How to write a letter to the governor?

Tips on how to write a letter to the governor, we will begin not with the content of the letter, but with its form. No wonder they say that they meet on clothes.

Stage one. We are preparing a letter to the governor

Often, during personal conversations and on the Internet, complaints can be found that “I didn’t even read my letter,” “I never received any answer”, etc. Is this due to the irresponsibility of officials or are there other reasons? In any case, if you are writing a letter to a state person, you need to start with preparation, and only then proceed to the design and content, which are discussed ahead.

First of all, keep in mind that we already live in the 21st century, and letters of this kind are strongly recommended to be typed on a computer and printed. Such a letter is much more likely to be read by an official than written by hand, even if in beautiful handwriting and without errors. No computer, ask family, friends or acquaintances to type and print. The next point is that it is best to write a letter to the governor or another high official on a special form, which can either be taken from the receptionist at the receptionist,or print from the site (now this is sometimes also possible). If all the above conditions are met, proceed to the next step.

Stage Two. Letter writing

Here it is desirable to recall the classic - Anton Chekhov: “brevity is the sister of talent”. In this case, however, not talent, but the possibility of writing to be read. Believe me, no one will read your lengthy complaint or request spread over 3-4 sheets or more. A good complaint should be brief. It is better if this is one A4 sheet, at the most - two, but no more. In case extended wording is required, make an application and at the end of the letter write: “Appendix” and put the number of attached sheets. If an official considers it necessary, he will definitely take an interest in this material.

Now we will issue a title page. In the upper right corner, we write the position of a person in the dative case and then in the dative case, his last name, first name and patronymic. For example: "To the governor of a certain region, Pupkin Vasily Petrovich." Be sure to specify the correct name of the official position. Then enter your surname, first name and patronymic in the genitive case.Suppose: "from Zanudin Peter Vasilyevich." Next, we leave a small space and write in the center of the sheet: "Dear Vasily Petrovich!" - and below we state our complaint or request. At the end, be sure to put the number and signature. Now let's talk about how to write a letter to the governor in terms of content.

Stage Three. The content of the letter and its sending

Once finished with the design, proceed to writing. Be sure to state your complaint as short and to the point as possible. No need to write that such an official told you this and that. You just need to write: "As a result of my appeal to such a person, I was denied that." And be sure to attach written evidence of treatment and refusal. Officials only believe in paperwork, so attach copies of all relevant documents to your appeal.

By the way, do not forget to seal all attachments (appeals, answers, checks, etc.) - preferably with a stapler. After that, pack it together with a letter in an envelope and seal it. Remember: a letter prepared in such a way with solid investments, which are factual evidence of your struggle for justice, is much more likely to be considered. After writing a letter to the governor, do not forget to make a copy of the letter - just in case.And the last thing: write correctly, without errors, at least spelling.

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