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EGE in Russian along with the test ofmathematics is the subject of compulsory completion of the final certification in grade 11. In addition, unlike mathematics, the results of the exam on the Russian language are taken into account when entering any higher education institution and any specialty. Therefore, quality preparation for the exam in Russian is an integral component of not only the successful completion of education at the school level, but also one of the important steps on the way to admission to the chosen specialty.

The exam in Russian consists of"Classical" set of tasks for the USE. The first block includes tasks with the choice of one of the proposed options for the answer, the second block is the tasks where the answer is to be obtained independently, the third block is the composition. The task of the third unit of the exam is carried out based on the text that is offered to the examiner.

Many high school students often experiencea question, how to write an essay USE. Of course, this task is performed in a relatively free form, and the composition plan is not regulated by the compilers. Nevertheless, the examiner needs to highlight in his text the problem that is presented in the source. In addition, it is important to competently comment and express your personal opinion on this issue. Therefore, the answer to the question of how to write the essay on the Russian language is difficult to give quickly and correctly: it requires some practice, the study of many texts and competent selection of arguments in defense of their opinions.

It is always difficult to start writing your own text. Therefore, before writing an essay USE, it is worth choosing one of the options for entry. It can be a few words about the author of the source text, the impression that the text produced on the exam, or a small sketch of a typical situation from life.

Very useful when you first read the text andbefore writing the essay essay, emphasize in the original source of key words and phrases that will help give an accurate formulation of the problem that is affected in the text. It is not necessary to consider a particular case proposed by the author! The problem can be considered more widely (for example, "the problem of fathers and children", loneliness, the meaning of life, etc.). It is important to remember that the word "problem" must necessarily be used in the composition.

Answering the question, how correctly to write an essayEGE, it is worth paying special attention to such an element of the text as a comment. Here, neither the paraphrase of the original source in your own words, nor the citation. The simplest way to deal with commenting is by reflecting on some of the questions that are highlighted in the text. In addition, you can tell who the text is addressed to, how urgent the problem is today, what the mood is for the author, etc. It is very important to remember that not all the text is subject to commenting, but only the problem that the examiner identified. It is worth noting that the problems in the original source, as a rule, a few, and which one to choose for their composition - the right exam.

In conclusion, we note that before writingessay USE, it is important to determine the style of the text. As a rule, it is easiest to work with journalism, because in such texts the authors raise topical topics. Comment on the issues addressed in such texts is not difficult, and the author's position stands out very simply. It is more difficult to work with artistic texts, because here the author's position may not coincide with the opinion of the narrator. Therefore, if the text of a work of art appears before the examiner, it is worth more painstakingly to work on the source, highlighting the keywords and necessarily correlate, whose position is expressed by this or that paragraph of the text.

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How to write an essay essay - the main recommendations How to write an essay essay - the main recommendations How to write an essay essay - the main recommendations How to write an essay essay - the main recommendations How to write an essay essay - the main recommendations How to write an essay essay - the main recommendations