Insurance company "Zhaso": reviews. Insurance company "Zhaso" in Lipetsk and Voronezh

The economic situation of the country today can not becall stable. One after another, financial institutions stop their activities. At the same time, insurance companies thrive. People continue to worry about their lives and property. If you consider reviews, the insurance company "Zhaso" is most popular in Voronezh and Lipetsk. Although in other cities people actively use the services of the institution.

Basic information

Establishment for the first time started its activities in May1991 as an organization for the insurance of its own risks. The company began to develop rapidly and in a few years has gained popularity among citizens. Until recently, the organization had 90 sales offices and more than 50 branches. However, the economic crisis affected this company. In 2016, most of the shares were sold to the Sogaz insurance group. Despite this fact, the contracts, issued earlier, continue to operate, but already under a different direction.

reviews insurance company jaco In 2015, reviews about the insurance company "Zhaso" wereonly positive. According to the organization "Expert RA", the institution had an exceptionally high level of reliability. After the assignment of rights, the number of customers decreased significantly. However, with the advent of 2017, people again began to return to the insurance group. To date, the only owner of shares is Sogaz. Services continue to be provided in full, but under a different license.

Insurance of adults against accidents and diseases

If you consider reviews about the company "Zhaso"The most popular program previously used was "Standard". It could be issued by any citizen of the Russian Federation who has reached the age of majority. The contract included the following insurance risks: temporary loss of general working capacity, traumatic injuries, permanent disability, death as a result of an accident. Protection can operate around the clock or in a certain period of time (at the option of the insured). The annual tariff under the contract is 0.6%.

reviews about the insurance company The contract may also include a package of risksfor non-working citizens, pensioners, and also for women who are on the decree. The reviews show that the program is optimal for those who are worried about their own health. Protect from an accident the company can not. But the financial costs needed for rehabilitation will be fully covered.

Protection of the new generation

The following program also usespopularity, if you believe the reviews. The insurance company "Zhaso" offers to protect the life and health of children, schoolchildren, as well as students who take a day-long form of training. The contract can be concluded for any Russian citizen aged from 3 to 22 years. At the same time, students who study at the correspondence department of the university can not become a participant in the program.

The following insurancerisks: traumatic injuries, temporary and permanent disability, death. However, it does not matter if the child's condition has worsened as a result of an accident or illness. Programs that are designed for a certain period of time are popular. So, often an insurance contract is concluded for the duration of vacations or for holding sports events. The annual insurance rate, as in the previous case, is 0.6%. The insured amount is determined individually in each specific case.

The program can also consist of a group of children. At the same time, the insurance rate will be 0.98%.

Family policy

Reviews about the insurance company "Zhaso"that family policies are very popular, allowing to conclude a contract at the same time for spouses and children. An important condition of the transaction is the joint residence of relatives. At the same time, grandparents can also take part in the policy. The same insurance risks are taken into account: traumatic injuries, temporary and permanent loss of ability to work of family members, death of the insured person as a result of a long illness or accident.

jaso insurance company krasnodar reviewsThe deal can be concluded for a year. The duration of the protection is 24 hours a day. Unlike other programs under the family policy, only the same amount of insurance for each insured person can be established. The tariff under the agreement will be 0.35% per year. The reviews show that, depending on the type of activity of individual participants in the transaction, additional coefficients can be applied. So, if adults engage in hazardous activities, the tariff may be doubled.

Insurance for tourists

Interesting programs offered insurancecompany "Zhaso" in Saratov. The reviews show that the "Traveler" service used to be the most popular here. The transaction can be concluded by persons who plan a trip to recreation centers and sanatoriums located within the Russian Federation. At the same time, rest should not involve taking extreme sports. The age of the insured person can be from 3 to 75 years. The client has the opportunity to independently determine the amount for which the deal will be concluded, but it must be more than 500 thousand rubles.

reviews about the company jaco The program "Traveler" can not actmore than 31 days. At the same time, tariffs are directly dependent on the timing. The maximum rate is 0.2% of the insured amount. More will have to be paid in the event that the transaction is concluded for a group of persons.


This program is designed specifically forlovers of extreme rest, as well as for those who prefer to spend their holidays in extreme conditions. Also, the transaction can be concluded by participants of mass sports events (competitions, races). What does the Zhaso insurance company offer in Voronezh? Reviews show that the program "Extreme" was previously able to issue any adult citizens of Russia. The insured person could be any person at the age from 3 to 75 years. Today, such a deal can also be concluded. However, you will have to contact the Sogaz office.

