IA Goncharov. A summary of Oblomov's chapters

chapter breakdown by chapterThis article is a summaryOblomov by chapters. Ten years of his life, Ivan Alexandrovich Goncharov dedicated to the creation of the plot of the novel. The contemporaries of the writer also spoke of the obvious paradox: the protagonist, endowed with laziness by the author, brought to the highest levels, attracted the attention of the entire Russian society.

First part

Description of the interior of the home begins a novel, aboutthan we are and is briefed. "Oblomov" (1 chapter of the work, in particular) details one day of the life of the landowner Ilya Oblomov. Removable Petersburg four-room apartment. Three rooms out of four are non-residential. Ilya Ilyich almost does not leave the room, in which there are two sofas, a mahogany trunk and a few screens. He spends his day on one of the sofas: he eats, receives guests. After lunch, falls into a drowsy state. The servant Zahar is a little less lazy than the master. In the apartment - dust, dirt, stains, but this does not burden Oblomov himself.

The summary of the chapters introduces one by oneus with unfolding events. In the second chapter the reader meets visitors - the friends of the landowner: Alekseyev, Volkov, Penkin, Sudbinsky. All of them try to entice Ilya Ilyich with their plans. They want him to follow them. But their attempts are futile. For Oblomov, any business or venture is initially uninteresting.

Brief summary of breakups 1 chapterA summary of Oblomov for Chapters III and IVacquaints us with another guest of the landlord - Mikhei A. Tarantyev. He - at the same time a chatterbox and a swindler, striving to seize the property of Ilya Ilyich. At stake - property in tens of thousands of rubles. Ostensibly caring about the welfare of Oblomov, Tarantyev convinces him to move to the Vyborg side and promises to introduce Agafya Pshenitsyna to her cousin. In fact, he is carrying out a plan for the ruin of Ilya Ilyich with Mukhoyarov, the brother of Agafia.

The fifth and sixth chapters return us to twelveyears ago - to the attempts of young Oblomov to make a career in Petersburg. The hereditary nobleman had the rank of a collegiate secretary. However, he was afraid of the authorities to such an extent that, mistakenly sending a letter instead of Astrakhan to Arkhangelsk, he got scared and resigned from the service. And now for more than ten years he has been messing around. From the village Oblomovka, his estate, he receives less and less income - the clerk steals. But to reorganize their farm to make it profitable, Oblomov lacks determination.

The seventh and eighth chapters tell more aboutservant Oblomov - Zahare. It is the lackey of the old school. He is honest, loyal to his master, as was customary in the households in the last century. Caring about the interests of Oblomov, Zahar does not alleviate with the rogue Tarantyev. But at the same time, the laziness of the master, as in a mirror, was reflected in him.

The ninth chapter of the novel "Oblomov" - a special,key. After all, it shows in part the flawedness of the child's upbringing by the landowner's parents. The dream consists of three visions. First: a seven-year-old boy in the Oblomov estate of his parents. He is surrounded by petty tutelage, he is instilled with the cult of idleness. The second episode of a dream is the story of a nanny of fairy tales and epic stories. In their virtual world lives the landlord Oblomov, the world of real affairs for him from childhood becomes boring. The third episode of sleep: study in primary school. The teacher is Ivan Bogdanovich Stolz, a German, a clerk. Together with Ilyusha, the son of a teacher is studying - Andrei. They are both active and dynamic. The study did not raise an active man from the landlord's son, since all other people in his circle, except Stoltz, lead a lazy, drowsy lifestyle.

The tenth, eleventh chapter sneers at the dirt in Oblomov's apartment. While he is sleeping, the servant Zahar is either gossiping with neighbors, or is going to drink beer. And, returning, he finds the owner still asleep.

