"Bronchipret" - instructions for the use of syrup

With infectious and inflammatory diseasesrespiratory tract in children of any age (excluding the age of up to 3 months) shows the use of the drug Bronchipret, which is available in the form of a syrup. Bronchipret syrup is a complex remedy prepared on the basis of medicinal plants. The extracts of herbs present in the preparation act as expectorants, mokrotagozzhazhayuschie, anti-inflammatory and antiviral agents.

Composition Bronchitis.

Instruction tells that in 100 g of syrupcontains active ingredients in the composition: liquid extract from the herb of thyme - 15 g, ivy leaves - 1.5 g, ethanol - 7 g. The auxiliary components are purified water, maltitol syrup, potassium sorbate, citric acid monohydrate.

The preparation is a transparent aromatic liquid, with a light brown color. During storage, a small precipitate may fall out.

Farminship Bronchipret.

The instruction defines the preparation as an expectorant, anti-inflammatory, secretolitic, bronchodilator, which reduces the viscosity of phlegm and speeds up its elimination.

Indications for use:

The drug is used as an expectorantwhen treating inflammation of the respiratory tract, both acute and chronic, accompanied by coughing and sputum formation (with tracheitis, tracheobronchitis, bronchitis).

Contraindications to Bronchitis:

The instruction does not recommend the use of syrup whenhypersensitivity to its components, infantile age (up to 3 months). Because of the content of the drug ethanol is not recommended to use syrup for epilepsy, alcoholism, liver diseases, pathologies and brain injuries.

Pregnancy and lactation:

Do not use the drug during pregnancy and during breastfeeding.

Dosing and Administration Bronchipret Syrup:

The instruction indicates the use of this remedy inside after taking meals three times a day. Age-specific doses are indicated below:

- Adult patients and adolescents who are more than 12 years old, Bronchipret syrup are prescribed 5 ml each;

- children, 6-12 years old, Bronchipret appoint 4 ml;

- Children, 2-6 years, the drug prescribed 3 ml;

- Children, 1-2 years, prescribed 2 ml;

- Children, 3-12 months, prescribed to give 1 ml.

Syrup Bronchript in undiluted form is recommended to be washed down with water. The duration of the course of treatment is 10-14 days. The increase in the duration of therapy and the recurrence of the course of treatment is determined by the doctor.

Side effects:

It is possible that allergic reactions may occur.


In the case of an overdose, the appearance of the following phenomena is possible: pain in the stomach, vomiting, diarrhea.


It is not recommended to apply at one time with antitussive drugs and drugs that suppress the formation of sputum. Can be combined with antibacterial drugs.

Special instructions for prescribing Bronchipret:

The instruction warns that if after the use of the medicine for 1.5-2 weeks the symptoms of the disease do not disappear, it is necessary to seek the advice of a specialist.

The drug contains 7% of ethanol, so the maximum single dose for adults should not exceed 5.4 ml. The medicine must be used with caution for children.

Syrup can be used by patients with sugardiabetes because one dose contains less than 0.03 bread units. Long-term storage of syrup Bronchipret can cause turbidity, but this does not affect its effectiveness. Before taking the vial with the contents should be shaken.

Form of issue:

The syrup is dispensed in vials, in volumes of 50 ml and100ml with dispenser. There is a screw cap with a safety ring, a measuring cup is attached. All this together with the instruction is placed in a cardboard box.


The drug should be stored in a dry and protected from light, the temperature should not exceed 25 ° C, it is necessary to exclude children from accessing the medicine. Shelf life of syrup-3 years.

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