How to use the e-book?

Irina Fateeva
Irina Fateeva
February 7, 2013
How to use the e-book?

Digital or electronic books in the modern world are very popular. This gadget is a miniature device used to display electronic text. It takes up very little space, but contains a considerable amount of information. Sometimes the simplest e-book can contain up to 1200 books! If you already have the skill of using a computer, then mastering an e-book for you will have no difficulty. Consider how to use the e-book.

Preparing an e-book

First prepare your gadget to work. To do this, you need to charge the newly purchased e-book by connecting it to a computer using an ordinary USB cable. The first battery charging should last at least 12 hours. After the device is fully charged, you must press the power button. Now insert the memory card into the slot.To understand the management of a specific e-book in more detail, it is enough to read the instructions for it.

One of the most popular books is the e-book Texet. In its package necessarily includes instruction. The electronic book Texet is noticeably different in quality from its analogs. Most often it is made with a black and white screen on electronic ink. They help to relax the eyes and promote long reading.

After the gadget is loaded, a menu will appear on the screen where the books loaded in advance will appear. To quickly open them, just move the cursor using the buttons on the front panel.

If you are not satisfied with those books that are already uploaded, then you can add your own. This is done using a connected USB cable. The memory card of the device is displayed on the PC as a new disk, and by copying the information onto it, you add new books to the device. Most often, e-books support formats such as txt, doc, pdf, djvu and others.

We read from the e-book

Consider the process of reading on the example of how to use the Wexler e-book.First, learn to turn the pages. Most often, e-books of this company imply the presence of a touch screen, so you can turn the pages using it. You can also use the buttons on the front panel for this. In the "Settings" section you can change fonts.

You can create bookmarks right in the text, and this is different from other Wexler e-books. The instructions attached to it explain in detail how to rename the buttons and adjust the quality of the electronic ink. Also another advantage of the book of this company is the presence of the function "Search", which will allow you to find the desired proposal in the whole book. Electronic books securely entered our daily lives and made it easier and more comfortable.

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