How to write a conclusion?

With proper writing, it will be quite easy to draw up a conclusion We will talk about how to do this.

How to summarize in writing

In order to correctly write the conclusion, you must first carefully approach the implementation of the work. Regardless of whether it’s a graduation project, coursework, or just an essay, an essay, you will have to accomplish the research and educational goals that you set. They will form the basis of the future conclusion.

And it will be more convenient to sum up the results after each separate chapter of the written work. In this case, you don’t actually need to think about how to write the output. You just combine the already existing items into one logically related text.

In general, the sequence of actions in writing the final part of the work will be as follows:

  1. Mark the main purpose of the work. What was required to find out, prove, demonstrate. Did you manage to do this? If so, what outcome did you arrive at after finishing the work?
  2. Make a plan of content.What issues were addressed? What conclusions were obtained for each of them?
  3. Carefully review the mini-findings after each chapter of work. Are they sufficiently consistent and logical?
  4. Begin to merge mini-totals into a common final conclusion. Here you also need to follow a certain plan.

Plan writing the conclusion

  1. Start with what goals were set at the very beginning. Take this information from the introduction to the work. Begin this part of the conclusion with the words “In this paper we considered the question ...”, “At the beginning of the work we set a goal to find out ....”, etc.
  2. Note that it was possible to find out in the course of considering the issue, focusing on the results of each chapter / section. This part can be formalized, for example, with the expression: “In the course of research, we learned that ...”.
  3. Make the final conclusions. Here it would be appropriate to write something like: “In conclusion, we can summarize the following result - ...”.

Remember that you do not need to rewrite existing text - replace words with synonyms, rephrase expressions, change the structure of sentences. At the very end, sum up the general conclusion that follows from all the listed totals.

With regard to the volume of the conclusion, it will be correct to write a conclusion about the size of one paragraph for each chapter of the work. The final conclusion for the essays, abstracts can be made up to 1-2 pages. For course and diploma projects that involve a complex in-depth study, you can draw more detailed conclusions. However, keep in mind that the total volume of the introductory and concluding parts should not exceed 25% of the total text, otherwise these parts will seem "watery", which is unacceptable for high-quality research work.

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