Indications for use Espromizana, reviews and analogues of the drug

Jul 20, 2018

Espumizan has a carminative effect

Espumizan refers to effective medicines that have a carminative effect.The main indications for the use of Espumizan - increased gas formation and bloating.


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Instructions for use Espumizan

Increased accumulation of gases in the digestive tract( bloating)Causes unpleasant, sometimes even painful, sensations and discomfort.The pathological condition can be both temporary and permanent.In both cases, to alleviate the symptoms, you should seek help with drugs with a mild carminative effect, one of which is Espumizan.

Simethicone is the main acting component of the drug.The substance belongs to a number of organosilicon compounds and has the properties of a defoamer.Reduction of gas formation occurs due to a gradual decrease in surface tension, which occurs on the boundary between two media - gas and liquid.

The active ingredient is non-toxic and does not cause negative effects on the body.Excess gas under the action of the drug is partially absorbed into the bloodstream or is eliminated from the body in a natural way.

Substances that make up Espromizana are not involved in digestion, do not affect the acidity and volume of the contents of the stomach.According to the instructions, the simethicone-based drug should be taken during or after eating.

The dosage of the medicine must be pre-calculated by the doctor, taking into account the age, severity of the pathology and the patient's contraindications.

Due to its safety, the drug can be used to treat patients of different age groups, pregnant and lactating women.Contraindication for use is hypersensitivity to the components of the drug( or their intolerance), obstructive pathologies of the gastrointestinal tract, intestinal obstruction.Capsule formulations should not be used to treat children younger than 6 years of age.

Espumizan's aerated product helps reduce the amount of gases during flatulence and their natural excretion from the body.

Espumizan is produced by a German company

Espumizan: Forms

The German pharmaceutical company Berlin-Chemie AG( Berlin-Chemie AG) is a manufacturer of Espromizan carminative.The medicine is available in the form of capsules and emulsions intended for oral administration.

According to the instructions, soft gelatin capsules contain 40 mg of the active component simethicone.As auxiliary substances, glycyrin, yellow dye, methyl 4-hydroxybenzoate is used.In this form Espumizan can be taken by adults and children over 6 years of age.A single dose of the drug is 40-80 mg( 1-2 capsules).During the day the drug is taken at least 3 times.

With increased gas formation, many people use the drug as an emulsion( syrup), which has a pleasant banana flavor.

Available in 30-ml vials( Espumizan L) and 100 ml( Espumizan 40).The liquid form of the carminative means allows it to be used to eliminate the symptoms of bloating in children under 6 years old.The amount of active substance in 5 ml of the drug is 40 mg.

In the initial application it is recommended to purchase a small bottle with the preparation in the form of an emulsion.A single dose for infants should not exceed 1 ml( 25 drops).The bottle with the emulsion should be shaken before use.

Despite the safety of the drug, the manufacturer recommends receiving specialist advice before giving it to the child.

Espumizan can be purchased in the form of gelatin capsules of yellowish color or emulsion with a pleasant fruit flavor, specially developed for children.

The drug is used to combat increased gas production

Indications for Use Espumizana

The mild, soft-acting, carcinogenic agent is widely used to eliminate increased gas production associated with various pathologies of the digestive system.Flatulence is only a symptom of the disease and indicates a violation of the normal working capacity of the digestive system.

Indications for the use of Espumizan are the following features:

  • Increased formation or accumulation of gases in the digestive tract
  • Sensation of bloating and heaviness in the abdomen
  • Aching or cramping pain in the abdomen
  • Colic in infants
  • Flatulence accompanied by belching and nausea
  • Dyspepsia
  • Rönheld syndrome( symptom complex, Arising in response to irritation of the receptors of the stomach and esophagus)
  • The preparation is often prescribed before the diagnosis of the abdominal cavity and pelvic organs

Active substance will relieve the intestines of excess gases, which can distort the results.Begin the use of the drug in this case, recommend a few days before the survey.Adult patients are recommended to drink 2 tablespoons of emulsion three times a day.The last dose should be a few hours before the test.

In pediatrics, the drug has been used successfully for a long time, helping babies cope with painful colic and the accumulation of gases.Sweetish emulsion for 20-30 minutes after application facilitates the child's condition, improves the functioning of the intestine and promotes the removal of excess air.Espumizan is obligatory given to the child when soapy substances enter the digestive system( as a defoamer).

During pregnancy, women face increased gas production

Excessive gas formation is common in women during pregnancy.Flatulence can occur on the background of changes in nutrition, with uterine pressure on the internal organs.Facilitate the condition without a negative effect on the development of the fetus will help the safe carminative Espromizan, which is taken only when there are characteristic symptoms.The medicinal preparation is used only after preliminary consultation with the attending physician.

The active components of the remedy allow to eliminate increased gas formation, painful colic in newborns and can be used to prepare for medical diagnosis.

Espumizan: reviews

The veterinary drug has received many positive recommendations from both doctors and patients.Most of the reviews are related to the effectiveness of Espumizan in colic in newborns.The drug, thanks to the liquid form( emulsion) and pleasant taste, you can easily give the baby and in a short period of time from painful colic does not remain a trace.Pediatricians also recommend adding 1 ml of medication to the infant formula, which show a tendency to increased gas production and colic.

In the home medicine cabinet there must be this remedy, because with symptoms of bloating there are almost every person.

Promotes the emergence of a pathological condition of malnutrition, the use of a large number of flour products and legumes, some vegetables.Also, the main causes of flatulence include dysbiosis of the intestine, which both children and adults face.

Espumizan eliminates signs of increased gas formation in the stomach and intestines, but does not relieve the true cause of the disease.Therefore, after a while, unpleasant discomfort in the abdominal area can again remind oneself.In this case, you can not do without medical assistance.Having determined the factors provoking a disturbance in the digestive system, the specialist will prescribe the necessary treatment.

To some people Espumizan does not fit

Some patients noted that Espumizan did not have the promised therapeutic effect and did not relieve flatulence.Indeed, simethicone can sometimes be absolutely ineffective with respect to increased formation of gases.This is due, above all, to individual sensitivity to the active substance.

In rare cases, there is an allergic reaction in the form of rashes, fever, swelling on the components of the medication.If similar signs appear, the simethicone-based drug should be excluded and an antihistamine drug taken.

Most patients who took Espomizane in the form of capsules or emulsions were satisfied with the result of therapy.

Rules for the treatment of flatulence

Symptoms of increased gas formation can be found even by fully healthy people.Far from always such a phenomenon indicates the presence of serious problems.The possible cause is often the error in nutrition.If the signs of flatulence are permanent, you should seek medical help and find out the etiology of the pathological condition.

A comprehensive approach to treatment will help to eliminate the problem associated with the free removal of gases from the intestine.It is necessary to start with the correction of nutrition and the elimination of products from the daily diet that promote the fermentation process and enhanced gas production.

For the elimination of unpleasant symptoms, carminative agents of plant origin are used or they turn to traditional medicine for help.The most popular drugs are simethicone-based: Espumizan, Bobotik, Sab Simplex.Drugs of this category are most often used to eliminate colic in infants.

Similar tools have such tools as Baby Calm, Plantex, Beybinos.They contain only plant components, which attracts many parents.

Sometimes you have to try several drugs until you find the one that really eliminates the pain in the abdomen and gently removes the accumulated gases in the intestines.

About the disease, meteorism learn more about the proposed video.

The pharmaceutical market offers many drugs for the elimination of symptoms of flatulence, bloating and colic.One of the most effective means is rightly considered Espumizan, manufactured in the form of capsules and emulsions.The medicine is used in pediatrics for children from the first days of life and is absolutely safe.

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