How to wash a car?

Frost and moisture cause unconditional damage to the car. Nevertheless, contrary to popular belief about the undesirability of washing cars in the winter, experts still advise to neglect prejudices. The fact is that it is in winter that the dirt for the car is especially dangerous: ice accumulates under the body with special chemicals to melt the snow. This "atomic" mixture inevitably leads to corrosion of the external parts of the car. So in winter, a bath for a car is a must. The main thing is to use special means when cleaning, and to follow the process of washing with certain rules. So, than to wash the car in the winter?

Means for a dry car wash

They do not contain moisture, and, therefore, prevent the possibility of icing glasses, as well as the internal mechanisms of the machine (locks, door hinges, glass cleaning mechanism). Ideal for car wash in winter. Among them, for example:

  • Polish-car shampoo Komfort. It actively softens the dirt of any consistency and reduces its adhesion to the surface of the body. This tool combines the action of shampoo and polish.That is, after applying creates a protective layer on the surface, gives shine to the car. As a rule, about 250 - 300 grams of the product are spent for one cleaning. The only disadvantage of shampoo - a sharp smell.
  • Aerosol WD-40. As a rule, it is applied on frozen, rusted or polluted parts of a car. It displaces residual moisture and forms a barrier against moisture. It protects against corrosion, lubricates parts without greasy traces, penetrates inside mechanisms and releases rusted parts, removes even the most complex contaminants (glue, oil stains, etc.). That is, WD-40 acts in five directions at once: it cleans, replaces moisture, penetrates into mechanisms, lubricates them and the surface, protects.

Local cleaners

They are recommended to use after cleaning the car with water. Yes, it is possible to take such a step in the winter, only the process itself should be carried out indoors. After the machine is completely cleaned of dirt, it is wiped with a dry cloth, and then local cleaning agents are used. So the better to wash the car in this case?

  • Window cleaner "Winter". It is used for cleaning and defrosting auto glass, as well as other mechanisms and surfaces subject to icing.The product dissolves ice on the glasses and, with regular use, prevents the formation of regular ice crust.
  • Anti-icer for glass "Antiledin" TURTLE WAX ICE BARRIER. Interferes with formation of a crust of ice on car glasses. As a rule, this happens in winter at the time of parking the car when the car cools down. The spray is applied to the surface in advance, and it, in turn, completely prevents the formation of ice. The preparation does not contain aggressive substances, therefore it will not cause any harm to the body or plastic of the car if it gets on their surface.

How to wash the car in the winter

As working tools, experts advise using microfiber, rags and dry cloth. Rollers, silicone cleaners and other devices should be left for cleaning in the warm season.

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