In "Classmates" do not open the message - what to do?

So, today you will discuss with you the topic: "In" Classmates "do not open messages and other services - what to do?". This is a fairly common question, which it is possible to stumble upon. So let's try to figure out what's what.

Administration work

Well, the first and quite common case,when in "Classmates" do not open messages and other services - this is a banal technical work by the administration of the site. However strange it may sound, this problem is a born leader among all possible reasons for the failure of the social network.classmates do not open messages

What to do in this situation? If you do not open messages in "Odnoklassniki" due to technical works or the introduction of any updates, then just wait a bit. Carefully follow the news - when everything is completed, each user will be able to use all the services of the site again. Be patient - sometimes someone "Odnoklassniki" in full power begin to work earlier than you.

There is no place

Well, there is another interesting oneThe reason why you can "buggy" social networks. This is a trivial lack of space on the hard drive. In "Classmates" do not open messages, videos are not viewed and so on? Then look at how much space you have left on the system drive.

If it is small, you will have to remove the temporaryfiles and clean the operating system from a variety of "junk". Only after that you will get the opportunity to reuse all the services of the site. In this case, the CCleaner program will help you. Otherwise it is necessary to search for the reason of such behavior further.why classmates do not open discussion messages

You can check the download of movies on a different kindsites - if they are not loaded with a good Internet connection, then the problem is in the free space on the disk. Of course, all this only on the condition that before you safely watched the video. But what if the "Classmates" do not open, messages / discussions too, but there are a lot of places on the system disk? Let's try to figure it out.

Plugins and utilities

Well, maybe there is another situation thatpretty easy to fix. Especially if you have a "clean" "Winds", on which no one really worked. "Classmates" do not open? Messages, notifications and other services too? Then check if you have installed the so-called Flash Player.

This is a plugin that allows you to displaygraphic elements on the pages. With all this, you can not even watch a movie on the Internet without it. In addition, this utility should be updated regularly, and then you can "run into" the problem with the opening of pages and videos.classmates do not open discussion messages

If you are thinking how to fix the situation, thenjust download the latest version of Flash Player, and then install it on your computer. Now restart the browser. All should earn. Otherwise, you will have to look for the problem elsewhere. And the results may not really please you. Let's see what else can prevent you from fully using our today's social network.


Why "Classmates" do not openmessages, discussions, alerts? Maybe you have a virus on your computer. More precisely, let's dwell on a less terrifying and awesome option, it will be a question of a browser hijacker.

The thing is that such maliciousprograms quite often block access to social pages or simply very much slow down the computer. In this regard, a person does not open the services he needs. What to do if you have this infection? There are several options that will definitely help you.

The first way is to reinstall the browser. Helps to solve the problem through time. And not always this option is convenient. Especially if you decide to put yourself another program for accessing the World Wide Web.classmates do not open an alert message

The second method is cleaning of an existingbrowser from unfamiliar extensions and extensions. It is considered the most logical, fast and convenient. Especially if, in addition to the standard set of plug-ins to work on the network, you did not install anything. After the action, restart the browser - everything should work. However, there are other reasons for not opening the messages in Odnoklassniki. What to do? Let's try to figure it out.


So, now let's move with you to moreserious problems. For example, if "Classmates" do not open messages because there are various Trojan horses in the operating system. What to do in this situation? It is worth thinking carefully about your actions, so you do not regret the consequences.

First, scan your computer forviruses. Everything that has just been found will have to be cured. Otherwise, delete it. In addition, it would be nice to check the computer for spyware. They should also be removed.

Now you can clean the computer registry. It is best to use Ccleaner. Click on "scan" and then "clean up". That's all. But there is one more option, why "Classmates" do not open messages. Let's see which one.Do not open messages in classmates what to do

System Files

Sometimes social networks are attackeda variety of computer spies that simply register their code in the system files. This makes it impossible to detect and, as a consequence, delete. Nevertheless, every modern user should know what to do if he starts to "buggy" the social network.

The thing is that there is a file on the computerhost. It is in him constantly prescribed spies. So, if you do not open messages in "Odnoklassniki" (or the site does not work at all), then you can refer to this file to fix the situation. It is located in the Windows folder. From there, go to "System32" and "drivers". Now open "etc" - there will be our document. It must be "read" with a notebook. Erase everything that was written in it, then save the changes. Restart the computer. Now everything will work.

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