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As in ordinary life, there iscertain rules. And in addition to them - a kind of slang and incomprehensible terms, it is sometimes difficult to find your bearings, especially for the beginner. By the way, about the newcomers: do you know who the noob is? No? This article will help you understand. Although something is already quite obvious: if you are interested in who is a noob, then, most likely, you are so someone called. And now to business.

who is noob

There are no people who are well versed inall life spheres. In any case, sometime and somewhere we were newcomers, "teapots". It is especially difficult for people to understand the phenomenon that only recently entered our everyday life. One of these phenomena is the Internet along with its numerous sites, forums, online games and social networks. Naturally, every day there are those who first decided to get acquainted with the virtual space. But they are not oriented very well in it. So, talking about who is a noob, Internet users usually mean exactly these people. But first things first.

For example, in the game World of Warcraft (ifabbreviated and in Russian - WWII), a noob is a person who recently came to this online universe. He still knows little about her, looks closely, plays (as a rule) carefully.

However, there is another tactic of behavior. Instead of understanding everything and gradually merging into the special atmosphere of a forum, the noob begins to pester old-timers with questions, which, in fact, is incredibly annoying. Because even among the Internet community, some kind of independence is valued: unable to find out the answer to a particular question on its own? Get a virtual kick! Or, as an option, become an object of trolling. Trolling can even thick - noob will not understand ...


Maybe, besides that, you do not know about that,who is a noob, you still do not know the term "trolling"? Then you are exactly a noob. Trolling is a special phenomenon in the Internet. And its meaning is to cause negative emotions in as many people as possible. Uninitiated (they are noobs) begin to worry and fight for justice, and the troll sits on the other side of the monitor and cunningly rubs "furry" hands. What is the essence? In principle, it is not. Just on the Internet, everyone is entertained as best he can. And trolling - one of the ways and the most common. But back to our sheep, I mean to noobs.

who is this?Initially, they were called only those who recently"Settled" on any forum or site, while mastering, knows little, slowly enters into the course of the matter. In fact, any person who first sat down for a computer that has surfaced on the Internet, who came to a new site for him, is a noob. Who invented this? This, if I may say so, the term, came to us from the English language - "noob", "newbie". Old-timers on the forums like to tell newcomers that they are noobs. Most often Newfagi are offended, although in itself the word "noob" has no negative coloring. Today, when Internet-memes migrated to ordinary life, you can call any beginner in different spheres.

Well, now you know about who the Nuba are. And they themselves became a little smaller nub than they were 5 minutes ago.

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Interested in who is noob Interested in who is noob Interested in who is noob Interested in who is noob Interested in who is noob Interested in who is noob