Is it painful to pierce the nose? Ornaments for piercing

Today, piercing is done not only by representatives of informal youth. This way of self-expression has become a real fashion trend. And if you ask yourself how to pierce your nose at home, then this article is just for you.

The piercing is fashionable!

It is known that the adornment of his body with piercing came to us from a distant antiquity. Even until now many people associate piercings with representatives of African tribes. However, since the 60-ies of the twentieth century, this trend has gradually begun to move into the modern world. Today, no one is surprised with a punctured nose or several earrings in the earlobe. Moreover, some informal people decorate themselves in more extreme ways, inserting tunnels and microdermals under the skin.

is it painful to pierce the nose

But today we will talk about the most fashionable and popular form of piercing - a puncture of the nose. After all, this kind of modern modification of appearance will help to diversify the everyday image and express oneself. In addition, on the shelves you can find the most unusual and unique ornaments for the nose, which can be selected to any one along.

However, many are concerned with the question - is it painful to pierce the nose and how to do it at home? About the features and nuances of this type of piercing you will learn below.

Is it painful to pierce the nose?

Any violation of the skin is accompanied by pain. Even a small abrasion brings unpleasant sensations. Therefore, it is obvious that the puncture of the cartilage of the nose is not a painless procedure. However, the degree of pain can be reduced by using only modern equipment and trusting the hands of a professional.

how to pierce the nose at home

Many, for example, are interested in - how to pierce the nose with a pistol? In fact, this is the fastest and painless procedure. After all, a split second is spent on a puncture. In addition, it is proved that only with the use of a gun the skin heals faster.

How to pierce the nose at home?

Many young people do not consider it necessary to turn to masters of piercing, preferring to experiment on their appearance themselves. For this purpose, household or medical needles are used. But often in the mirror reflection there is not a pretty nose with an elegant decoration, but a swollen "potato". This is due to non-compliance with sanitary and hygienic preparation for the procedure and poor-quality materials. In addition, if a puncture is performed in the wrong place, infection or other complications may develop.

It should be noted that this approach is not safe and has bad consequences. Is it painful to pierce the nose with a household needle? Of course, this is a very painful procedure. So forever forget about piercing your nose yourself.

We address to the professional

But where to pierce the nose is the safest? Today, piercings are done in virtually any beauty salon or in special studios of bodyimodification. After all, to carry out this procedure you need a special gun and high-quality jewelry made of medical steel. The master pre-processes the desired area with alcohol and puts a mark where the future decoration will be located. After that, the chosen carnation is set in the gun. The tool is installed perpendicular to the surface of the skin and a single puncture is made. Thus the client feels only a slight tingling. So if you are wondering - how to pierce the nose without pain, then definitely choose a gun. Some masters suggest making a puncture with a special needle. But such procedure is felt by the client much more morbidly.

the effects of piercing

The cost of such a procedure varies from 500 to 1000 rubles. At the same time, the cost includes decoration and a direct puncture. However, be prepared for the fact that you will have to additionally buy a special ointment for healing the piercing.

How to care for piercings?

In the first few days, the area around the puncture will be slightly inflamed. This may cause some inconvenience, but after a week all unpleasant sensations will pass. This requires daily processing of the piercing area with a special ointment, which the master will give out. Change the primary decoration to a new one will be possible only after the complete healing of the puncture.

piercing jewelry

If after a week at the site of your puncture did not pass the inflammation, then, most likely, you do not fit jewelry for piercing. Therefore, it is better to remove the carnations from the medical alloy and allow the wound to be fully tightened. Such a reaction can also be associated with the master's lack of professionalism or with non-observance of the sanitary rules during the puncture. This once again proves that choosing a salon for piercing should be very carefully.

Will the punctured nose grow?

If you do not wear the jewelry in your nose for more than a month, then the puncture will be completely delayed. After all, any tissue has a tendency to regeneration and healing. A small puncture from the pistol grows very quickly. But if we talk about modern tunnels that are worn in the ears, then for the healing will require a whole operation. After all, the lobe of the ear, stretched to 2-3 sentiment, will never take the same shape.

Masters of piercing do not recommend puncturing in the same place again. It is believed that this can lead to inflammation. Therefore, it is better to repeat the procedure a few millimeters further from the previous puncture.

where to pierce the nose

If you are wondering if it is painful to pierce the nose repeatedly, then you can be calm. As a rule, experienced lovers of piercing do not feel as much pain as newcomers. Therefore, you can safely update your image and admire others.

Who should not get pierced?

Any puncture on the body is a stress for the body. It is not known how your skin will react to a foreign body. Therefore, before you carry out the procedure, you should think carefully.

Do not do nose piercing if you have an individual intolerance of various kinds of metals. In fact then the puncture will deliver only inconveniences. And the consequences of piercing in this case can be the most deplorable.

In addition, it is not recommended to do piercing for children up to 16 years and pregnant women. Refuse piercing, if in your way of life there is a risk to break the jewelry and thereby injure the skin. It can be curious little children, extreme sports and even pets. If your puncture is still injured, immediately consult a doctor.

Remember that if you still decide on the procedure for piercing, then go only to a highly qualified specialist. After all, it depends not only on your image, but also on your health. Do not save on antiseptic ointments, and at the slightest discomfort remove the jewelry.

how to pierce the nose without pain

Ornaments for a punctured nose

Today you can meet many different ornaments for those who like to modify their appearance. When puncturing, as a rule, carnation from medical alloy is established. On his hat can be a variety of pebbles or images. It is better to choose a universal design, because the next month you can not replace this decoration with another.

After healing, the wound can be replaced with carnations on the ring. However, give preference only to quality materials. It can be silver, gold or metal with hypoallergenic spraying. Do not insert a new piece of jewelry if your puncture is still bleeding or causing unpleasant sensations.

how to pierce the nose with a gun

Do not forget that any jewelry for piercing should be regularly treated with alcohol and kept clean. After all, any infection in the puncture can cause inflammation. To process jewelry, you can also use special products that are sold in beauty salons and studios.

Nose piercing is a great way to decorate your body and express personality. After all, there are a lot of unusual and bright decorations for this, you can change them every day. But remember that the effects of piercing can be negative, if you do not turn to a professional and do not comply with hygiene.

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