How to deduce? Remedy for wasps

The wasps are predatory insects that hunt for arthropods. Among their potential victims are pests that pose a threat to people or gardens. But the neighborhood with is an even greater danger. Its inhabitants are extremely aggressive and often attack people, pets at the slightest appearance of a threat to their homes. The wasp is an insect that is not only physically dangerous, but it also interferes and annoys psychologically. If a large number of these Hymenoptera creatures appeared on your summer cottage or balcony, their nest is somewhere nearby. The main question that arises is how to remove wasps not only effectively, but also safely for your health?wasp insect

Features of the fight against wasps

Wasps are medical orderlies who destroy many insects that cause harm to humans. But if they create a nest near a human dwelling, then it should certainly be destroyed. The fight against wasps is the task of professional specialists. For those who are not prepared, the event can end in failure.The wasp is an insect, the bite of which in some cases leads to suffocation, since an allergic reaction can occur, even to angioedema, which is fraught with complications, even death. Repeated bites of wasps are most dangerous. They often provoke the occurrence of anaphylactic shock.

how to bring os

It is best to seek help from a special organization dedicated to the extermination of insects. If you are thinking about how to get the OS yourself, then you should understand how to do it correctly. Then we will discuss the most effective methods of getting rid of these aggressive insects.

Important information

Applying any method of excretion of wasps, you need to understand that an important and necessary condition that guarantees complete disposal of them is to remove the nest from its location and then destroy it. All the methods used without this final stage only repel insects for a while. But a return visit to your balcony or a plot of land wasps will certainly be applied soon. A new swarm settled in the empty nest. And again, the question of how to withdraw the OS will become relevant.

In order to get rid of the nest, it still needs to be found. It is not always possible to find it in a prominent place. The most favorite places of the wasps to create their homes are attics of houses, barns, balconies, basements, and even gaps under the wooden paneling. If the nest is not visible, you need to observe the insects and identify the place where in the evening they return to the “overnight” or from where they fly out in large numbers in the morning.

Night is the best time to eliminate wasp nest

In order to get rid of wasps in the country, it is better to wait for the night. At this time the insects are sleeping. During the procedure, it is impossible to light the nest, otherwise its inhabitants will wake up. But, since the wasps do not react to red light, you can use a flashlight with a glass of this hue. Although insects do not show activity at night, precautions should be observed. It is necessary to wear a suit that the wasps cannot bite through, goggles and a special mosquito net on the head, thick gloves on the hands. Do not leave on the body of open areas. Splash the nest with any insecticidal agent and move away from it. Everything needs to be done very quickly.The bulk of the livestock wasp will die out by the morning, and those who remain alive will flee. The nest after that should be burned or poured boiling water and bury.remedy for wasps

Prevention of wasp invasion

If last year you already had wasps than to breed them, you probably already know. This will be needed, as they can fly again. In late spring - early summer, reconnaissance wasps are looking for a nest. They prefer those places where nests were previously located. It is quite difficult and dangerous to get rid of wasps by conventional means. These insects have an extreme sense of smell. The use of baits is fraught with the replenishment of their numbers. On the smell of attracting insects substances fly off individuals from adjacent areas.

Useful advice for those who do major repairs in the apartment or build a house: make preventive treatment at this stage. Handle special places with special means while they are accessible. Subsequently, they will be closed with panels, boxes and other elements, but can become a habitat for wasps.

Effective means to get rid of wasps

How to bring the wasps from the balcony or from the garden? For this you canuse professional chemical tool "Troapsil". It is designed to combat domestic insects. You can also use the spray Moskitol. It is intended for the effective destruction of wasps and their nests in non-residential premises (for example, attics, sheds) and on the street. The drug is effective for the long term.

There is one more effective remedy for wasps - microencapsulated Get spray. They need to handle the nest or place of entry into it (if it does not have access to it). The wasps crawling into the dwelling are sure to bring the drug particles there. From him they themselves will die, and poison them to other individuals. The total death of all wasps living in this nest will come in about two days.get rid of wasps in the country

Wasp traps

It so happens that the location of the nest can not be found. How to bring the OS in the country in this case? Baits can be used in which the food preferred by the wasps will be an attractant. Its choice will depend on the time of year. When the wasps are just beginning to show their activity (the end of spring - the beginning of summer), it is best to use protein food - fish, meat for bait.

How to build a simple insect trap? We need to take a two-liter plastic bottle and cut off the upper third from it. Then in its lateral, bottom parts holes are pierced.At the bottom of the bottle you need to install a small platform for the bait. And then pour so that there is a gap of several centimeters before it, a solution of soap and water. On a built “table” for wasps, you should put a piece of treat. The trap is ready. Soap will reduce the tension on the surface of the water, and insects will sink. Having flown into such a trap, the wasp will not be able to get out of to bring wasps in the country

Other ways to get rid of wasps

You can save your land from wasps with the help of a melon. We need to take her crusts, sprinkle them with the insecticide "Intavir" or "Sherpa". These drugs have no pungent odor and will not scare the wasps. The inventor of this method was shocked by the result. Leaving sprayed melon rinds on a compost heap, he found after a while a huge number of insect corpses.

Not sure how to get the os out? The familiar “Dichlorvos” spray refers to the chemical means of combating them. But when using it, one should beware of the bites of intoxicated but not yet dead wasps. If you think this is the best tool of all, then before carrying out the procedure of spraying the nest, protect yourself with special equipment.

By the way, in order to prevent wasps from entering a house or apartment, it is recommended to spray curtains, windows and doorways with a bite. But it is better to first find out from family members if they are allergic to couples of this product.

How to bring the earth wasps?

It also happens that the wasps ground their nests in the ground. Then, when they are detected, it is more effective to get rid of them by scalding with boiling water. But this will require a large amount of it, so prepare a few buckets of hot water in advance. Then the insect shelter should be covered with earth and carefully to bring os

How to destroy the hornet's nest?

You already know that whatever remedy for wasps is used, you can finally get rid of insects only by destroying their nest. How to do it? We describe a simple and well-known method.

You will need a bucket, a pot or a can (the size of the container depends on the size of the nest) filled to the brim with water. Tara should be carefully brought to the aspen shelter. You need to carefully arrange it in such a way that the nest is completely submerged in water. Sustain all in this state should be about five minutes. At this time, the nest is soaking, and the wasps in it die.To prevent those who have emerged from the trap from stinging you, you must first wear a mosquito net and gloves. To divert the wasps, it is recommended to arrange jam or sugar syrup at a distance of several meters from the nest.

What if the nest can not be dipped in boiling water?

Often insect nests are located in places where it is impossible to apply the method with a bucket or pan. In this case, you need to use another method. A bag of polyethylene is taken, put on a wasp nest and pressed tightly to the surface on which it is located. It can be fastened with stationery buttons or scotch. After that, the corner of the bag should be cut off, and inject the insecticidal agent through the hole. Hole need to tie and wait about one hour. Then you can, tearing off the nest, shoot it along with the to bring the wasps from the balcony

How to bring the wasps from the balcony?

Even residents of apartments in high-rise buildings are not immune from the invasion of wasps. Hornet's nest can be found on the balcony. To get rid of uninvited guests, you can use a solution of soap and water. The mixture needs to be poured into a plastic bottle, to make a hole in its cap.With soapy water you need to spray both the wasp nest itself and everything around it. Beforehand, you need to shake the bottle well and make sure that the soap is completely dissolved in water. When such a mixture gets on the wasp, it will lick it and die as a result. This way you will get rid of all the insects that live on your balcony. If any individuals survive this procedure, they will flee.

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