How to weave a wreath of flowers?

A beautiful flower wreath on the girl's head brings the thought of river nymphs and fairies. This simple, but at the same time magical accessory has gained wide popularity lately, and without it, no friendly party in nature takes place. Knowledge of how to make a wreath came to us from ancient times, but it is still relevant to make a wreath

Floral wreath - magical decoration

Weaving floral wreaths - the whole art. Since ancient times, girls decorated their heads with this unusual, but affordable accessory. And there was a whole science about how to weave a wreath of flowers. A certain set of different types of flowers in the correct order could give its owner happiness in family life, well-being, love or health.

No ritual or celebration could do without a ritual flower decoration. They were hung on the door as a talisman, enclosed the woman in labor to facilitate labor and prevent the evil eye. It was especially important to know how to weave wreaths on Ivan Kupala.This accessory was considered a powerful tool against evil forces, able to protect its owner. This is due to the fact that wormwood was woven into the decoration, which, according to legends, has magical properties.

Strong Protective Charm

In ancient times it was believed that any object with a hole denotes the sacred feminine and is a symbol of female nature and the birth of life. Strong charms were not only floral wreaths, but also rings, rolls, hoops and stones with natural holes, called the chicken god. Such subjects were attributed to the ability to scare away misfortune and disease, to remove the evil eye and the negative, contrary to man. These were the most accessible charms that any woman or girl could create, just needed to know how to weave a wreath of flowers to get the desired result. They were used to decorate homes and pets, thereby increasing positive energy, fertility and wealth.

Wreath on Ivan Kupala

Weaving jewelry for this holiday was quite important, because it was not only a protective amulet, but also a way to know your destiny. Wild flowers such as chamomile, poppy, hops, wormwood, periwinkle, immortelle, cornflower, mint, yarrow and many others were collected for him.It is important enough that 12 medicinal plants are used in the ritual object, only such a wreath could bring to weave wreaths on Ivan Kupala

After the celebration started the process of divination. For this, wreaths with a lit candle were let into the river, and depending on how they floated, they interpreted all fortune-telling. For example, if the candle on the decoration quickly faded away, it foreshadowed trouble. If the wreath quickly drifted with the flow, then it promised the girl a speedy marriage. The magical knowledge of how to weave wreaths on Ivan Kupala and how to guess this holiday was passed down from generation to generation, and each region was characterized by its own customs of using this ritual object.

Pledge of happiness newlyweds

The wedding wreath has long been considered a symbol of the birth of a new life among the Slavic peoples and was a mandatory attribute for the newlyweds. The rite of exchange of wreaths between the bride and groom began much earlier than the exchange of rings. Marital decorations were kept for a long time, sometimes for the whole life. They were put in a visible place or hidden in chests, sewn into pillows of the spouses and their children.

Periwinkle, which has always been a symbol of eternal love that can endure all adversity, was necessarily woven into the wedding decoration.Bird feathers were also woven in, while richer newlyweds could afford to buy peacocks. The less affluent intertwined green painted chicken. Feathers symbolized the ease of marriage between the spouses, and the green color signified the beginning of a new life. The mystery of how to weave a wreath at the wedding, came to our days. And now it is quite popular to use these attributes in modern wedding ceremonies in ethno-style.

Wildflowers - the main assistants in weaving

The most affordable and cheap material to create a bright decoration are wildflowers. But do not underestimate them - the smells of wild plants create the effect of aromatherapy, and their beautiful appearance gives the ornament tenderness and naivety. Before weaving a wreath of wild flowers, it’s best to figure out what they mean. Poppy - a symbol of passing beauty and youth. White field chamomile has long been considered a symbol of innocence and tenderness. Cornflower is a sign of modesty and holiness, strength and health. Periwinkle meant a declaration of love, a yarrow meant free will, and an immortelle meant to weave a wreath of wild flowers

Before, before weaving a wreath of wild flowers, ribbons were woven into it, each of which had its own meaning. For example, a red ribbon meant that the girl was engaged.Greens were worn by those who reached the age for marriage, but have not yet got a fiancé. The blue ones were meant for orphans, and the whites decorated the heads of girls who were not of marriageable age.

How to weave a wreath of dandelions?