The second part

The reader is Andrei Ivanovich Stolts. In the summary of Oblomov's chapters (as, naturally, in the novel itself), a dynamic and positive character is finally pouring in. Andrew graduated from the university, receiving a rank equivalent to the rank of colonel, according to the table of ranks served as a lawyer. He retired at the age of thirty, engaged in commercial activities. He is sent on mission to Europe with especially important missions, and is charged with drafting projects.

broken sections by chaptersThe third and fifth chapters of the second part are devoted to effortsStoltsa stir up Oblomov, awaken his interest in life. Andrei Ivanovich drafted a plan to help a friend: first go with him abroad, then settle matters in the village, then work on the office and service. He introduced a friend to Olga Ilyinskaya. Ilya Ilyich fell in love with this woman. Stoltz went on a business trip, agreeing with Oblomov to meet in London, and then travel together. But Oblomov did not leave Russia. The sixth and seventh chapters trace the development of Oblomov's feelings towards Olga Ilyinskaya, the recognition of her in love, and the offer to marry. And here the summary of "Oblomov" in the chapters describes a classic love story.

The third part

The mutual feeling of Ilya Oblomov flares up andOlga Ilyina. Olga is ready to marry. But when the time comes for decisive actions, Oblomov's love begins to be counteracted by his inherent inertia, thoughts of fear pass through his mind, "and what others will think." At the same time, Mihai Andreevich Tarantyev, "courting" the main character, gets his signature under a bonded contract for the removal of a new apartment on the Vyborg side. He also acquaints Oblomov with his cousin Agafia Pshenitsyna. The brother of Agafia, Ivan Matveyevich Mukhoyarov, in fact "plays one game" with Tarantyev, wishing to deceive the cashier on the property of the protagonist. Mukhojarov convinces the guest of his sister Ilya Ilyich of the need to travel to his fiefdom - the village of Oblomovka, in order to improve economic affairs. Oblomov is ill.

Fourth part

After falling ill, Oblomov remains in the house of AgafiaPshenitsyna, who fell in love with him and lovingly takes care of him. A woman in love even lays her jewelry, so that Ilya Ilyich would eat and be strengthened. Having agreed, Ivan Matveyevich Mukhoyarov and Mikhei Andreevich Tarantyev dare to deceive and forgery. Having frightened Oblomov with a compromise of his extramarital relations with Pshenitsyna, they take a receipt from him for 10,000 rubles. Agafia, blindly trusting her brother, signs herself in his name debt for the same 10,000 rubles.

Stolz in Paris meets with Ilinsky,looks after her. A mutual feeling flares up, lovers marry. Then Stolz returns to Russia, arrives on the Vyborg side to Oblomov and actively helps a friend. Takes Oblomovka temporarily for rent, he throws out the stolen clerk Zatertogo, the protege of Mukhoyarov. He learns about Oblomov's receipt. The next day, the general, informed by him, expelled Mukhoyarov from service. Tarantyev rushes to the run.

The welfare of Oblomov improved, but the diseaseprogresses. Soon he is overtaken by apoplexy, and then by death. About the education of his son, Andryusha, with Agafia, he asks Stolz before his very death. For Agafia, with the departure of Ilya Ilyich, life lost its meaning, as if "the heart was taken out of his chest." Faithful servant Zahar preferred to beg, visiting the grave of the master, but not to return to Oblomovka. In the house of Agafia the wife of Mukhoyarova is in charge. However, a glimmer of hope nevertheless illuminates the ending of the novel. Andryusha Oblomov, having found a second family, will undoubtedly receive proper education, and his life will become more meaningful.

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IA Goncharov. A summary of Oblomovs chapters IA Goncharov. A summary of Oblomovs chapters IA Goncharov. A summary of Oblomovs chapters IA Goncharov. A summary of Oblomovs chapters IA Goncharov. A summary of Oblomovs chapters IA Goncharov. A summary of Oblomovs chapters IA Goncharov. A summary of Oblomovs chapters IA Goncharov. A summary of Oblomovs chapters IA Goncharov. A summary of Oblomovs chapters IA Goncharov. A summary of Oblomovs chapters IA Goncharov. A summary of Oblomovs chapters IA Goncharov. A summary of Oblomovs chapters IA Goncharov. A summary of Oblomovs chapters