How to weave a Shambala bracelet?

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How to weave a Shambala bracelet?

Shambhala is a mystical country, lost somewhere in the Tibetan mountains. No one knows for sure where this country is. It is believed that Shambhala gidels have sacral knowledge, they know the secrets of the universe. According to legend, Shambhala is surrounded by 9 snow-capped mountains - it was just so many knots that Tibetan monks tied on their bracelets, woven from leather cords. These knots protected the monk from all misfortunes and tribulations.

As you can see, this bracelet is not a simple stylish decoration. This is a kind of talisman that has sacred significance. It is better to do such an amulet with your own hands - then its energy will increase several times.

Today we will talk about how to weave a Shambala bracelet. It is not very difficult, therefore even the beginning needlewoman will cope with this task.

How to make a Shambala bracelet with your own hands

Prepare the following materials:

  • waxed or leather cord 2 meters long;
  • 9 large beads;
  • PVA glue;
  • scissors.

Before weaving a Shambala bracelet, visit the shop for needlework and pick up the cord and beads.The cord can be replaced with floss threads, folded 5-6 times, but then the bracelet will be of lower quality. If you want to make a traditional bracelet, like those of Tibetan monks, you will need exactly 9 round beads. When buying beads, keep in mind that the diameter of the holes should be quite large for the cord to crawl freely into them.

The process of making a bracelet

  1. Cut the cord into 2 pieces - one - 1 m. 20 cm, and the other - 60 cm. At one end of the short cord, tie a knot and place it vertically with a bundle down - this will be the basis of our Shambala bracelet. Weave should be on a flat, flat surface. Beginners can use a pad or a flat piece of foam, where the working thread, or in our case the cord, is fastened with the help of pins.
  2. Now take a long cord and tie it around the base cord, stepping back from the knot of 20 cm. The ends of the long cord should be equal on both sides.
  3. The bracelet itself is woven using square knots using macrame technique. To do this, take the left thread of the working cord and get it under the base. Then lay on the right side of the working cord. Tie a knot. Perform such actions with the left and right thread alternately.If you weave on only one thread, the bracelet will start to twist.
  4. Weave 25-30 square knots this way. Now you need to strung and braid the first bead. To prevent the beads from rolling on the bracelet, fastenfenugreektheir same node. String a bead on a cord, make three square knots, string one more bead, and so on. Continue until all 9 beads are secured.
  5. At the end of the weave, weave as many square knots as you wove at the beginning of the bracelet. Tie the usual knots at the ends of the finished product and put a little glue on them - this is necessary so that the bracelet does not become tangled in the process of wearing.

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