Instructions: how to remove additions to "Sims 3".

There are many different additions for"Sims 3". They can be installed on the game separately or as a whole heap if it's a pirate repack. However, not all updates are equally useful and necessary. What to do and how to remove additions to "Sims 3", if you do not like or do not like them? Let's look at all the methods a bit more.

how to remove additions to a sim 3


Regardless of whether you play in the officialor a pirated version of the game, it is not necessary to completely remove the installed updates from the computer. Therefore, instead of looking for how to remove some additions in "Sims 3", it's easier to simply turn them off.

Start the game and go to the settings. Go to the "Add-ons" tab and click "Off." Against unnecessary improvement to you. Save the changes. Now the maps will be created without the specified modification, and you do not need to try to delete the update.


If you absolutely need to know how to remove additions to "Sims 3", for example, in order to clear an empty space on your computer, then you can use one of the following tips.

We will start with the most common, butThe wrong option is to remove the addon with your own hand. He is also offered in the official technical support from the company-publisher EA. To do this, you just need to go to the directory with the game installed.

  • If you installed the game from a floppy disk, then by default the game should be on drive C, in the Program Files folder and in the Electronic Arts subdirectory.
  • When downloading the game through Origin, instead of the EA catalog, you will have Origin Games.

Now go to the last folder and find theredirectory with the name of unnecessary addons. How to remove additions to "Sims 3"? Select all the folders you want to delete by left-clicking with the Ctrl key pressed. After that, click the right mouse button and select "Delete".

sims 3 gold edition remove attachment

After this operation, whatever you select,will go to the shopping cart. Next, in order to avoid problems with the game, the EA support provides instructions on how to clean up the traces of add-ons in the computer's registry. We will do much easier.

Download and install the program CCleaner and perform a registry analysis for errors. Then click "Fix", and the utility will clean up all remnants of the "Sims 3" add-ons.


And now we'll look at the more correct way how to remove unnecessary additions in "Sims 3". The most correct and safe way (for the system) is to use the built-in game uninstaller.

Open the "Start" menu and go to the "All" tabprogram. "Now you should be interested in the folder Orgins or EA, in which all the additions to" Sims 3 "are divided into separate directories. Open the one you want to delete and click" Delete "Sims 3": <Addon Name> ".

The uninstall process will automatically be performed, as if you were uninstalling the regular program. Moreover, after this process, you do not have to clean up the remainder of the update throughout the system.

"My computer"

Another safe way is not only to remove add-ons, but also any other program. Go to "My Computer". At the top of the window that opens, select "Delete or modify the program."

how to remove unnecessary additions to the sim 3

A special menu will open with all the programs,installed on your computer. Find among them the "Sims 3" add-ons that you want to delete, and click the corresponding button. There will be the same actions as in the above described variant.


How to remove "Sims 3" additions from a computer withusing third-party programs? We have already mentioned the application CCleaner. It allows not only to analyze and clean the registry, but also compiles a list of programs installed on your device.

With this utility you can deleteunnecessary additions to "Sims 3" as well as the built-in tools of Windows. There is no special difference, however, many computer users believe that third-party utilities are much better, since they immediately remove all the elements of installed programs, even from the registry.


If you prefer to use piratedversions of games, then there are two possible types of assemblies (game complete sets). The first of these we considered in the course of the article, it is quite easy to remove unnecessary add-ons. But with the second there may be problems.

how to remove some additions to the sim 3

It's about "Sims 3: Gold Edition". It may not be possible to remove an add-on in this assembly, because "pirates" usually collect the game as a whole file to avoid problems with the interaction of the elements. Therefore, if the above methods do not work, then all you have to do is to disable unnecessary add-ons in the game itself.

So, we looked at how to removeadditions to "Sims 3" through various options. The main thing that a user should remember is that he must have all the rights of the administrator of the computer to modify and remove the software components. Therefore, if it is, for example, a working computer, then you may need the help of a local system administrator or at least access to his account.

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Instructions: how to remove additions to Sims 3 Instructions: how to remove additions to Sims 3 Instructions: how to remove additions to Sims 3 Instructions: how to remove additions to Sims 3 Instructions: how to remove additions to Sims 3