How to write the address?

No matter how much one swears at postal service operators, network errors, it is often our own fault that our letter does not reach the addressee. One mistake in writing the address, and the letter will not come.

How to write the address on the envelope

In order for your letter to always find the recipient, you should not ignore the rules and the procedure for filling in the address details. What are they? Here is what should be indicated on the envelope without fail:

  • To: full name (for citizen) or name of organization (for legal entity).
  • Where to: write the name of the country, if you send a letter to another state (for international mail).
  • In addition, be sure to specify the name of the republic, region or region.
  • Area.
  • City, village (name of the settlement).
  • Street, house and apartment number (if the letter comes to the post office, then indicate the number of the subscription box).
  • Postcode.

In the event that your envelope does not contain ready-made fields with the prompts "to whom, to where" and "from whom, from where", then follow this rule: your data (name and address), that is, the sender,written in the upper left corner. Data of the addressee - in the lower right corner of the envelope. Do not abbreviate the name in the address. What can be understood by you will not necessarily be understood by others. Correctly write the mailing address - without corrections, and it is better in block letters if your handwriting is illegible.

How to write the address in English

For example, your address: Russia, Saratov, ul. Antonov, house 25, kv 72. Index 176543. From Irina Popova.

Write as in the example:

Popova irina

25 Antonova st., Ap. 72


Russian Federation


How to write an email address

Nowadays, most people use e-mail, because through it your message can reach the addressee in a matter of seconds, no matter where in the world it is located.

So, if a friend asked you to write your email address so that he could exchange quick messages with you on the Internet, then you need to know how to spell it correctly. What does an email address consist of?

  • Login. This is what they came up with when they created their email. For example, natasha or marishka or ivanov_ivan or kisa231. The use of the Latin alphabet is a must!
  • Dog or @.After login without a space, put an @. This icon is the same for everyone, it is present in any e-mail address, separating the login (name) of the mailbox owner from the domain name of the mail server.
  • Domain name. Mailboxes on the Internet open on different mail servers. For example, on Yandex, on Mail, on Rambler, on Yahoo, and so on. Therefore, in order for the letter to find the addressee, it is necessary after @ to indicate the domain name of the server on which your mailbox is located.
  • Then a dot is set and the top-level domain is written without a space. Simply put, it can be "ru", "com", "fi". He indicates, as a rule, the region in which the owner of the e-mail is located.

So, here is the formula for your email: login @ domain name of the mail server. Top-level domain. For example, [email protected] Correctly write a letter, correctly enter your friend's mail, send your message and it will reach the recipient on the world wide web in seconds!

How to write the address of the site

To get to the desired site, in the address bar of the browser write the second level domain and through the dot the first level domain. For example, There is no need to put www, and even more so http.

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