How to use regenerator?

Being the most fragile element of a computer, a hard disk drive (HDD) stores all your information. But sometimes it turns out that “broken” sectors are formed on the hard disk. Therefore, how to use Regenerator should know every owner of a PC or laptop. It is this program (hard disk recovery software) that allows you to recover a damaged hard disk.

Using a special method of remapping an unreadable sector, HDD Regenerator is able to restore, rather than hide, “broken” sectors. This feature of the program and allows you to restore a damaged hard disk (program to restore the hard disk). To successfully work with the program, use a special boot disk / USB flash drive, created after starting the program. How to work with HDD Regenerator is absolutely clear: the interface is intuitive.

HDD Regenerator main features

  • It has the ability to detect and fix broken sectors.
  • The program is able to ignore the file system, carrying out a disk scan at the physical level, which allows for the processing of any file system, also with un-partitioned and unformatted hard drives.
  • Has the ability to "direct" work, i.e.act straight out of the OS (WinXP and older).
  • It has the ability to create boot disks and flash drives.

It is better to use the program when booting a computer from a flash drive, which was created after installing HDD Regenerator. However, it makes sense to try hard disk recovery through the Windows interface.

HDD Regenerator - how to use

After downloading the archive with the program Regenerator, open it and run the file HDD.Regenerator.v2011.exe. When it is installed on the desktop, a shortcut to the program will appear and at the same time the Internet page will open. The page can be closed, but start the shortcut. A program window will open.

To run a scan and repair the hard disk directly in your operating system, you must press the topmost button. The corresponding disk selection window will appear.

Move the cursor to the bottom of the window, select the disk and click "Start process". The appeared window will contain information about the warning that the disk is now in use, and suggest, for the implementation of the correct operation of the program, to close all programs on the computer that use the hard disk in operation.

Therefore, find the programs “running on the hard disk” (for example, antivirus, etc.) and disable them. After that, click "Repeat." If you get a warning again, it means that something has been missed. For example, fast indexing of Windows 7 searches can use a disk that you intend to check and repair. Anyway, even if you didn’t manage to disconnect all programs or services using a hard disk, you can still continue to use the recovery tool by pressing "Cancel".

In the command line console that opens, the following items are written:

  • The implementation of scanning and viewing bad-sectors.
  • Scanning (with the subsequent recovery \ without recovery).
  • Implementation of the viewing version.
  • Implementation of viewing scan statistics.

Select the number you want on the keyboard and press Enter.

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