If you lost a Sberbank card, what to do and where to go?

There are many forums in the network where you can find questions like the following: “I lost a Sberbank card, what to do?” This is due to the fact that people are poorly informed about actions in such a situation. But now almost every person has cards, so you need to know what to do if the Sberbank of Russia card is lost.

Why is keeping money on the card unsafe?

Most people do not store money in cash, but on a card. It is convenient to use, especially since you do not need to carry a lot of money with you. Although plastic provides such advantages, the number of scammers stealing cards is growing.

lost a savings bank card what to do

There are also many schemes by which these payment instruments are lured out of the hands of people. If you use plastic to store money, you must follow simple rules. And if, however, the theft occurred, then we must act decisively.

First steps

If you lost a Sberbank card, what to do first? First of all, you need to calm down and not panic. First you need to search in your things, was the map put in another place? You need to check your bag, wallet, clothes.

It should also be remembered whether she was taken with herself or lay at home. Only a little time to think. If there is a theft, then you need to block the card.

Lock options

This procedure is performed by several methods. You can call the hotline with the question: “Lost a Sberbank card, what to do?” Therefore, the bank number must first be entered in the phone book. To perform a lock operation, the operator will ask for passport data, the secret word. This information is issued at the time of registration of the contract, so it must be remembered.

lost credit card savings bank what to do

If you lost your Sberbank card, what to do when it is impossible to make a call? In this case, you must visit the nearest branch. The employee will perform the operation, only you must have a passport with you. You may need to name control information.

If you lost a Sberbank card, withdraw money, what to do? You can block a card using a message.You should send an SMS to the number 900 with the text: “block + last 4 digits of the card + 0”. The figure "0" means lost, and "1" - theft. Replace the word "lock" can be BLOCK, BLOKIROVKA, 03.

After sending a message arrives with a code that must be sent in reply SMS. This method is rarely used, but it is still useful in cases where, for example, the telephone line is overloaded. You can choose the method of blocking through Sberbank online. You need to go to your personal account and click on the "block" button. Each of the methods can be used in case of theft or loss of a card, you just need to choose the one that is more suitable.

Order a new card

Since the old card will not work, you need to order a new one. This can be done in the bank, after the blocking procedure. This is done on the passport. Making a new card usually takes about 2 weeks. All the old data is transferred to it, including the means.

what to do if you lost a bank card Sberbank

When the necessary time has passed, the client must come to the bank for receipt. Plastic is issued with the provision of a passport. The client must pick up an envelope with a pin code.

Precautionary measures

For safety, you must follow simple rules.No need to call anyone a pin code. He can not ask the bank staff. Do not store it with the card. Many put plastic with a pin-code in the wallet, and if it is stolen, then the thief gets access to the funds.

You must regularly change the PIN. Whatever the credibility of the person, you need to cover your hand a set of numbers. It is also necessary to establish limits on the payment of goods or withdrawal. This will limit the damage if the card is lost or stolen. The increase in limits is removed by calling the bank.


What should I do if I lost my Sberbank bank card and the funds were withdrawn? About the incident you need to write a statement in the bank. Employees may offer to file it with the police. Then you need to follow the instructions of the bank. If evidence is presented that someone else has withdrawn the money, a refund will be made.

lost salary card savings bank what to do

The procedure takes 1 - 3 months. This is important if the customer has lost a Sberbank credit card. What to do next? Need to wait for a response from the bank. Insurance services are now offered. And if in this case I lost the salary card of Sberbank, what should I do? You need to contact the bank with a statement - and after checking the money is returned.

You must follow the rules of security in order not to lose your money.It is much easier than proving that the money was withdrawn by intruders.

About credit and payroll cards

If a credit card is lost, it brings even more inconvenience. The client may need borrowed funds to pay for goods and services. To get money, you need to make a cash request in the bank. And to make a new card takes time.

Debts and balance are kept on the account. Payment of debt is the same as with the use of plastic. It will be necessary to deposit funds through the cashier. When a salary card is lost, the same actions must be performed as with a credit card. Only in the application you need to write that the product is used to issue salaries. It will probably be done at the place of work.

Can I get funds from a lost card?

In Sberbank, you can get money from a lost card, even if the restoration is not completed. To do this, you need to write an additional withdrawal statement. When the application is considered, the client can receive the money in the office with a passport.

lost a savings bank card withdrawn money what to do

To avoid further questions, employees advise customers to take a statement of account along with the receipt of money.The paper shows all the operations that have been performed recently. This will let you know if any operations were performed or not.

And if you forget the pin?

With a Sberbank card, enter the wrong pin-code is allowed up to 3 times a day. If this information is in memory, then after 2 days you can use the card as usual. In case of forgetting the PIN code, a reissue of the card will be required. To do this, you must apply by phone or in the office. When the card is ready, an envelope with a new PIN code will be issued.

Card selection

The customer has the right to choose a debit card. It is carried out on the basis of financial opportunities and lifestyle. In this case, you can use all the advantages of the plastic product. Sberbank is usually issued Visa cards and MasterCard. These are the most popular payment systems that allow you to pay in all countries of the world.

What to do if a Sberbank of Russia card is lost

The difference in systems is that Visa is popular in the USA, Latin America, Australia, Canada, and MasterCard in Europe and Africa. For the first cards, a conversion fee is charged 0.65% of the amount, and for the second one there are no fees.

Such cards are payroll. Annual maintenance costs 300 rubles.The daily limit on withdrawals is set at 50,000 rubles. Cards can be used to pay for goods and services via the Internet. If you exceed this limit, the commission will be 0.5% of the amount. There are other cards: social, classic, gold. Each of them has its advantages. In the event of the loss and theft of any of them, it is necessary to block them and also apply for a new card issue.

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If you lost a Sberbank card, what to do and where to go 42

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