Icon "Look at humility": description, meaning, what helps

Among the variety of icons of the Blessed Virgin Mary isone, the history of which is unusual in that it contains two of its miraculous phenomena. They stood apart for nearly six centuries, but were accompanied by miracles that testified to her willingness to help all who turn to her with faith and love. This is the icon of the Mother of God "Look at humility."

The appearance of the saving image of the Pskovians

Icon of the Prizew of Humility

This miraculous image was first discovered in 1420year. The circumstances of the incident are hidden from us, but there is a chronicle evidence of those years, telling how in times of the pious Prince of Moscow Vasily I incalculable disasters struck the Pskov land. For the sins of the Pskovites, the Lord let God happen in their lands to a moribund moribund that carried off dozens of lives every day. And on top of the troubles, the Lithuanian prince Vitovt and his retinue invaded their land.

In this hard time, and was found Pskovicon "Look at humility." The chronicler says that she appeared to people near Pskov, on the shore of Kamenny Lake. Those who found her were struck by the fact that from the right eye of the Theotokos there were drops of blood all the way to the city, where the icon was transferred with great honors. A wonderful image was placed in the Trinity Church. The day of finding the icon - September 29 - was celebrated as a holiday reminiscent of such an important event.

The help sent through the icon

The bloody tears of the Heavenly Queen were interpretedas an indication that the Mother of God fully sympathizes with the inhabitants of Pskov who is in trouble and is ready to come to their aid. The icon "Prizri for humility" became the object of universal veneration, and soon the Mother of God showed her mercy through her, safely saving the city from both pestilence and invasion of foreigners.

Trinity Cathedral, where was placed the miraculousimage, underwent in its history many misfortunes that caused harm to its decorations and the relics stored in it. These are natural disasters, fires, and the evil will of people. Much of the legacy of past centuries has not come down to us. The Icon of the Mother of God "Lied for Humility" was also lost, the one that appeared to the Pskovites in the 15th century. The last mention of it dates back to the 18th century, and from now on its trail is lost.

Icon of the Mother of God Look at humility

Today, visiting the Trinity cathedralPskov Kremlin, you can see to the right of the altar only a list with that image. It is known that the icon "Prizri for humility" is quite rare. One of the copies, made at the end of the XVII century, is kept in the temple of the Florovsky Convent in Kiev, and the other is in the same place, but in the Vvedensky Monastery. The wall of the cathedral, where it is placed, is decorated with a similar image, made in mosaic technique.

Creating a list from the ancient original

With the icon, which is kept in the monastery, is connecteda miracle that accompanied her finding in our day. It is known that this list was made from an ancient original by a certain princess who adopted monasticism under the name of Mary. This pious woman was endowed with an artistic gift.

Evidence has survived that the image of whichthere is a speech, she wrote not with an ordinary brush, as all painters do, but a special one - made of holy relics. Paints for her work she kneaded in the holy water, and during the period of writing she constantly created Jesus' prayer. As a result, the icon created by her was filled with the Grace of God and acquired the ability to perform miracles.

Icon of the Prizew of Humility in What Helps

When there was a Bolshevik revolution, and thenfollowed by decades of persecution of the church, the miraculous icon "Prizri for humility" from the Holy Vvedensky Monastery was kept for many years in the house of the nun Theodora. When the times of democratic change came, and the state of God-fighting became a thing of the past, the pious nun brought the image back to its original place.

The miracle that has happened in our day

It is with this second finding that a miracle is connected,which cast awe into the reverence of both the inhabitants of the monastery and numerous pilgrims. The fact is that in 1993 it was decided to restore the icons, as the colors faded, and the image became dull. When, however, the glass that covered the kiot was taken off, they discovered that the painting had not lost its bright color, but the glass itself had become stiff. Having examined more carefully, they found out that the image of the Virgin with Her Eternal Infant had appeared on it.

Icon of the Spirit of Humility

The image resembled a drawing executedlight chalk strokes, and it was like a negative from the original. The bright sections of the icon became dark on the glass, the dark ones light. Of course, a similar phenomenon interested Kiev scientists. They made a thorough study and concluded that the picture on the glass is not made by hands, and its nature can not be explained on the basis of modern scientific techniques.

A new miracle and universal worship of the shrine

Top management of the Orthodox Church of Ukraineissued a decree, on the basis of which the icon "Prizri for humility" should be attributed to the category of miraculous. After that, it was again placed under the glass, this time separated from it at a considerable distance. However, in 2001, the features of the Virgin again appeared in an inexplicable way.

This new miracle became the reason for the pilgrimage ina monastery of many thousands of people suffering from infirmities and burdened with everyday troubles, for which the last hope was the icon "Look at humility." What does it help, and what kind of prayers are taken to be performed in front of her? This is eloquently evidenced by the numerous testimonies of those who have recovered through it healing from illnesses and help in solving life problems.

The icon "Look at humility": its meaning for believers

The Miraculous Icon Reclaim the Humility

Like any other image of the Virgin, thisicon you can verify all of your innermost thoughts and experiences. The Queen of Heaven is generous in mercy and invariably comes to the aid of everyone who turns to her miraculous image with true faith. For Her, as for Her Eternal Son, nothing is impossible, therefore any request will be fulfilled, if only it is for the benefit of the supplicant and not to the detriment of other people. This is its great significance for all who profess the Christian faith.

But, besides this, there is one important feature,which has the icon "Prizri for humility." What helps it to the living people is already said, but the fact is that the prayers offered to it also bear help and dead people who did not wish to leave this world and repent of their sins. It is believed that requests for the bestowal of forgiveness and eternal life are unusually beneficial and effective.

Typical features of the icon

In conclusion, a few words about the iconography of thisimage. The icon of the Mother of God "Look at humility" belongs to the type "Hodegetria", which means "Guidebook". It depicts the Virgin, crowned with a crown and holding a scepter in his right hand. With her left hand, She holds the Infant standing on her lap and holding in her left hand a power - a symbol of power over the world.

Icon of the Virgin

His right hand is lifted up. This testifies to the Latin origin of the prototype of the icon, since it was in the West that the child was often given the appearance of a speaker (tribune) who advocated all the poor and destitute.

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