Implantation bleeding

Most often, implantation bleeding isa sign of pregnancy, through which you can learn about conception long before the delay of the menstrual cycle. But, as a rule, women do not fully possess the necessary information, so they can not recognize the symptoms and signs of such manifestations.

Implantation bleeding is normala process that testifies to the successful fertilization of the egg and the stable course of pregnancy. Initially, the egg in the period of ovulation enters the fallopian tubes, where it must meet the sperm, then it fertilizes, moving toward the uterus. It is believed that after 10 days from the moment of conception, implantation of the already prepared egg into the uterine walls takes place. And only after this begins to manifest the first signs of pregnancy, in particular implantation bleeding. In practice, it is rare, so many women are not at all aware of the existence of such a trait and, when manifesting, ignore it.

In most cases, this symptomaticthe manifestation of pregnancy is detected at the time of the onset of menstruation, in connection with which the future mother may not even guess about her interesting situation and about what grandiose changes are expected in her life and the life of a partner. The presence of such bleeding is due to a serious restructuring of the entire female body, as it is prepared for the bearing of the baby and the generic process. Despite the fact that this is a completely normal process, it is necessary to undergo an examination with a gynecologist, because there are cases when serious bleeding caused by various pathologies is confused with implantation.

Implantation bleeding: duration.

Its main manifestation is the presence ofuninvolved discharge of bloody color. It should be noted that traces of implantation can last from a few hours to 2 days. As a rule, within a couple of hours, the bleeding ends. There are cases when after the implantation of excreta is not at all. This means that they just do not hit the surface of the vagina, so it can be detected only by a specialist on examination. Consequently, the absence of such a sign does not indicate a lack of pregnancy.

Abundant implantation bleeding presagesthe presence of serious pathologies of a gynecological nature. In this case, do not worry if there is a feeling of heaviness in the lower abdomen. But the manifestation of a painful syndrome is worth listening to, because the pain in the abdomen can become a threat to a natural abortion, in other words, a miscarriage.

It's no secret that after conceptionthe basal temperature of a woman is significantly increased. During implantation, this indicator decreases slightly, but for a short period of time, after penetration of the fertilized egg into the uterine wall, the temperature may become higher than before. A characteristic feature is fast fatigue of the body. This is not surprising, because in this way the body signals to a woman about the need to protect herself even more. Now the future mother is responsible not only for her life and her health, but also for the health of the baby. Many women can not bear fruit only because of negligent attitude to their special situation.

Of course, pregnancy is not a disease, but stillrequires increased attention to the processes occurring in the human body. Implantation bleeding is a completely standard physical manifestation of the penetration of the egg into the uterus and the development of pregnancy. The embryo, getting into the uterus, slightly damages its walls, as a response to the mucus of a reddish hue. And in vain, many women panic, afraid of losing a baby.

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