Recently, the child began to get sick often, doctors advise to buy a humidifier. Is it really useful and necessary for the home? Which is better to choose a humidifier and where can I buy it in Kiev?
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Answered on March 4 00:57
Dry air is very dangerous for humans - the body loses moisture, may even appear a headache. Humidity decreases especially in the winter period, because heating devices that dry the air work.
Answered on March 4 01:03
In humid air, viruses are less active, so the likelihood of illness is reduced. I have a steam humidifier, bought it for a long time. Periodically, I use it as a flavoring, and sometimes as an inhaler.
Answered on March 4 01:07
Well-moistened air has a beneficial effect on the skin, it is less subject to aging. Also, when the desired moisture grows well plants. Unfortunately, no water containers will raise the humidity to the required level.

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