Ideal Actor Portfolio Or How to Organize Photography Properly

However, to compose a good acting portfolio,competently organize his photography and choose for this good photographer - this, at times, a whole dilemma. Let's step through the process of drawing up an actor's portfolio.

We define the term "actor's portfolio"
Let's, first, figure out what isactor's portfolio. Initially, the word portfolio means a list of activities performed by an organization or an expert. For example, the portfolio of a construction company is the number of objects it has built, and the designer's portfolio for interiors is the number of well-designed rooms.

Based on the above, the actor's portfolio is a list of his works, that is, the actor's portfolio is the number of roles played by the actor in theatrical productions, movies and serials.

Portfolio of a novice actor
However, what is included in the concept director or casting director, asking to send a novice actor who does not have any currently played roles or the number of played back episodes is quite a small amount.

The answer is simple. The portfolio of a novice actor should include two main elements: a questionnaire describing the actor's abilities: vocal, choreographic ... In a word, all those abilities that are made from an actor's person.

An important point of this questionnaire islines with education and the presence of scenic experience. Here it is necessary to describe in as much detail all your experience, your data and university, in which the actor had the honor to receive a theatrical education.

The second important point of the actor's portfoliois a set of photographs that reveal the type of actor and his ability to enter the image. Depending on the agency or the director, the number of photos attached to the questionnaire of the actor's portfolio varies from 20 to 35 shots.

Typically, to understand the actor's type of missing 20photos. 35 shots are necessary if the director needs to see his ability to enter the image even before the actor is called to audition. Who of the directors will require this, and who is not - you will not guess, and therefore you should not neglect the presence of these pictures in your actor's portfolio.

How long does it take to shoot an actor's portfolio?
It should be borne in mind that a person who is inunfamiliar surroundings, despite his sociability and acting skills, it takes some time to "get used to", as they say. Especially if you have to get used to the camera lens. Especially when it comes to maximally open up, and then enter into the image.

Let's remember that even in the theater before the releasethere are a lot of rehearsals on the stage, which helps the actors to reveal themselves and enter the image, and before taking the episode of the movie, several takes take. And this time. Approximately in this way the actor's portfolio is removed. It can even be considered a rehearsal for the future role.

According to statistics, a person reveals aboutafter the first forty minutes of photography, and, as they say, "anneal", begins around the beginning of the second hour. Therefore, the optimal amount of time that must be spent on photographing the actor's portfolio is 2-4 hours.

Be sure to enter the image when photographing the first actor's portfolio?
As a rule, a novice actor does not yet have enough experience of entering the image and, importantly, still does not really know how he looks from the outside when entering the image.

Therefore, when photographing his first actorportfolio too much time to take pictures of entering the image is not worth it. It is better to concentrate on revealing the type in the photos. And in the first photographing, limit to one or two images and then, after coming home and analyzing the pictures, and what can be worked out - to embody on the next photo shooting.

Actor's type
The actor's type is the main element by which the actor is selected for this or that role. Therefore, it must be disclosed as well as possible.

When disclosing the type in the photos is not worth itplay. It is very important to be and remain yourself. It is necessary to show your natural emotions, your behavior and movements. Also, what the director looks at is the proportion of the body and the features of the face, look. Try to show this in as much detail as possible.

Do I have to ask the photographer to put you?
This is obviously a losing option for the actor. Remember that when you come to audition or get a role, you will not have a person who will put and guide you. I'll have to play it myself. And when photographing an actor's portfolio, you must also behave - play and move yourself. The only thing you can agree on with a photographer when photographing an actor's portfolio is that he tells you how and in what light you look the most advantageous. In this case - the better you tune the tandem with the photographer, the greater the chance to get good photos.

What to bring with you to the photo studio.
a notorious fact is that clothingsufficiently strongly can change a person. Therefore, do not be too lazy to bring in the photo studio several options for clothing: business suit, sports, evening attire ...

Clothes should not be bright, so as not to distract attention to yourself, without bright spots. It will be better if the actor, when photographing an actor's portfolio, discards jewelery and jewelry.

Requirements for the actor's portfolio
Actor photos must have a minimumcosmetics, a minimum of retouching. Do not embellish photos - they should be truthful and show you. Must be present photos in full growth, portraits close-up, shoulder portraits, photographs in half the growth.

Pictures should be made on a monophonic background (white, black or gray). The light should be smooth, without bright light spots.

Choosing a photographer for photography of actingportfolio make sure that he specializes exactly in studio photography of actors. This will give you a chance to get the best quality actor's portfolio from a photographer who knows all the subtleties of his photography.

You have a successful acting career. Sincerely, Leonid Starikov.

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