Is it possible to drink beer during pregnancy?

Beer is one of the most popular drinks in allworld. It is used by both women and men, there are many brands of beverages on the alcohol market. Studies prove that beer alcoholism is very popular. Many people consider beer to be less harmful drink than other alcohol, others talk about its benefits, referring to the rich composition.

beer during pregnancy

From beer alcoholism suffers greatnumber of women. Sometimes it is difficult for them to give up their addiction even after pregnancy. And then there is a natural question about whether it is possible to drink beer during pregnancy, whether there is a dose that will be safe for the fetus and the future mother.

Beer for pregnant women

Warn the question of whether it is permissibleto drink alcohol during the gestation of a child, you should immediately answer that it is absolutely impossible to do this. Beer during pregnancy adversely affects the development of the fetus, the state of health of the pregnant woman, the functional activity of her organs.

Is it possible to drink beer during pregnancy?

Theoretically, everyone knows this, but insociety there are myths, thanks to which women in the situation ignore the ban on the use of this drink. And these myths are important to debunk in order to emphasize the importance of not using beer in the perinatal period.

Beer composition

One of the most popular myths about beer is the goodits composition. A large amount of vitamin B, which is really present in the drink, helps to strengthen the nervous system, it has a beneficial effect on the liver, the condition of the hair, skin and nails.

But at the same time in beer there is a colossalthe amount of substances that harm the body. Beer during pregnancy causes intoxication due to ethyl alcohol, which is contained in it, and cobalt, which is added to the drink by all producers in order to create a thick and lush foam.

Cobalt has a destructive effect on the tissues of many organs, mainly the brain, liver and stomach. In this case, the harm extends to the health of the mother and the condition of the fetus.

can beer during pregnancy

It is important to understand that the beer that we buy instore, strikingly different in composition from a natural drink. Instead of the substance obtained during the fermentation of hops and malt, we get only a concentrate of these substances diluted with ethyl alcohol, cobalt and chemical components that help preserve the taste and type of beer.

Influence on the hormonal system

When a man regularly drinks beer, the activity of his endocrine system is disrupted, the amount of hormones that we conditionally call "female" increases in the blood.

However, women are diametricallythe opposite situation. The number of "male" hormones, in particular testosterone, is increasing, because the concentration of "female" hormones decreases. This is harmful for women who are not in the waiting period of adding to the family, and drinking beer during pregnancy is all the more dangerous for a woman.

Can beer be made during pregnancy?

Hormonal imbalance during pregnancychild is dangerous by arbitrary termination of pregnancy, that is, miscarriage. In order to normalize and stabilize the level of hormones of the future mother, the doctor appoints a number of drugs. Usually professional help guarantees minimal risk, but taking any medication can not be absolutely beneficial for a person. And if there is a chance to avoid it, that's exactly what should be done.

Effect on pregnancy

Beer is an alcoholic beverage, so the question ofbenefit and harm can be considered from the point of view of the impact on the body not only of beer, but alcohol in general. The decomposition products of ethyl alcohol are dangerous if you drink beer during pregnancy for the entire nine months, but in the first trimester this drink can cause a delay in fetal development of the fetus, various malformations of the child and even miscarriage.

Addiction to alcohol

A common problem that is voicedpregnant women who do not stop drinking beer during pregnancy are harm from the stress that occurs in the body when alcohol is abruptly abolished.

Indeed, when a person developsdependence, the process of weaning from it must be smooth, gradual. But it is important to consider whether a woman actually has alcoholism in a particular case. In the vast majority of cases, you can easily refuse from beer.

Getting rid of addiction

But even in the event that the pregnant woman experiencesthe expressed discomfort without the use of alcohol and decides that you can drink beer during pregnancy, this decision is wrong. First, the harm from the dose of alcohol is much higher than the discomfort associated with the inability to satisfy the desire to drink a glass of beer.

drink beer during pregnancy

Secondly, from the alcoholic addiction it is quite possibleget rid of, having learned to properly manage yourself and your psyche. The human body is controlled by the brain, so a woman who wants to bear and give birth to a healthy child needs to learn the skills of distraction from the subject of addiction. For example, compensate for the desire for other pleasant pursuits, relaxation techniques.

In order to help yourself cope with dependence, you can turn to a specialist - a psychotherapist who deals with the treatment of chemical addictions, the narcologist.

Nonalcoholic beer

There is a judgment that an excellent alternativebeer - its nonalcoholic analogue. He has the same taste, which allows a person to "deceive" his brain, completely refusing to drink alcohol, but without excruciating himself with the necessity of refusal.

But if the patient asks her obstetrician about whether beer can be made during pregnancy, if it is nonalcoholic, she will hear a negative answer.

The fact that alcohol in a soft drink is still present - in a small amount, imperceptible for most people, but it is quite palpable for a fetus that suffers from intoxication.

Also, non-alcoholic beer is a chemicala drink that includes a huge amount of chemicals: dyes, preservatives, stabilizers, foam educators. During pregnancy, an enormous burden is placed on the entire body of the woman: the kidneys and liver work with great difficulty, and if these two organs do not cope with the functional load, then the heart.

Using a non-alcoholic beer, a woman loads the body's filtration system by eliminating not only the decay products released into the fetus's blood, but also the beverage chemicals.

How to replace beer?

Patients often ask their midwives the question of how to replace beer during a long period of bearing a child. Among the options is non-alcoholic beer, carbonated drinks, kvass.

Among non-alcoholic beverages, a pregnant woman can choose any, based on the following rules:

  • the drink should not be carbonated;
  • it should not contain caffeine;
  • the amount of fluid used should be monitored, based on the presence and severity of edema.

you can drink beer during pregnancy

You should also be careful with the use of herbal infusions. Despite their undoubted benefits, pharmacokinetics, that is, the rate of excretion of active components, are poorly controlled.

Therefore, you can replace beer with natural juices, mineral water, tea, fermented milk products.

Thus, the answer to the question of whether beer can beduring pregnancy or not, rhetorical. To maintain the health of a future mother, increase the likelihood of a healthy baby's birth, it is possible and necessary to abandon the pernicious habit of consuming alcohol-containing beverages.

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