How to wear a watch

Nowadays, the wide distribution of various mobile gadgets has led to the fact that wristwatches are not so often used. Practically each of us has a mobile phone at hand, which always has an alarm clock, a timer, a stopwatch, and on the screen saver you can always see what time it is. Now this device serves more as a fashionable accessory that emphasizes style. And if earlier the most attention was paid to the accuracy of the movement and the mechanical strength of the watch, now many are faced with the question of how to wear the watch properly and how to choose it. Moreover, both women and men think about this to wear a watch

A bit of history

At first, people wore watches only because, compared to pocket chronometers, it was much more convenient and practical to use them. The first sample of this most useful accessory appeared at the beginning of the XIX century in Eugene Beauharnais, the Italian viceroy. At that time, very few people knew about this invention, and in the 19th century they didn’t even think about how to wear a watch properly.This accessory received its popularity and present recognition only in a hundred years. Initially, the wristwatch was supposed to be worn on the right hand, since for most people it is better developed. Then it turned out that for some professions it is not very convenient, and this accessory has moved to the left hand. Now no one argues about how to properly wear a watch, on the right hand or on the left. Nowadays, this device has become more a fashionable and stylish accessory than a really necessary item. That is why everything depends on the preferences of the person, his wardrobe and the chosen style.

how to choose a wristwatchWhat to focus on when buying

A modern woman must know how to choose the right wristwatch. First of all, be guided by the shape of your hand. If the hand is small and the wrist is small, then a small watch on a tape or a thin chain is best. In principle, you can use the strap, which will look very beneficial if you try with the choice of its width and color. And if a woman has wide wrists, then she should take a flat and large watch, perhaps even a sports type.Elegant girls with long fingers and thin wrists need to pay attention to the chronometer with a thin metal hoop or double bracelet.

how to choose a clockHow to wear a watch

Wearing this accessory is worth it in such a way that it does not overly tighten the arm, and there is free space between the case and the wrist. On the one hand, the watches should not dangle, and on the other hand, select the width of the bracelet or strap so that you can freely take them off and put them on. The classic rule does not recommend wearing the same hand, in addition to watches, jewelry or other bracelets, even if they are very small and inconspicuous. From the side it will look bad, and besides, you can scratch the case. If you like several models and you do not know how to choose the right watch, think about purchasing several pieces of different styles. So it will be possible to choose the most suitable accessory depending on the situation and taking into account the peculiarities of the wardrobe details.

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