How to whiten your face at home?

White-faced beauties with perfectly smooth skin and a light soft blush on their cheeks were considered the benchmark of attractiveness several centuries to whiten your faceBut today, many girls are thinking about the following question: "How to whiten a face?". After all, light skin, devoid of sunburn, age spots and freckles, looks very attractive and makes its owner several years younger.

Expensive. Effectively. Safely?

In any cosmetic store or salon today you can find a wide range of creams, masks, lotions for skin whitening. Manufacturers vied with each other to guarantee the magical effect, and in a short time. Yes, a good tool is expensive, but the result is stunning. But what if you suddenly have an allergy to the chemical components contained in the miracle cream? As a result - money thrown to the wind, and most importantly - serious, sometimes even irreparable damage to the skin and your health.It is far safer to whiten the skin of the face with proven grandmother's products, which consist entirely of natural ingredients. Let's try?

Eaten an orange - do not throw away the peel!

Orange peel - just a storehouse of vitamins. And they are able to make the skin whiter, rid it of age spots and lighten freckles. It is necessary to dry the crusts (preferably in the sun), crush in a coffee grinder and mix with a small amount of milk to a pasty mass. It should be applied to the face to dry completely, and then rinse with warm water.

whiten your skinFor face and body

Often, girls who think about how to whiten their faces are not averse to achieving a similar effect on the whole body. There is a very effective universal recipe, the ingredients of which are all of us familiar with tomato, cucumber and lemon. You need to squeeze the juice out of them, mix them in approximately equal proportions, and then add some sandalwood powder. Using a mask is easier than ever: hold until dry, rinse with warm water. Or another remedy: mix a couple of tablespoons of rice flour with a pinch of turmeric, add a few drops of lemon juice, milk and any essential oil.Use the same as in the previous case.

Sweet life for skin

Still thinking about how to whiten your face? Quickly remember where your honey is stored! Based on it, you can make some beautiful masks that will not only give whiteness to your skin, but also restore its tone, remove slags, give a natural shine and slow down the aging process. Here are the ingredients for these miraculous masks:

All components of one of these masks need to be mixed, applied to the skin of the face for 10-15 minutes, then rinsed with warm or cool water.

how to whiten your face quickly

How to whiten your face? Open the fridge ...

Surely you do not even know, but many products that can make you even more beautiful, you have right at hand - in the refrigerator. You can wash every day with milk (this recipe was known by Cleopatra herself, known for her attractiveness!) Or to wipe her face with a cotton pad dipped in kefir. You can apply chopped parsley on your face, which also has whitening properties. You can limit the pulp of cucumber or potato juice.

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