In Thailand in March: reviews of tourists, weather

Spring is beautiful, and this statement is unlikelysomeone will argue. But not everyone thinks that rest in the beginning of spring can be bright, sunny, full of unforgettable impressions. To see this, it's enough to go to Thailand in March. This country will conquer you with magnificent nature, the warmth of the gentle sun and the smiles of hospitable locals.

Geographical position

The Kingdom of Thailand is a state in the southeast.Asia, located in the south-west Indochina, in the northern part of the Malay Peninsula. In the east it borders with Laos and Cambodia, and Myanmar - to the west, and Malaysia - in the south. Up until 1939, it was called Siam. "Thay" is a word that translates as "freedom." And this name justifies itself Thailand in March

Thailand is the only country locatedin the southeast of Asia, which retained its independence, while neighboring countries remained colonies of Great Britain and France. The basis of the population of the country is made up of Thai peoples, which form 15 ethnic communities, including Lao, Khon-tai, Tai-Korat. In addition, Malaysians live here, representatives of the Mao tribes, Yao, Chinese and people who belong to the Tibet-Burmese group.

Religion is Buddhism. The official language is Thai. More than 95% of the population profess it. In addition to Buddhists, Christians, Muslims, Hindus, Sikhs live in the country. There are more than one hundred islands and seventy-two provinces in the country.

Thailand: Islands

The Thai islands differ not only in size,but also vegetation, wildlife, and also popular with tourists from all over the world. They are unusually picturesque. Such luxurious beaches, covered with snow-white sand, azure sea and amazing landscapes, perhaps, there is nowhere else in the world.thailand island

The most visited locations are:

  • Phuket:
  • Koh Samui;
  • Koh Chang;
  • Koh Mack;
  • Koh Lanta-Ay;
  • Ko Phi-PhiDon;
  • Ko Pha-Ngan;
  • Co Rank;
  • Koh Tao and others.


To understand whether it is possible to go to Thailand in March,we suggest that you get acquainted with the weather in the country during this period. When in our country nature only wakes up from a student and a long winter, in Thailand the arrival of spring is already palpable. According to many travelers, the climate of this country is its pride.

March marks the beginning of a hot spaseason, which is like our compatriots. The column of the thermometer slowly rushes upwards and reaches a peak in April. Many are attracted to Thailand in March. The weather (the reviews of tourists allow this to be confirmed) during this period is very comfortable. Nature is rebuilt, and the amount of precipitation is not significant at this time.Is it possible to go to Thailand in March

Has not yet collected the southwestern monsoon of its maximum strength, but the increased humidity already reminds of itself, scaring away many tourists who are addicted to climate change.

To go to Thailand in March it is expedient alsobecause the hotels have a lot of vacant seats, the cost of living is reduced, the beaches during this period are less noisy. In March, daytime temperatures in the mountains reach +31 ° C, and in the evenings the air is cooled to +14 ° C. In the province of Chiang Mai at noon, weather forecasters are fixed to +34 ° C, and in the evening it becomes quite cool - +15 ° C. In the northern regions of the country there is no rain. In some places even the strongest drought is recorded.

In the central provinces and Bangkok is also hot,it does not save the night coolness - +25 - +34 ° C. Precipitation falls quite rarely. But this does not mean that it is absolutely not worth waiting for the rains, the travelers who go to Thailand in March. Islands are susceptible to the movement of the monsoon that originates over the Indian Ocean. In Phuket and Koh Samui, there are five rainy average days, Krabi is less by one, and in Pattaya there are only three.

Things to do?

Tours to Thailand (March) every year becomeall the more popular. Basically, they are focused on beach holidays. Young people prefer never falling asleep Pattaya and Patong beach, with pleasure combining traditional rest on a sandy beach with lessons of favorite water sports and noisy night discos.

Coming to Thailand in March with pleasurenote a small drop in prices for tours, tickets for adults and children for various shows. Therefore, we strongly recommend that you get acquainted with the culture and history of the Kingdom, feel national exoticism. Arriving in Thailand in March, you can devote time to thematic types of recreation: health improvement in SPA-centers and ecological in the bosom of nature. tours to thailand march

Beach holidays

In March, a lot of people come to the countrytourists, because the passion for the amazing beaches, covered with snow-white sand, leaning over the water palm trees, feeds absolutely all travelers. Thailand has two vast water areas - in the Gulf of Thailand and the Andaman Sea. Both of them abound in continental and pristine islands.

Those who dream to enjoy the untouched wildbeauty, relaxation and peace, we recommend that you pay attention to the resorts located on the islands of Koh Samui, Phuket, Krabi, Phi Phi, Chang and Phangan. Water is warmest in March in the Andaman Sea - +29 ° C, in the Gulf of Thailand - + 28 ° C. During this period there are practically no strong storms, although quite impressive waves can rise on some coasts.thailand in March weather reviews

Sometimes clear weather changes rapidly to cloudy, anda feeling that the sun does not burn at all. But this is misleading, because ultraviolet rays easily penetrate the clouds. Therefore, do not forget to use sunscreen even in cloudy weather, because you can get a burn.

Entertainment and excursions

For some people, Thailand is associated with wild faunaand natural masterpieces. Tours that meet the needs of this category of holidaymakers, to date, very much. Having a rest in Thailand, it is necessary to go at least on one excursion on picturesque places. Which of the proposed travel agencies to choose - it's up to you.thailand in March weather reviews

Natural Beauty

If you dream of enjoying the naturalmagnificence of this country, go hiking through national parks, botanical gardens, marine reserves. This is a great opportunity to see rare, and sometimes disappearing representatives of fauna and flora that are listed in the Red Book, recharge by the energy of the pristine nature.

Particularly popularspecialized livestock farms where tourists come to talk with their inhabitants and see the shows with their participation. Impressive colorful performances involving elephants, monkeys, snakes, crocodiles or birds. Some of them are completely innocuous, while others make spectators during the performance a little nervous.

Excursions to the islands

It is impossible not to tell about the events organized in Thailandtrips to the islands. As a rule, these are one-day cruises on longboats or high-speed boats with lunch and entertainment. In addition to world-famous coral reefs, admirers of snorkeling and diving fans from all over the world come to visit, the islands are attracted by fascinating walks to picturesque waterfalls. In addition, tourists are interested in visiting the oldest settlements with fishing villages and ancient temples.thailand in March reviews of tourists

Lovers of extreme leisure can domountaineering or to ride the jungle on ATVs. It should be noted that the active nightlife, which glorified the whole world of Pattaya, is also on the most, at first glance, calm islands. This applies primarily to Phangan, a worthy successor to Ibiza. Every month, on a full moon, the measured life of the island is interrupted by the noisy fun of the world-famous Full Moon Party, which attracts amateurs from Europe, the USA, Canada and even Australia.

The Kingdom of Thailand is actively developingwellness industry. Eastern and Western healing techniques, as well as the spiritual traditions of Thailand, formed the basis for it. That is why SPA tours have received worldwide recognition. thailand in March reviews of tourists

Thailand in March: travel reviews

According to experienced travelers, vacation inThailand is good all year round, but in March Europeans, and Russian tourists in particular, feel more comfortable at the resorts of this country. The air and water temperature allows you to spend a lot of time on the magnificent beaches and go on excursions to interesting places in the Kingdom.

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