I am beautifull?

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Answered 23 march 2015 01:50
And I think that it is not necessary any bangs on one side. Just a neat haircut, a little work on the skin, maintain the eyebrow line (pull out in time), do not paint the eyes so much, do not get involved in photoshop! And a haircut step to do. It will be quite good. You can be cute if you are more natural.
Mr arrogance
Mr arrogance
Answered on March 22, 2015 15:14
With false eyelashes and eyes painted in Photoshop? I won't say a word) in my opinion, you'd better cut your bangs straight, and not comb them to the side, and not get carried away with makeup - at that age it looks vulgar. On the top photo you are prettier than this.

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