Is there a paradise?

So much time has passed, and people ask themselves all the same eternal questions. For example, many people think about whether there is a paradise and how to get there? Almost all cultures have in their mythology a place where the best people of the people fall. Even the Vikings who died in battle, fell into Valhalla, which can also be considered an interpretation of paradise.

Such a different paradise

The main problem is whether there is a paradise, lies in the fact that its existence can not be proved. Paradise is a place where man is good. But for every single person, "good" has a different concept. Someone will be happy for peace and quiet, for someone nature will seem like a paradise, someone will want to be in a city filled with people after death. Since the feeling of comfort develops in everyone from different things, there is no single heaven.

Religions for the most part offer a paradise that fits under a particular charter. Do not sin, here's peace, peace, flowers, virgins. But bear in mind that it is impossible to sin in paradise and to observe all the same rules as in life. If you go back to the Vikings, then in their "paradise" everything was a little more interesting, and there the warrior could test his skills and endurance, leading constant battles. And this also seemed to be a paradise for this militant people.

If you want to believe that paradise is still there, then there are more interesting options for its design. In the TV series “Supernatural” paradise was presented as a place where everyone is given a personal piece of the square, which contains what you like. And you can safely go to the "paradise" to others, to communicate, but at the same time you will have your own piece of space.

If you cannot decide whether there is a hell or paradise, then the answer will be to you, only to develop your own opinion on this matter, or to join one of the religions that will answer these questions for you. From a scientific point of view, neither disprove nor confirm this will be possible, as with the help of logical arguments. At the same time, there are currents where there is no heaven or hell, but there is, for example, an endless cycle of rebirths. Or nothing. You will simply die, and after you nothing will be. Forgetting, darkness, anything. And no gardens of heaven and hell hell.

Also, do not forget the legends of Eden, which was a paradise garden and from which the first people were expelled. People need to know that after death everything will be fine, that is why they are wondering what will happen when the body decays.For many, paradise is the certainty that now they are doing everything right and restraining bad deeds. Not everyone wants to go to hell and atone for his sins until the end of time. Previously, religion and the tales of Heaven and Hell were used as the introduction of morality in the masses.

Draw conclusions

As a result, one can come to the conclusion that in most cases “paradise” is too subjective to be a reality. It is quite possible that it has an inaccessible form, maybe it will be good for you there regardless of your desire (and this theory has a rather large chance of success). With all the individuality of people, one paradise is impossible to create at all, therefore its existence is possible only as a separate place for everyone, or a universal option that will bring you satisfaction as such. Even if love is the chemistry of the brain, what prevents to make paradise a place where everyone will be fine, whatever it is?

If you are interested in whether heaven or hell exists, then you will have to answer it yourself. Dozens of religions are ready to answer your question as well as scientific progress. And which side to choose is up to you.

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