young man quickly left the ring.

After Jack Warden managed to change a lot of professions: from a bouncer in a nightclub to a beach lifeguard, and then in 1938 enlisted in the US Navy, where he stayed until 1941. After the young man moved to the merchant marine, where he stayed for less than a year and joined the army, becoming a paratrooper.

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In 1944, Jack severely injured his leg, which is whyspent six months in the hospital, avoiding landing in Normandy. Perhaps this saved his life, since during this operation, most of his comrades died.

While on treatment, Warden was fond of playsClifford Odets, who pushed him to the desire to become an actor, but he did not fulfill his dream at once. Only after demobilizing, the man was able to go to New York to receive an acting education.

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Warden's career

His first steps on television are Jack Wardenmade only in 1948, participating in the show "Filko Television Theater" and "Studio One". In 1951, he starred in the movie "You're now in the Navy," but was not marked in the credits, which somewhat devalued his success.

However, this was enough to have Jack turnedAttention. In the same year he played in the film "The Man with My Face", six months later he got a role in the television series "Mr. Pepers", and his career jump came after the role in the film "12 angry men."

Next, actor Jack Warden was filming a lotTV series and participated in various shows as a guest star. Among his works of the Russian audience, the "Twilight Zone", "Untouchables" and "My wife charmed me" especially liked. However, this is not the whole list, since the actor continued to participate in the shooting until 2000, he has about 150 paintings, including serials.

Jack Warden: filmography

As mentioned earlier, Warden has appeared in a huge number of films for a very short time, so to list them all here does not make sense, too much list.

One can only highlight particularly successful films:

  • "12 angry men";
  • "Justice for All";
  • "Being there";
  • "Verdict";
  • "All the presidential forces."

Among the series, viewers especially singled out"Twilight Zone", "My wife charmed me," "New York police" and "Mad as a fox." For the last of the listed, Jack was nominated for "Emmy" and for "Oscar" for the paintings "Heaven can wait" and "Shampoo."

jack warden filmography

On the web on popular movie sites you can seea complete list of films in which Jack Warden starred. Films with his participation, as a rule, are works of certain genres, beyond which the actor, unfortunately, almost did not go out.

The last picture, the role of which went to Warden - sports comedy "Substitutions". At the time of her release, the actor was about 79 years old.

Personal life

At the age of 38 (1958) Jack marriedVande Dupre (real name is Wanda Ottoni). They have a son, Christopher - the only child of Warden for all 42 years of marriage. However, since 1970 these bonds have become only a formality, as the spouses have parted, having lived together for 12 years. For some reason, the couple did not divorce until the death of Warden.

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Death of the actor

The difficult life of Jack still made itself felt,striking the health of the actor, albeit at a respectable age. Because of this, in 2000, Warden left his career - his state of health deteriorated too much to take part in the filming.

As a result, the actor lasted another six years, but on July 19, 2006 at the age of 85 he died in a hospital in New York with a diagnosis of heart and kidney failure.

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