The weaving of flower ornaments was part of the mandatory entertainment program of summer holidays for each girl. Many still remember how to weave a wreath of dandelions. It is better to choose flowers with a long and strong stalk. To find them is quite simple: they grow in the shade of trees. To wreath was lush and beautiful, the buds need to pick fresh and with large heads.How to weave a wreath scheme

The technology of how to weave a wreath (the process is shown above) is quite simple. Having reached the desired length of the decoration, it is necessary to connect its ends. Having attached the end of the product to the beginning, we unfold the flowers from oneself. Then you need to take a new dandelion and attach it to the beginning of work. Next, we start the stem for the head of the first flower and wrap until it becomes short. Then we take the following and repeat this procedure until the entire base of the wreath is hidden behind the flowers. To fasten the decoration, you can use blades of grass or thread.

The romantic wreath of dandelions, due to the bright yellow color, looks very impressive, but has several drawbacks. This decoration is not particularly durable and after a while it loses its fresh look. You can also get dirty milk, not only hands, but also a dress. It is better to weave a jewel of field chamomile, which can be found in any meadow.

How to weave a wreath of daisies?

Chamomile has always been considered a symbol of purity and innocence, and decorations from this flower give freshness and romanticism. Weaving a wreath of chamomile does not take much time. To do this, you need only a bunch of flowers with long stems and a pair of blades of grass or thread to bond the composition. To start weaving a wreath, you need to start with two colors. To do this, you should wrap one stem around the other, after which the third flower is taken and applied to the design. Wrap a third flower around the second bud, creating a loop and holding the stems together. We do the same with the next flower, and this procedure must be repeated until the desired length of decoration is to weave a wreath of daisies

The principle of how to weave a wreath of daisies is almost the same as dandelion weaving.The only thing that needs to be taken into account is that the chamomile stalks are more dense, and they need to be woven a little tighter. It is better to choose younger plants, with a flexible stem, this will facilitate weaving. When the wreath becomes the desired length, you should fold the ends together and gently tie them with thread or blade of grass, trying to hide the ends of the stems under the buds.

Chic wreath of flowers

To create a beautiful and stylish decoration of natural flowers, you need to have a taste and be able to combine colors. The fact is that for such accessories it is recommended to use several types of buds, and it is rather important to be able to select flowers that are in harmony with each other. To create an ornament, you need to stock up on medium-thickness wire, nippers, satin and floral ribbons, flowers and to weave a wreath of flowers

Before weaving a wreath, you need to measure the volume of the head with a measuring tape and create a wire frame for this size. Each flower must be cut to a stem length of 5 cm, then, putting the stems to the frame, wrap them with satin or floral ribbon. Repeat this need, until the whole frame is hidden under the buds.You can slightly increase the volume of the product, for this, flowers are collected in small bouquets of three or four pieces and only then attached to the frame.

Artificial flower arrangement

Some activities in the style of "ethno" are held in the winter, when it is difficult to get fresh flowers. In this case, the best way out of the situation will be artificial buds, which in their appearance do not differ much from real ones. Before weaving a wreath on the head of artificial inflorescences, you need to stock up on such materials:

  • Artificial flowers, spikelets and herbs.
  • Satin ribbon.
  • Thick cardboard.
  • Thermogun.
  • Mounting tape or tape.

From a sheet of cardboard, cut two bagels of the desired diameter, while one of them should be slightly smaller. Now it is necessary to create a volume of the base, for this we wind newspapers around it and wind up all the assembly flight. If there is no tape, you can use transparent tape. On top of the newspapers to give the product a neat look, glue the second part of the base.

Now you can begin to decorate the wreath. To do this, we divide the flowers into parts and with the help of a thermogun we glue them to the base.We lay between the buds of ears of corn and grass. To get a lush accessory, you need to try to stick the buds as tightly as possible, hiding the gaps under the flowers and herbs. If you attach several satin ribbons to one side, you can get an original accessory with a Ukrainian to weave a wreath of dandelions

The science of how to weave a wreath is simple enough. We need to take some flowers and add patience and a lot of imagination. From this mixture you will get a stylish and original accessory that will be appropriate at any picnic or event in nature and will give charm and seduction to its owner.

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