Institute of Psychotherapy and Counseling "Harmony": description, contacts and reviews

What surrounds the ordinary modern maneveryday? Stress, stress and stress. We meet with them on the way to work, talking with colleagues, buying food in stores, and even in a cozy home environment they pour on us from the TV screen. The abundance of problems and worries plunges a person into a serious state of protracted depression, when it is simply impossible to cope with yet another, even the most insignificant, stress. From time to time, each of us encounters such a state, and many of us stay there almost constantly. Therefore, our contemporaries also have an acute need for specialists in the field of psychology. That's just the probability of meeting psychologists who really have extensive knowledge and can help cope with any problem, is incredibly insignificant. However, the residents of the Northern capital are very lucky, because here is the institute of psychotherapy and counseling "Harmony". This today's conversation is devoted to this institution and all areas of its of psychotherapy and counseling harmony

Brief description of the Institute and its history

Institute of Psychotherapy and Counseling"Harmony" in St. Petersburg has been functioning since the eighties of the last century. Then it was created as an institution, whose specialists should help people to reveal their uniqueness, to understand the life purpose and to find harmony in communicating with others.

At the same time, principlesactivity of the Institute of Psychotherapy and Counseling "Harmony". It is worth noting that today's specialists of the center adhere to them. These principles can be expressed by the following theses:

  • any actions of a specialist should be directed to meet the needs of any individual in inter-species communication;
  • remember that in each person there is an inexhaustible source of creative energy, wisdom and strength that must be revealed;
  • the work of psychologists and psychiatrists should be aimed at the natural self-realization of man;
  • every specialist of the institute is someone who aspires to constant professional growth, and therefore is prepared for any situations.

Since its inception, the Institutepsychotherapy and counseling "Harmony" in St. Petersburg very carefully selected its employees. Many of them have been trained in the United States and the Nordic countries.Institute of Psychotherapy and Counseling Harmony St. Petersburg

What is the Institute today?

For all the years of its existence the Institutepsychotherapy and counseling "Harmony" has managed to win the reputation of a serious institution that renders a wide range of services and has highly professional psychologists and psychiatrists.

In general, the activities of the Institute are conducted in two directions:

  • training of specialists (refresher courses, trainings, seminars and the like);
  • provision of consulting services on the basis of the institution.

The Institute of Psychotherapy and Counseling "Harmony" has been a partner of various charitable foundations for many years, as well as an organizer and developer of social programs.

For more than twenty years the institute has been organizingconference with the participation of specialists from different countries in Russia and abroad. Most often, such events take place in Norway and the United States.

This particular institution contributed to the emergence oftelephone emergency psychological help. According to the number specified in the reference books and on the Internet resources, you can call both children and adults. Everyone will be given all possible help in resolving his of psychotherapy and counseling harmony reviews


International Institute of Psychologicalcounseling, psychotherapy and group management "Harmony" is very active in the introduction of new psychologists into the profession and raising the level of qualifications of already successfully practicing specialists. It should be noted that when recruiting for training programs, preference is given to those applicants who have the appropriate education or are still studying at the fourth or fifth year of the university. The peculiarity of the training is the moment that most courses and programs give their listeners to prove themselves both as a psychologist and as a psychiatrist. Such unique specialists are a rarity in the world of psychology, therefore they always have extensive practice.

All programs are divided into several categories:

  • retraining or advanced training;
  • teaching lectures for those who wish to independently study psychology and will apply the acquired knowledge only in their lives;
  • Programs for narrow specialists, leading only women's or, for example, children's groups.

The students can be trained not only by the residentsNorthern capital, but also visitors from other cities of Russia. An indispensable condition is the availability of higher education. Without this document you will not get to any courses or trainings.

All training programs combine a systematic approach. Listeners acquire theoretical and practical knowledge at the same time. This allows you to delve deeper into the topic and learn all the material in its of psychotherapy and counseling harmony contacts

"Harmony" - institute of psychotherapy and counseling: the cost of training

In general, training in this center is not cheap, because the knowledge gained in the lectures is quite extensive. Usually the courses last at least three days - about twenty-eight academic hours.

Interestingly, the cost of the course is substantiallyvaries depending on the time of payment. For example, two weeks before the start date of the seminar, it will cost twenty percent cheaper. The average cost of training varies between twenty-two thousand rubles.