The transaction can be a maximum of 31 days. In fact, the conditions are the same as in the case of the "Traveler" program. But the risks are higher, and therefore the tariffs are different. The client will need to pay 0.4% of the insured amount, which is determined individually in a particular case (no more than 500 thousand rubles). As in the previous case, higher tariffs will be provided the transaction is formalized for a group of persons.


What does the Zhaso insurance company offer?Volgograd? The reviews show that here, as in other branches, deals on CASCO were popular. This is a voluntary type of vehicle insurance against theft and damage. To insurance risks under the terms of the contract could be attributed: robbery, robbery, theft, theft of property from the car. The damage that can be caused to a vehicle in the course of a road accident, fire, collision with animals and birds, illegal actions of third parties is also taken into account.

insurance company jaco saratov reviews The insurance tariff is individual for eachowner of the vehicle. It matters whether the anti-theft system is installed, whether the vehicle has been serviced. Take into account the age of the machine, its condition at the time of the conclusion of the transaction. If at night the car is stored in the garage, the insurance rate will be significantly lower.

To arrange the contract, the car owner must provide a technical passport for the vehicle, as well as documents proving the identity.


A lot of interesting products offered earlierinsurance company "Zhaso". Reviews of CASCO show that many car owners tend to pay money for confidence in the integrity and safety of the car. Convenient conditions were offered by the insurance company under the OSAGO program. This is a policy of mandatory liability of car owners. According to the transaction, when a traffic accident occurs, the driver pays for the damage caused to the victim.

This kind of insurance today iscompulsory. If the driver stops the traffic cop and notices the absence of a policy, he immediately writes out a fine. The insurance contract under the OSAGO program can be concluded for a year, then it should be extended. The reviews show that it is already impossible to conclude a deal with the company "Zhaso" today. All rights have been transferred to Sogaz. Policies, issued earlier, continue to operate.

Property insurance

Still in recent time actively promotedthe Zhaso property insurance program (an insurance company in Lipetsk). The reviews showed that the most popular transactions were related to mortgages. The client had the opportunity to form financial protection in the event of death or disability. In the event of an accident, the insurance company is responsible for paying the mortgage fees.

insurance company jaso volgograd reviews Popularity was also enjoyed by programsinsurance of houses and apartments in "Zhaso". The insurance company in Krasnodar, whose reviews can be heard mostly positive, concluded the largest number of such contracts.

The following risks were taken into account: flood, explosion, fire, illegal actions of third parties, accidents during repair and construction work. In the event of an insured event, the company undertook to fully recover the damage. Today with "Zhaso" deals of this kind can not be concluded. However, all the contracts signed earlier are in full operation. The insurance group "Sogaz" assumed responsibility for payments.

Compulsory health insurance

Reviews about the insurance company "Zhaso"that earlier the policy of compulsory medical insurance here could be acquired by practically all citizens of the Russian Federation. The branches worked in many cities of the capital both in megacities and in provinces. The state system of protection of citizens provides an opportunity to receive qualified medical care in a variety of cases. At the same time, age, sex, social status and place of residence do not matter at all.

The largest number of mandatory policiesmedical insurance was sold to "Zhaso" (insurance company) in Krasnodar. The reviews showed that the company was very popular in this region. Today, residents of Krasnodar actively cooperate with the offices of Sogaz.

Transfer of ownership: reviews

Insurance company "Zhaso" in 2016 ceasedtheir activities. In this regard, the clients who were served here earlier, a number of questions appeared. The reviews show that the conditions for previously concluded contracts have practically not changed. The only thing that you should pay attention to is the requisites for which you must pay insurance premiums.

insurance company jaco How to be when an insured event occurs? The reviews show that there should not be any problems here. The incident must be reported to Sogaz by the hotline number indicated on the organization's website. In order to receive payment, it is necessary to prepare identification documents, as well as medical confirmation of the incident.

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Insurance company Zhaso: reviews. Insurance company Zhaso in Lipetsk and Voronezh Insurance company Zhaso: reviews. Insurance company Zhaso in Lipetsk and Voronezh Insurance company Zhaso: reviews. Insurance company Zhaso in Lipetsk and Voronezh Insurance company Zhaso: reviews. Insurance company Zhaso in Lipetsk and Voronezh Insurance company Zhaso: reviews. Insurance company Zhaso in Lipetsk and Voronezh