Human values: a dream or reality?

Common human values ​​are inculcated inthe course of his upbringing. They represent accumulated spiritual, moral and moral principles that support the level of goodwill in society. Fundamental is human life with the acute problem of its preservation in the current cultural society and under existing natural conditions.

In another sense, universal values ​​are the absolute standard in which the foundations of moral values ​​are concluded, they help humanity to preserve its appearance.

human values

However, critics argue that some are capable ofabuse this concept. So, with its help you can manipulate public opinion. And this is despite the difference in national culture, standard of living, religion, etc. As a result, the values ​​that are the same for all and each can contradict some culture.

But for every argument there is a counterargument. Opponents of this side argue that without such values, society would have morally decayed, and individual actors could not coexist peacefully.

Human values ​​are important - they are firstturn form the culture of man, and only then the culture of the country and society as a whole. And, nevertheless, in such kinds of values ​​there are no specifics - this is not a set of rules that must be followed implicitly. They are also not associated with a certain period of time in the development of a particular culture, a specific ethical tradition. This is what distinguishes a civilized man from a barbarian.

human values

Common human values ​​includeseveral components. Spiritual component is religion, philosophy, art, ethics, aesthetics, various cultural monuments, masterpieces of music and cinema, literary works, etc. That is, the entire spiritual experience of peoples is a universal value. This hides deep philosophical reflections on the meaning of being, morality, cultural heritage and the customs of the people.

The spiritual component is divided intomoral, aesthetic, scientific, religious, political and legal basis. The moral values ​​of modern society are honor, dignity, kindness, truth, non-harm, and others; aesthetic - the search for the beautiful and sublime; scientific is the truth; religious faith. The political component opens up a desire for peace, democracy, justice in a person, while the legal component determines the importance of law and order in society.

The cultural component includes communication, freedom, creative activity. Natural is an organic and inorganic nature.

values ​​of modern society

Human values ​​are a form of applicationmoral standards, which is associated with the ideals of humanism, dignity of the individual and justice. They direct a person to ensure that his life stays on three important components: awareness, responsibility and honesty. We, therefore, are people who are capable of this. We depend on the prosperity of society, the atmosphere in it. Mutual understanding and mutual respect should prevail in the world.

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