Inguinal lymph nodes

The lymphatic system is a huge networkvessels that permeate the human body, which direct the flow of lymph to the lymph nodes. One of its most important functions is the purification of tissues from metabolic products, microbes, foreign substances and toxins. It is the lymphatic system that provides the body's immune defense.

Lymph nodes are roundedshape, their size ranges from 1 mm to 2 cm, and the total number exceeds six hundred. They act as a barrier to the spread of infection and even inhibit the development of cancer cells. There are several major groups of lymph nodes, located in such a way as to protect all the main human organs from infections. A number of lymph nodes are located in the thoracic and abdominal cavity, as well as in the armpits, on the bends of the extremities, on the neck. And, of course, an important role is played by inguinal lymph nodes.

When our bodies cope with their tasks- we do not notice them. But it is worth to happen to any failure in the work - there are unpleasant feelings. The lymphatic system is not an exception. What is signaled by enlarged and painful inguinal lymph nodes? Usually this way our body reacts to the penetration of a viral infection. However, there may be more serious reasons.

Inguinal lymph nodes let through the lymph,which comes from the groin, genitals, lower half of the rectum, lower abdominal wall and legs. If there is a minor infection of the body, the enlargement of the lymph nodes can go unnoticed. The more the infection works on the body, the stronger the response appears in the form of enlarged lymph nodes. The infection disappears - edemas and unpleasant sensations leave. However, if the lymph nodes do not decrease within a few days, if you feel pain, and the skin in the area of ​​the site of the node turns red, you should immediately consult a doctor. Particularly serious can be the situation when these phenomena are accompanied by an increase in temperature and weakness.

Inflammation of lymph nodes in the groin mayto testify about kidney stones, various hernias, lipomas, and also about such serious diseases as venereal infections, cancer, HIV. Enlarged inguinal lymphonoduses in women may indicate a neglected infection of the genitals. Developed in this case complications can lead to infertility. Remember that one of the causes of enlarged lymph nodes in the groin may be cancer. Do not delay the visit to the doctor for a long time. With modern methods of treatment, the diagnosis at an early stage multiplies the chances of a complete cure.

Naturally, the doctor not only prescribes treatment forelimination of the underlying disease, but also take measures to ensure that inguinal lymph nodes are less swollen and do not bring unpleasant sensations. Often you can hear advice to use in such cases a wonderful folk remedy - compresses. But before you follow it, be sure to consult a doctor, because sometimes warming procedures can only worsen the condition.

Inflamed lymph nodes doctor determines the methodpalpation. If you have a suspicion that your lymph nodes are not in order, you can independently probe them. Of course, this does not replace the diagnosis, which will be carried out by an experienced specialist. However, at the initial stage, this check will help determine if your inguinal lymph nodes are not enlarged. The location of them is not difficult to find: they are above and under the fold, which is formed when you bend your leg in the hip joint. If the lymph nodes are healthy, they are mobile and painless. And if you have found an enlarged site, then do not panic immediately. It is good already that this fact is evidence of properly functioning immunity. And if you need any treatment, only the doctor can decide.

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