I want a boyfriend

Hi, my name is Alina and I am 14. Yes, I know that it’s too early and I need to study itp, but I don’t know why I really want a relationship. The fact is that I have never had a boyfriend. Of course I was offered, but I did not like them. I like guys with brown hair, brown eyes, tall, wide and well-dressed. I love beautiful hands at guys and a voice. But these guys are not everywhere and they are not friends with everyone either. I would not say that I am not beautiful, on the contrary I am quite attractive and my body is not fat at all. But for some reason these guys do not offer to meet. All of my friends already had a relationship, and I was so deprived. And when I communicate with the boys that I like or walk with them, I immediately get scared because there has never been a boyfriend, and I don’t want a relationship anymore. But when I am again at home I want so that someone would be there, but alas, there is no such person. And I do not know what to do :(
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Answered on June 2, 2015 13:56
This is normal at your age, everyone has it. And of course, the girl at this time formed a certain ideal, most often related to external data. So here you are. And the fact that you do not have a boy now - imagineall this is normal too! You want and you are afraid at the same time, so it was with many girls. In due course it will happen, maybe this summer, maybe in about 2 years. You still don’t stop wanting. Just live a normal life, and everything will happen by itself. I just warn you right away - most likely, this relationship will end, you will suffer for a while, but this will be temporary. And this is also normal!
Answered on June 8, 2015 11:04
Hi! I am also 14 years old and I suffer from such a problem)) There is nothing unusual in this, IT'S BIG, that you have an ideal boy, hammer on your friends (It’s not lucky to start a relationship so early) I can advise - don’t be afraid to communicate with the boys you like. I think that you will have one single boy and forever!))))) and the most beautiful, kind, loving.

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