Classes are held for three to five days withten in the morning until six in the evening with small breaks for lunch. Preliminary record is kept on the institute's website or by phone. In the latter case, you will need to give all the necessary information to the administrator who is leading the record.

Psychological help

Initially, the institute was created as an institution,which helps people in difficult situations. For the years of its existence the center has developed its own methods, which make it possible to make aid more effective.

Now more than twenty fivetalented and responsible professionals who are ready to help both children and adults. In general, in the areas of work, psychological assistance is divided into the following categories:

  • consultations given to adults;
  • family counseling;
  • group of children's specialists.

About each direction we will tell in general terms.International Institute of Psychological Counseling of Psychotherapy and Conducting Harmony Groups

Work with adults

We have already mentioned that adults areit is difficult to cope with crises and stress, so the help of a psychologist in many situations will be very useful. Many former clients leave very good reviews about "Harmony". The Institute of Psychotherapy and Counseling helps in the following situations:

  • overcoming the crisis of any characteristic;
  • getting out of depression;
  • help in resolving conflicts that drag on for years and are very acute;
  • search for oneself and awareness of life's needs;
  • victory over any dependencies;
  • understanding of the structure of human relations and the features of their alignment.

Thanks to the specialists of the Institute, many people have achieved life goals and managed to feel the joy of life again.Harmony Institute of Psychotherapy and Counseling tuition fee

Family counseling

Meet a professional in the field of familypsychology in our country is quite difficult, but at the institute you can work with real professionals in their field. They will help you learn to solve any acute situation for the benefit of the family, which will help to strengthen it.

In particularly difficult situations, therapy of coupleslead simultaneously two experts - male and female. This makes the work more efficient, and understanding is achieved much faster. Such consultations raise the following layer of problems:

  • solving acute conflicts that occur regularly;
  • liberation from the grievances and negativity that accumulate over the lifetime of the couple;
  • finding mutual understanding and gaining experience in finding compromises;
  • overcoming the crises of family life.

The work of psychotherapists has already been preserved by many families who came here, almost without hoping for luck.

Work with children

Not everyone can work with childrenspecialist in the field of psychology, because this direction is considered the most complex and requiring maximum flexibility. However, the Institute's psychologists have shown themselves not once once as professionals of the highest level. Thanks to them you can solve a number of children's problems:

  • adaptation in educational institutions;
  • decrease in the level of aggression;
  • overcoming fears, phobias and increased anxiety;
  • professional orientation;
  • excessive isolation and the like.

Quite often, psychologists help kids to gain self-confidence and even develop their intellectual abilities while also revealing their creative potential.Institute of Psychotherapy and Counseling Harmony г санкт петербург

Forms of work

Specialists of the Institute have a variety of methods of work:

  • individual and group therapy;
  • individual and group counseling;
  • personal growth trainings;
  • bodily oriented direction;
  • play and sand therapy;
  • family therapy.

In addition, psychologists use a variety of techniques that allow them to delve deeper into the situation and analyze it.

Institute of Psychotherapy and Counseling "Harmony": contacts

The Institute is located on Gastello Street innumber nine. Get here better from the metro station "Moskovskaya". Having reached the desired house, you need to go through the archway and turn left. Just a few steps will be the entrance to the right institution.

The Institute has its own website, where you can get all the necessary information and ask questions that interest you.


The Institute is open seven days a week. From Monday to Friday it opens at ten o'clock in the morning and closes its doors only at nine o'clock in the evening. On weekends, the schedule of work changes significantly - the institute is receiving from eleven o'clock in the morning to six in the evening.

Keep in mind that you can only get here by appointment. Otherwise, you may not have time because of the employment of all specialists.

Feedback on the work of specialists of the center

If you plan to apply to the institutepsychotherapy and counseling "Harmony", the feedback left by the clients of the center will help you to make sure that there are no more professional psychologists anywhere in the city. And almost every comment confirms this fact.

The reviews mention the professionalism of employeesinstitute, their individual approach to clients, a broad soul and positive. And the participants of the trainings with great enthusiasm share their successes and changes in life that occurred after the training.

Therefore, if you have any problems, then immediately contact the Institute of Psychotherapy and Counseling "Harmony" - here you will definitely help.

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