Hozblok to give: features of the construction

The unit for summer house is a building that is not intended for living, but which may have a rest room, a sanitary zone, and a room for storing tools.

Preparatory stage

In order to build a utility room with a toilet for the dacha, it is necessary to prepare some materials and tools, among them:

  • shovel;
  • electric drill;
  • ax;
  • screwdriver;
  • hacksaw;
  • wood;
  • cement;
  • sand;
  • gravel;
  • anchors;
  • panels.

The lining will be made using timber, as well as boards, whereas anchors will be used as fasteners for the skeleton of the building. Whatever the house was easy, it will need to be installed on the foundation, for the construction of which will have to use cement, gravel and sand. If there is a need for warming, you should also prepare the insulation. The walls and roof will be sheathed with panels.

Initially, earthworks should be carried out; for this, the territory should be marked out and rid of the fertile layer.

Hozblok to give

Construction technology

The power unit for the dacha will have a foundation, the depth of which is somewhat greater than the freezing line, which is 60-100 cm in different areas. At this stage, it should be decided whether the bathroom will be built, the construction of the foundation depends on it.

If the house will have a toilet, shower, hozblok to give should have a foundation not only around the perimeter, but also in the area of ​​the septic tank. As the most successful solution for the installation of a septic tank is its removal of its limits. It is recommended to use a pile foundation for construction.

Once the foundation is ready and gain strength, you can install the frame system on it. The first are mounted vertical angular profiles of steel, which can be replaced with a wooden bar (section 10 x 10 cm). Ceilings and rafters must be made of material with the same properties.

hozblok with toilet to give

If there is a desire to save money, then it is recommended to use a shed roof structure. When arranging the frame, it is necessary to provide a more impressive length on one side. The distance between the vertical and horizontal posts should be equivalent to 60 cm.This will allow to obtain the maximum strength of the structure with a minimum expenditure of material.

Interior arrangement

At the next stage, it is necessary to equip the hozblok to give, for this the surface of the walls is sheathed with panels. From the outside, a heater is covered, on top of which the lining is already attached. In the role of the latter may be, for example, lining or profiled sheet. Optionally, you can choose any other sheet material. The roof is preferably covered with bitumen sheets, which can be replaced by a profiled sheet.

toilet, shower, hozblok to give

The hozblok for giving should have not only door, but also window openings. As a rule, window blocks are not installed, in the right place you just need to fix the bars on the frame stand that will play the role of slopes. If there is a need to divide the internal space, then the partition should be built on the basis of the frame. If there is a summer kitchen, it will be possible to install a gas or electric stove.

Finishing options

The outer and inner surfaces of the walls can be trimmed with panels of different materials, but each of them has its own characteristics, pros and cons.For example, plastic has a very small weight; it is very easy to install panels from it, as they are equipped with a locking connection. Such a decoration will also be inexpensive, but the walls will not have the quality of thermal insulation, and such material will not last long.

Change houses and hozblok for giving

Change houses and hozbloki for giving quite often trimmed with wood. It looks very attractive, has excellent thermal insulation characteristics, and if you make the appropriate surface treatment, it will become hygroscopic. However, you should be prepared for the fact that the walls will have to be carefully looked after. If you want to get a building that will last a long time, then you should choose a metal. However, it has to be protected from corrosion processes.

Creating a bathroom

The bathroom can consist of a shower and a toilet. The first can be realized through a tank installed on the roof. In order for the water to be heated more intensively, the barrel needs to be painted black. If there is a need for a constant supply of warm water at any time of the year, then the bathroom can be equipped with a heating tank. But if you intend to implement the simplest water supply system, it is worth preparing a steel tank equipped with a lid.In its lower part, there should be a hole in the bottom, whereas a boiler should be mounted in the inner space. As for the toilet, then it is necessary to prepare a cesspool for it, above which there should be a construction with an opening. The hozblok will become indispensable at the dacha, it can be additionally equipped with premises of the necessary purpose.

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