Instruction for filling the work book

Every officially working person should havea document that will confirm his work history, that is, who he worked, where he studied, what level of education he has. Similarly, the boss must know how the person at the previous place of work proved himself. It is about the document in which all this is recorded, and we will discuss this article.

A work record is a personal documenteach citizen of the Russian Federation and the countries of the former USSR. In Russia, this document is allowed to register when a person reaches the age of 14 years. It displays all the information on the labor activity of its owner.

Absolutely all the entries that are made in the work book, have their own personal number and fit in without any cuts. The date is only entered in Arabic numerals. Example: 08/08/2008.

Instruction for filling the work book

Initially, you need to enter information about its owner in the workbook. In the event that the entries on the first page have already been made, then you need to check the correctness of their writing. So,

  1. FULL NAME. owner of the work book is filled in according to the name. in the passport of the person.
  2. Date of birth of a person is written only in Arabic numerals (for example: 20.02.1991).
  3. The item "Education" is filled only with capital letters and without abbreviations (for example: "average", "secondary special").
  4. The specialty of the person, the owner of the work record, is written in the nominative case (for example ("engineer", "doctor", "lawyer")).
  5. The date when the person was recruited is entered. It should be inscribed no later than five calendar days after the official admission of a person to work.
  6. Sign and write next to the painting your name. Check that the owner of the work record card has also signed it. This he confirms that he is acquainted with the notes in his work book.
  7. Verify all records with a seal. It is worth noting that the records are certified by the seal of the organization.

It is important to know that the correctly filled work record book of an organization employee is a minus one conflict with the inspection bodies (tax inspection and so on).

So, the instruction on filling the work book. Before you record that a person is hired, stamp the page with the stamp of the organization. Next you have to make entries in the graphs.

In the first column, enter the record number byordinal number. In the second column, enter the date (I again remind you, with Arabic numerals). The date of hiring should be the one that was in the order to enroll the employee. In the third column information is recorded about the enrollment of the employee in the staff, transfer or dismissal of the employee. If the employee is dismissed from the organization (independently, for whatever reason), then the human resources officer should make an appropriate entry in this column and fix it with the seal of the organization, as well as his painting. It is worth noting that the dismissed employee should be familiarized with the relevant entry. In the fourth column, you must indicate on the basis of what order or order the employee was accepted or dismissed, enter the date and number of the order (instruction) in Arabic numerals.

A very frequent mistake made by the personnel departmentis that they can make a record in the work book earlier than the instructions on filling out the work record tell about it. The entry for the reception of the employee must be made only after the expiry of 5 days of work of the person. The employee has the full right to complete the contract in the first days of work, and there should not be a record in the labor one.

Now you should tell about the record, which says about the dismissal of the employee.

In accordance with the rules on whichall the records of the dismissal of employees are written only if there is an internal order of the organization and exactly on the day when the corresponding order was signed.

The entry in the workbook about the termination of the employee should be exactly the same as in the dismissal order.

Before the issuance of the work record book to the owner of the departmentstaff should check that the head of the organization put his signature on all pages of the work record book during the time of his former employee's work and stamped the pages in it. The instruction to fill the work record book states that the administration of the organization must give the former employee his labor information with the information already entered on the day when the employee was dismissed. Otherwise, the employer will have to pay an administrative fine.

I hope that the rules for registering the workbook specified in this article will be able to fully help the employees of the organizations not to make mistakes in their work.

It should be noted that in Russia a draft law has been submitted for consideration, in which it is a question of removing the work record book from the workflow in 2012.

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