Hyde to Aksa ("Dota 2"). Guided by the hero Ax

In "DotA" there are enough game characters,which can interest gamers. But at the same time it is necessary to understand that you will have to figure out how to pump this or that hero to achieve success. The fact is that each character has only four skills, as well as a certain set of characteristics, which you can only affect with the help of a variety of objects - otherwise they develop along the specified path. This does not give you broad opportunities in terms of development, but you can win at the expense of your skill - this is exactly what DotA is designed for. And if you want to play for a hero who prefers a close fight and focuses on strength, then you are fine with Ax. This character has very interesting and useful abilities, and is also good at fighting against the crowd. How to make this monster a real monster, will tell a guide on Aksa. "DotA 2" is a game in which everything is possible, and even if you are told that this hero is not particularly strong, you have a great opportunity to prove otherwise.

Basic Information

guide to axa dota 2

If you plan to play for this character,then you just have to pay attention to the fact that he basically relies on strength - this indicator will always be higher than the rest. About how to use it in battles, further will tell a guide on Aksa. "DotA 2" is a game in which there is no clearly defined superiority of a particular class, so do not think that characters with power in any case will easily overcome the characters with agility. Another important fact that you should know is that Ax is a team player. Despite his biography, which tells that he killed all his partners who did not die at the hands of the enemy, Aks alone is not particularly strong on the battlefield alone. He has the ability to target several opponents, but it is unlikely that he will be able to defeat one on one another in an open battle. That's why you should study the guide on Aksa. "DotA 2" is a whole universe with a lot of relationships in which you need to understand. And first of all you should understand what characteristics your character will have.

Aksa characteristics

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As already mentioned, the main focus of Aksais done on strength - this parameter will always be higher than the others, since at the very beginning of the game it is the highest. Further, he also gets a gain of 2.5 points per level, while to agility only 2.2 points are added, and to intelligence in general, only 1.6. To make this something meaningful from this set of figures and turn your hero into a real dangerous warrior, you will need a guide to Aksa. "DotA 2" largely depends on how you perceive the capabilities of your character and know how to use them. You can not affect the development of characteristics, but you can learn how to use them competently, which will give you an advantage in combat. The only thing that you should pay attention to first of all is, it is strange, intellect. As you already understood, his Aksa score is rather low, which means that he will not have enough mana. This can be a real problem, because this character is largely dependent on your skills, and on them you have to spend a fair amount of mana - this is promptly warned by a guide to Aksa. "DotA 2" (from God to mere mortal here is one step) will not allow you to reign on the map, there is no imb, so you will have to responsibly approach the development of your character and constantly monitor the mana.

The role of Aqsa

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As is well known, most players"DotA", each character has a relationship to a particular role, which he can perform in the arena. Officially, these roles are not registered in the game, but users are most often guided by them, in order to understand how best to develop their hero - will do it and guide to Aksa. "DotA 2 - the game channel Leo" can also serve as a good source of such information, but it is unlikely you will need it, since everything will be beautifully painted. So, some characters have only one possible role, others have a few, and Aks has four of them at once. Naturally, first of all, it can be a tank - a hero who has high health and protection indicators, so he can take a hit on himself, thereby protecting weaker partners. However, Ax can act as an initiator, because he has skills aimed at a large area, which allows him to start attacks, initiating a battle. Also you can try this hero as a disableer, so that he can easily get several enemies out of action to allow partners to win the battle faster. Well, naturally, it is worth paying attention to the fact that Ax is a fine forester. This was discussed earlier - he can swing in the forest without occupying a line, thereby allowing team-mates to get more experience. You will be able to learn more useful information about this character - it will tell you a guide to Aksa, "Dota 2" from Leo, as you can see, you do not need.

Berserkers Call

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The first ability of Aksa, which is notis the most necessary in terms of pumping. You can take one level to the fifth level, and leave the rest to the last stage of the game. What does this skill give? Using it, you force opponents to attack you, not your partners, but at the same time for the duration of the ability you are given a bonus to the armor. Very useful skill for both the tank and the initiator.

Battle Hanger

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But Battle Hanger - this is the skill that youYou need to pump it out as soon as possible, because it will be your main one. With it, you can impose a curse on the enemy, which will cause him to lose 12 percent of the speed and will receive a certain amount of damage during the duration of the spell's action. Passes this effect in ten seconds or immediately after the enemy kills someone. Another nice addition - Ax gets 12% of the increase to his own speed, so it's impossible to overestimate the benefits of this skill. Therefore, it is recommended first of all to pump everything, including a guide to Aksa ("Dota 2"). Forest for this hero in this game as a home, but you better use this skill on enemies, not creeps.

Conter Helix

Guide to axa dota 2 without mats

Passive ability that you needactivate first. You'll be pumping it in the middle of the game, but it's desirable to make it to the 10th level. What does it give? First of all it is worth noting that it is passive, and you do not have to spend mana on it. So, with each hit on the character, there is a 20 percent chance that Ax will counter-attack, which will inflict 100 to 205 damage, depending on the level of ability. Why do you need to immediately run to pump this skill when you read the guide on Aksa ("Dota 2")? Without the mats of your character, no one can attack, as they will receive significant damage, which no one likes.

Calling Blade

The Aks is quite confusing, but to understandIt's definitely worth it, because it's really impressive. So, when you activate this ability, you have the opportunity to kill an opponent in one stroke. To do this, his health indicator should be below a certain level (250 on the first, 350 on the second and 450 on the third level). If the conditions are met, the enemy immediately dies, and Ax and his associates receive a 40% acceleration and 40 additional units for the attack speed for six seconds. Also Aksu does not need to wait to re-use the skill.

Items for Aksa

Naturally, it is specifically for Aksa relevant allitems that increase the mana. Just like for a tank, everything that raises health and protection, as well as items like Blink Dagger, will come in handy to better initiate attacks.

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