How do they whip?

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How do they whip?

Many centuries ago, shepherds were widely used by herds to control the flock, whips, whips, and whips. In the Cossacks, for example, the lash was a symbol of power and might. But at the beginning of the 20th century in Russia, the lash became associated with oppression, because it was at this time that the Cossacks began to use it to disperse meetings and demonstrations. Today, whips are made primarily for decorative purposes. Further in the article we will tell how to weave a whip with your own hands.

How to weave a whip: weaving techniques

There is a huge number of the most different techniques of weaving whiteness (with the center of the whip) and without it.Scourge

Without a thread, the strings are made in three main ways: using a kosobidnaya, rhombic, and the most common technique of weaving - “snake”.

Many years ago people used to whip more often called a whip. Translated from the language of the ancient Aryan tribes, the root of the word “naga” means “snake”. The scourge was identified with a snake not only because of a similar form, but also because of a special Stepnyakovsky or, as they say, “snake” method of weaving. The body of the snake is covered with small scales, and on its belly you can see wide transverse stripes.A similar pattern is obtained on lashes made using the “serpentine" weaving technique.

Making a handle

The handle and the main part of the lash are made separately from each other. Usually,Scourgethe handle is cut out of the wood of fruit trees, including apple, apricot, pear and cherry. The handle may have a simple round shape, gradually tapering downwards.

At the end of the "grasping" handle is a ball. It is machined "under the grip", that is, in such a way that it was convenient to squeeze it in the palm of your hand. The ball, located at the bottom of the handle, is not so much a decorative ornament, as a limiter for the hand.

At the final stage of manufacturing the handle, the finished wooden base is braided with cut leather straps.

How to weave a whip with vitnem?

For weaving any kind of scourge you will need scissors, leather, a sling, electrical tape and a pre-cut handle.

For the manufacture of the whip it is better to choose high-quality beef skin, as it is quite elastic and soft, making it easier to process. For the manufacture of scourge also fit the tops of old boots made of leather.Some prefer to use rawhide, which is pre-impregnated with castor oil, tar, or goose fat, like in old times. The fact is that if the rawhide is not soaked, then after a while it will begin to dry and break. Nowadays, leather is available in modern conditions. It is much more practical, so if you want your product to be more durable, choose the finished material. Below is a step-by-step instruction on how to make a whip whip:

  1. Before you start weaving a whip, cut the skin into strips from top to bottom. At the same time, they should narrow down. SuchScourgelanes should be from six to twelve. Here it should be borne in mind that the more bands you make, the stronger and tighter the product will turn out.
  2. It is recommended to use a sling - a kapron cord with a diameter from 8 to 15 mm as a string (core of a scourge). Such a cord will be stronger and more resilient than a cord made of leather. Sling with tape should be wound to the handle.
  3. The skin, which will be twisted, should be fixed at its base, firmly stitching at the place of attachment.
  4. After this, the place of attachment should be closed with a fringe and braid the stitching with leather tape.

A standard whip is woven using eight strips of leather of the same length and width. To get a more dense and durable products, you should use ten or twelve bands. It should be borne in mind that the more bands you use, the more difficult and painstaking the process of making the whip will be. Before you begin weaving, leather strips should be moistened. As a moisturizer, you can use shoe wax, a moisturizer or plain water.

The end of the whip can be done with a slap. To make a slap in the form of a droplet or a leaf, it is necessary to sew two halves of the skin of a pre-cut shape. You can put a bullet or a piece of lead between pieces of leather - this will increase the effectiveness of the blow.

The end of the whip may be in the form of a faceted knot that will be safer than a slap made of stitched pieces of leather and will not fall apart when struck on a hard surface.

When the whip is ready, it should be rolled on the floor or table, pressing it down with a wooden bar or, for example, a cutting board. This is necessary to level the surface of the product.

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