Hyde by WoW: Mining from 0 to 300

World of Warcraft is a multiplayer game that allows you to develop your character in a variety of ways. Of great importance in this case is the choice of this or that profession.

To date, each character can choose2 main professions. One of the most popular options in WoW is mining. Materials obtained with the help of this profession can be used in the future for a variety of purposes.

Mining in WoW allows you to get the mosta variety of ore, precious stones, as well as parts of various elements. Most often these materials are used in the future in forging, jewelry or in engineering. By and large, without mining, these professions simply will not work out.

WoW Mining

If the user has decided for the first time to start mining in WoW, a guide to the rational development of these skills can help achieve the desired results as quickly as possible.

The first depositsto develop every miner, are copper. They can be found in the starting locations, which are intended for characters from 5 to 15 level. After that, you will need to switch to tin deposits. By the way, this will allow to smelt not only the corresponding material, but also bronze. True, for this you have to add a copper ingot to the tin ingot.

In the future, the miners have the opportunityto extract silver ore and then to melt the corresponding ingots from it. It is worth noting that this material is not too important for the development of certain professional skills of the character. In many ways, this is due to the small prevalence of silver deposits, as well as the possibility of pumping any of the professions with materials with more frequent occurrences.

Mining in WoW

Iron ore is found in large numbers inlocations designed for characters of 25-35 levels. Its extraction is the next stage in the development of mining. This material is quite important, because with his help you can quickly pump blacksmithing, jewelry and engineering to a relatively high level.

After the development of deposits of ironOre will not bring points of professional skills, it is worth switching to gold and mithril. Both these metals are needed for the development of other professions at the same time, so it is worthwhile to extract them in parallel. At the same time, it should be noted that mithril ore is of more importance, since it occurs more often. In the process of developing these deposits, extraction and smelting of true silver will become available. This material is of great importance for jewelers. True silver is not very common on the WoW map. Mining, however, this does not make it more difficult to develop.

WoW Mining Guide

In the future it will be necessary to proceed to the extraction of thorium. Its deposits are relatively common in various WoW locations. Mining for smelting of such metal ingots must first be pumped to a level of 250 points. Most often, thorium deposits are found in such locations as the Burning Steppes, Silithius and the Crater Un "Goro.

In addition to using for manufacturinga variety of things, metals can simply be sold at WoW auctions. Mining, thus, becomes one of the most necessary and profitable professions in this multiplayer game.

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