Interpretation of dreams. Why dream pig

Someone is looking in the dream book, what a black panther is dreaming about, and a banal pig crept into someone's dream. What does this mean?

What is the dream of a pig in a noble dream-book Grishina

Why dream pigWhen a person repeatedly dreams of such a beast - this is a clear sign of his excessive pride. Why are you so selfish? Another meaning is gluttony. And the thicker the animal dreamed, the more intensely gluttony appears. Stop, don't look like a pig! Do not forget that we need food only for energy production, if you move a little, then there is not much you need, it's not a hobby, after all. Or you are unhappy with your body. Find out what people think about this. Are your concerns unfounded? If in a dream you turn into a pig, then in real life you will be haunted by the gossip of envious people. For girls to see a fat hog - for a quick marriage. Pig unceremoniously entered your home? Recover from the disease. Why dream of pork? Most likely, the evil boss is dissatisfied with your work and is thinking about dismissing such an unsupervised employee.Show what you can do! Pork snout - a sign of injury, injury. You have a long way to go if, in a dream, you enthusiastically eat a raw pig's head. Tiny piglets foreshadow profits, and killing them - losses. Pork bristles - to unexpected joy.

What does a pig dream about in Aesop's dream book?

Why dream of a black pantherOur subconscious mind obviously perceives such creatures in a negative way. Therefore, we must think about the good! However, this animal is considered a symbol of clumsiness, embarrassment, obesity, passivity, close mind. It managed to absorb all the negative qualities. You will surely come across the arrogance of a selfish person if you dreamed of a little piglet who frantically tried to grab mom by the tail. A big pig, covered with dirt from head to toe, symbolizes wiles and gossip behind your back. Calculate who dissolves them, and smash it in the bud! Pig coin sticking out of the dunghill - to the dubious businessman. You will try to draw into an adventure, from which it will be difficult to get out. Troubles are a dream in which a pig digs the ground at the roots of an oak tree or another tree with a thick trunk.Are you asked to buy pork legs? Fear of deception! You may be substituted as if you had broken the law. Feeding pigs from a heavy tray made of pure gold speaks of your empty cash spending. Definitely, you should be more economical, otherwise you will not see the money.

What is the dream of the pig in the dream book Lofa

What dreams of porkIf a piglet spoils your favorite items, then in real life neighbors or colleagues also poison your existence. The second meaning is a big altercation with friends. Why dream of a pig with a crown? To the inevitability of conflict with the head. Moreover, out of the blue. A whole herd of pigs hints at a bad name for you. Piglet swimming in a puddle is a harbinger of quarrels in your home. Riding a pig - to the duality of the situation. On the one hand, you are delighted with everything that is happening, and on the other hand, you are afraid of condemnation. Grunting promises quick victory over competitors, which you will gain thanks to your wisdom.

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