IL-103 - "flying desk" and "office"

What is the IL-103? First of all, these are high aerodynamic characteristics, a comfortable spacious cabin, and most importantly, a reliable engine and modern avionics. This aircraft - the owner of high economic efficiency, it can work in any climatic conditions. The IL-103 was used as an air taxi, it was successfully used by the patrol of coastal monitoring and environmental protection. He performed the functions of "flying desk" for students of aviation establishments, as well as "flying office" for representatives of companies and businessmen.

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Every aircraft, probably has its own historyappearance. Therefore, each of these aircraft is special. The development of a new aircraft at the Ilyushinsky plant began after the receipt of the technical assignment from DOSAAF. And before that, in the magazine "Wings of the Motherland" in 1988, a contest was announced for the best design of an airplane for primary schooling. I must say that the popularity of the magazine contributed to the unprecedented scale of the competition. There were presented different models of aircraft: there were completely wooden and all-metal versions, with engines from "Zhiguli", motorcycles and even small turbojet engines. They collected them on the basis of turbo starters, beam and frame structures. At the jury meeting, 21 projects were selected. And then the design documentation was prepared, which was aimed at the wide sale of the aircraft, in a word, it was necessary to make a good corporate "product."

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From 1990 to 1993, the IL aircraft model 103 againredesigned to install the engine Teledyne Continental Motors. Prior to this, VAZ had planned. In 1994, on May 17, the first experimental flight took place. And already in 1995, on January 30, with their wings dissecting air, the serial IL-103 was hovering. The Aviation Register of the IAC in 1996 issued a Type Certificate. Immediately after the GPS receiver was installed, the automatic radio compass, course system, IL received the Supplement to the certificate. The FAS order allowed the IL-103 to fly with the second landing category of ICAO.

As is known, in October 1996design, as well as consideration of the most basic parameters of the aircraft. Deep modification suggested the creation of a two-engine variant. For consideration, the engines exhibited a power of 270 and 280 liters. from. Here were considered two firms producers Lycoming and already known to Ilovtsi Teledyne Continental Motors. These changes brought significant improvements in performance (flight-technical and take-off and landing).

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The aircraft has an assigned resource of 20,000 landingsand 14,000 flight hours. Service life is 15 years. The aircraft can be stored outside the hangar for the whole service life, because all the details, which are made of metal, are protected from corrosion by domestic technology. Prior to the first repair, the life of the aircraft is 5000 hours, and the engine is 1500 hours. After that, the number of engine repairs is not limited.

It is worth such a plane about 156.500 thousand. dollars. If the flight time is 300 hours a year, one flight hour, not including the cost of navigation and airport services, as well as the salaries of technicians and pilots, will cost about $ 50. So it does not matter if you want to buy an airplane or just go for a ride, you still need to make money.

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